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I overheard two women talking in the locker room the other day:

Woman 1: It just makes me so mad! I’ve worked out every single day since Valentine’s Day, and I’ve only lost 10 pounds! And five of those were in the first two weeks!

Woman 2: Have you thought about doubling up on some of your workouts?

Woman 1: I already did, this whole month!

Woman 2: Oh, well maybe you’re eating too much?

Woman 1: I’m down to 1000 calories now. [Cammy note: I swear, she stretched the word now out to four syllables.] I heard you weren’t supposed to go below that.

Woman 2: I don’t think it would hurt for a little while. Just for a month or so, until you get past your plateau.

Woman 1: I dunno…maybe.

Woman 2: Or maybe you could try some of that stuff they sell in the lobby, that fat-blaster stuff.

Woman 1: (makes a face) It’s expensive. Do you think it works?

Woman 2: I don’t think they’d sell it here if it didn’t. It’s not like one of those internet sites.

Woman 1: That’s true…Let’s ask about it on the way out.

Woman 3: (That’s me) You didn’t ask me my opinion, so I’m talking to you only inside my head. YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG! I don’t often say that, because I believe we all have to find our own way, and what works for me may not work for you. And vice versa. But since I’m only talking to you inside my head, may I suggest that you consider a few other options before you spend a single dime on fat-blasting or metabolism-boosting anything?

1) Take a rest day, for crying out loud! In the past three years, I haven’t read ONE legitimate article or book on fitness and/or weight loss that doesn’t recommend at least one rest day each week. In fact, they’re usually quite emphatic about the need for your body to recover. (I forgot my rest day this week, and my body let me know by requiring Advil in the middle of the night last night.Twice!)

2) Up your calories to something that makes sense. Based on your height and size, my uneducated guess would be somewhere in the 1200-1400 range, probably more if you’re going to continue to work out so much. But there are all sorts of guides available that will get your pointed in the right direction. You can tinker with it after that.

3) And not just any calories, either! Don’t just add another Slim Fast and call it done. If you’re not sure what to eat, here’s a hint: lean proteins, lots of fresh veggies and fruits, whole grains, good fats, and a splurge every now and then (monthly worked for me) just to keep things real. Still not sure? Consult a nutritionist, or even that trainer with the blond ponytail. She looks hale and hearty, and I saw her munching on a handful of almonds the other day during her break. I’ll bet she eats a thousand calories by early afternoon.

4) Speaking of training, I saw you upstairs on the elliptical and on the stair climber thingie. That’s awesome! I’m wondering, though, if you ever go over and work with the weights? ‘Cause strength training is wonderful for boosting your metabolism and for giving your body a nicer shape. (No, ignore my squish belly. It’s an obesity leftover. Look at these quads instead.)

5) And this one’s a toughie: Quit listening to your friend, because she’s not help– wait, where are you going?! I know I’m just talking to you inside my head, but I’m not finished!

I swear, some people just don’t want to be helped. They left, talking about stopping at Starbucks on their way home…

Just in case I need to give her an inside-my-head talking to again sometime soon, do you have anything you’d like me to add?

16 thoughts on “Cammy, Fitness Consultant

  1. I would say that most people who are not losing weight are eating more than they think or exercising less than they think. Unless she has a thyroid or similar problem, in which case she needs to get it checked out by a doctor. My mom has hypothyroidism and it is very hard for her to lose weight.

  2. You’ve done a good job of telling her what! I can stand next to you and shake my head emphatically.

    And, point and shake my finger. I’m good at doing that.

    Very fun subject/idea for a post. I bow to you!

  3. Thanks for reminding me to eat more. I’ve cut way back, and while I’m still losing, I know it’s just a matter of time before the ole scale starts messing with my head.

    This was a great post 😀

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  5. I agree with the ideas of woman 3 that we need to spend time to rest so that our muscles could rejuvenate or recover it self.

  6. That comment on the other post that just said HA, that was me too!

    I loved this post! Such sound advice! We (weight loss, health and fitness bloggers) spend so much time with this stuff that it always comes as quite a shock to realize how clueless the general public really is… We are fortunate indeed to belong to this community.

  7. Great information! Rest is so important for the body! I don’t think we do this enough

  8. Cammy, loved this. You don’t want to hear some of what is in my head as the old notions of working out are still out there after all this time! I know it but with this age of information… but I know some people don’t read it….. UGH!

    I see some of this too. One gal at my gym is on the elliptical endlessly.. but with no great effort…. on & on… no other form of exercise & she looks exactly the same as years ago. She does not resistance training & I am guessing her food has not changed since she has not.. plus, looks to me like way overtraining in terms of cardio till death type of thing…

    I remember my stupid days of not enough calories, not enough healthy fat, no days off… I learned from my mistakes!

    Your inside head done good! :-)

  9. Woman #3 is full of wisdom and wit! Not much to add except, get thyroid checked and pay a coach to help with keeping it real. Fun post, Cammy… as always!

  10. Ha ha! It must have been hard for you not to say something! You had great advice too. :) But you know how it is. Some people do not really want to hear good advice. They just want to continue complaining and doing the same thing over and over again. (Definition of insanity, right?)

    One thing I have noticed at my new gym is there are hardly any women at the weights. They are ALWAYS on the eliptical. Well, I’m not afraid to hit the weights. I love ’em!

  11. Oh this is hilarious – I could not add anything else. And I love earning a rest day. I actually would love for you to say something to her out loud! You’re a success story, and I think she’d probably welcome the advice, seeing as she was at a high frustration level. Sing it, sister!

  12. It’s too bad she couldn’t hear what you were telling her because that is great advice. I’d hire you to be fitness consultant in a heartbeat. Oh wait, you already are. Sorry you can’t get a paycheck out of me for all that good advice.

  13. Oh you crack me up girl……that is so funny…but you are so right….I think we are all so desperate to lose the weight we will do anything…..I am guilty of the same thing…try anything…eat less….exercise more….anything that you think might work…..but in reality its the long, slow, hard slog that gets us….I know for me its a struggle staying with it when the scales are not showing the hard work we are doing….thanks again for the great advice…hugs Khris

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