Aging Gracefully: Hisssssssssssss

This post is brought to you by the letter ‘S’. (FTC: This is an unsponsored, uncompensated post.)

Greetings one and all! Or just one, if that’s all this title attracted. (And I do thank you for coming. You look lovely today.)

Before I get into the heart of today’s post, a little follow-up work:
Splurgecake: Stupendous! Superb! Surreal Sugary Sublimeness! Everything a splurge-worthy cupcake should be. I chose some sort of dark chocolate chunk with cream cheese buttercream frosting concoction that was sprinkled with chocolate chips. It was so scrumptiously rich that it took me 45 minutes to eat it. But I’m nothing, if not tenacious.

I will say that it was a little too large, even for this cupcake-lovin’ gal. Had I been eating it at home, it would have been a half-now, half-later event. Or more likely a half-now, nibble on it the rest of the day event. I’ll either choose that option next time or try one of the other bakeries for a smaller splurge. Next scheduled splurge will occur sometime next month for my birthday celebration.

Syrup, Pancake: Karen (formerly blogging at Waisting Time) asked the other day what type of syrup I used for my crepe/pancakes (crepecakes, if you will). Specifically, she asked if I used “the ‘real’ maple syrup? Sugar-free? Or something in between?”

My answer: Yes. My preference is real maple syrup; however, I currently do not have any on hand and the container sizes offered at my local grocery store are too large (and expensive) for this single-and-unemployed budget. I did have some “lite” syrup, which I later learned had an expiration date of August 2009, so I used a drizzle of that. My general rule of thumb on the “lite” products is to use them in drizzles and dabs only, not as a diet staple. For a few products (Miracle Whip Lite, for example), I prefer the taste of the lighter versions, but for most foods, I choose the full-strength version in smaller portions. Anyway, I’ll be in the mountains in a few months, and I’ll pick up some local real maple syrup in a smaller container there.

Finally! My intended info-sharing of the day: 9 “Harmless” Habits that Age You over on Yahoo!Health caught my eye. Prevention Magazine staff say that its not enough just to slather on sunscreen and stop smoking. There are other habits we often have that also contribute to aging. Check out the article for the professional version with, you know, data and everything, but if you’re strapped for time, here’s my short and sweet summary:

  • Sleep – Get plenty of it
  • Sweets – Don’t eat too many of them.
  • Stress – Get rid of it.
  • Sedentarianism – Get over it and get moving.
  • Sound – Turn it down.
  • Solitude – Good but, like chocolate and alcohol, too much of it could be harmful.
  • Slouching on Vegetables – Don’t do it!
  • Shunning Fats – Don’t go overboard! Saturated and trans fats are good to go, but our bodies need the other kinds.
  • Sex – Have more of it.

In all seriousness, it’s a good overview article that explains how some of these activities affect our health and could very well contribute to the unpleasant parts of the aging process. As I approach yet another birthday, I’m more determined than ever to age gracefully…and as healthfully as I can. With a few exceptions. :)

Wishing you all a spectacular week ahead! I’m off for the Monday workout (Core!Core!Core!), but I’ll catch up with you later in the day.

16 thoughts on “Aging Gracefully: Hisssssssssssss

  1. I am on board for the sex thing!!!

    Oh… and I learned to love real maple syrup when I was living a lot closer to Vermont.

    BTW- Love the exercise of the day thing on your sidebar! Keep it coming!


  2. Great list. My biggest challenge is #1. I’m a born night owl, but I have tp get up early 6 days a week. I have to force myself to go to sleep by 11:30 so I’m not a zombie the next day.

  3. I just don’t do the fake syrup. I used to, but then I got adjusted to what real maple is and never went back! I limit it, though, because it can add up fast!

    I need to head out there and have one of those cuppicakes…..

  4. Great list, thanks for sharing!

    It sounds like you made a great choice in cupcake! I am amazed by your self-discipline. If I had tasted something so fabulous, I would have a hard time waiting another month for it.

  5. I have been thinking a lot about cupcakes lately and you are entirely to blame. I even have watched the TV show “Cupcake Wars” and wondered if you watched it too. And then I wondered if I should add a little splurge into my life, like you have, to look forward to for a month, to dangle like a carrot(cake) in front of my dieting nose. Cupcakes!!!!

  6. I love the list Cammy although I will say that the older I get & with this perimenopause crap hanging on for years, some things are becoming a prob…. I want to age gracefully but some of this is making me age as a grouch! 😉 Too many years of it & the monthly together! Just being honest. :-)

    As for that splurge.. LOVE IT!!!!!

  7. What Jodie said – YEAH! You crab, Girl! Me, too! Just don’t need blasted hot flashes in this heat, or any of that other stuff.

    Your opening chatter cracked me up! Who couldn’t be lifted up a bit by that? Even those of us suffering from the oppressive symptoms of you-know-what.

    The letter “S” did good. It should take a bow. Thanks!

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  9. I just saw real maple syrup at my favorite organic health food store today and now i know i’ve got to go back and get some!
    Love your list every single item :)

  10. Not sure how to get rid of the stress – but the exercise and sleep helps, I guess. My husband reminds me about the sex & aging connection all the time…and the rest is pretty easy!

    I have been thinking about pancakes since your post – I am going to have to make some soon!

  11. I wanted to leave a fabulous comment full of S words like satisfy and sagacious, but I’m too tired to do your post justice. Great work stylin’ Prevention Magazine’s list and thanks so much for thinking to include it in your post. So I gotta work on sleep, slouching and sex. Well… it’s true!

    Thanks also for your comment on my recent post. I so appreciate knowing your take on things because of your experience and success.

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