Gluttony for Sport and Entertainment

Yesterday was not a good day. It started with small annoyances, like forgetting my recycle bags for my grocery store run and then forgetting to put my bananas on top of the other groceries in my packed-to-the-brim paper sack, which required a trip back to the grocery store on a day when I had Much!To!Do!   Minor irritations that were completely gone after my awesome post-holiday workout. (Exercise: The Great Stress-buster!)

And then I went home.

Somehow, some way, my computer was invaded by Russian porn sites in my absence.  This particular virus (the AV virus) disabled any and all workarounds, including the ability to boot up in “safe mode.” After 21 years (eGads!) of virus-free computer ownership, I was shut down.

Several hours and $100 later, I was back up. Well, the computer was back up. By then, I was fried.

So I ate some watermelon and went to bed. This morning I’m using my decrepit old computer (which I finished re-assembling about the time the computer repair folks called to say my faithful laptop was ready) and am preparing to re-install all my programs and grab my file back-ups from the storage disk.  Sheesh. Like I had hours and $$$ for this crap. May the spammers and virus terrorrists suffer a thousand eternities in Hell with the devil as ticked off as I am!

It’s not like I was in a good mood yesterday anyway. I had planned to blog about something else that had my panties in a twist. I’ll just go ahead and mention it now and get all this negativity out of my system before I do something stupid like go to that donut shop over by the computer repair shop. (Near miss on that, lemme tell ya! One of those pitiful  “I deserve a treat” moments that almost won.)

Okay, so maybe it’s just me, but doesn’t it seem odd to you that ESPN, the folks who beam all things sports-related into our living rooms, airports, and restaurants 24/7, chose to broadcast a hot dog eating contest? This is an athletic event? Eating 68 hot dogs (with buns) in 10 minutes requires skill and stamina and grace? Because those are the characteristics of an athlete, not shoving massive amounts of food down your throat (literally, in some cases) in front of a cheering crowd with a global audience.

Dana Torres is an athlete. Albert Pujols is an athlete. Collie Wheeler was an athlete.

Champion hot dog eaters are not athletes, and it amazes me that they’d be showcased on a sports network.

A friend suggested I should “lighten up a little” because the contest was “entertainment”, to which I would reply, if I was as old as Collie Wheeler, with  “Balderdash!” But given my mood, I said something profane instead.

I just can’t see how a celebration of gluttony is enjoyable or stimulating or intriguing. I just can’t. And it irritates me that enough people are entertained by it that it gets a special broadcast on a major network.

Whew! I feel better now. Thank you. I think I’ll go for my walk, have some lunch, and then spend the entire afternoon doing nothing but reading blogs. I deserve that for bypassing the donut shop yesterday.

17 thoughts on “Gluttony for Sport and Entertainment

  1. Can’t agree more that ESPN, and the plethora of Man Vs Food crap out there is harmful to our health.. Thanks for the read, sorry about the bananas and virus

  2. Wow, sorry you had such troubles w the virus

    I totally agree that a hot-dog eating contest is NOT even enteraining, let alone not a sport.

    This is when I think that reality TV and 250 channels has taken us too far…

  3. Bummer about the computer. I would so not have known what to do if that happened to me. Isn’t it amazing how we come to depend on technology that at some point in our lives we never had and survived without?! Isn’t it much better to vent here than to eat a donut:)

  4. Well – with what, 7 ESPN channels to fill, guess there has to be something. Heck, poker isn’t a sport, but ESPN puts that on, too. Anything remotely related to competition will be on those channels.

    Hope today is going better for you.

  5. I agree. We don’t have cable or sattelite or anything like that, but it’s unfathomable that ESPN can’t find some other sport to post than a hot dog eating contest. Is it because “contest” is in the title? If so, what about the “three-legged race” that probably took place at lots of picnics, etc. this past weekend. Vee at

  6. Cammy, I read something about this Russian virus & porn stuff yesterday.. and I think they related to Justin Beiber & the great dislike of him from a lot of people & attacking his sites too.

    First to digress, I can’t stand Justin Beiber & don’t get it since I am not a tween & I don’t think he has talent & I have seen him in interviews where he comes off as if he is the next best thing in the world at 16 years old … but don’t wish that virus on anyone, especially you Cammy!

    Hmmmmmmmmmm, I best control my “mean side” now! :-)

    AS for those eating contests.. I can’t even stomach watching them! GROSS! I think ESPN will air just about anything!

    Hope all gets better soon in your computer camp! Thank god I have my hubby who’s business is to know this & we have had pretty much no probs always BUT he knows how to protect our computer big time as long as I know the rules on what to open & not open & I am savvy on that part! :-)

  7. I am far less concerned with the professional hot dog eaters, than I am with the amateurs — which out number the professions, about 36 million to 1. Yikes.

    Better days to you!!!

  8. Sorry about your computer. I actually work fulltime for a computer repair shop – that AV Antivirus is a booger – lol – have had several of those in today already! :-) :-( Sorry you had to deal with it. Wishing I had stumbled upon your site and advised you on how to fix it yourself before you spent $100 bucks though!

    I’m a “wee bit” of a fan of the eating contests…go ahead…stone me if you must. It just amazes me how some of those people “train” for it! Lol!

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  10. I had a virus last week – the repair shop said I clicked on a video, but I didn’t. Something sneaky got in, but the same thing happened where we couldn’t close down or open back up or get rid of it ourselves. Hate that. Also don’t like the eating as “sport” ridiculous.Also don’t thing racing cars is a sport.

    So vent and rant away! Much more healthy than a donut!

  11. I am sorry you had computer trouble – glad you are up and running again. I could have put away some major food in my day – but I would have been too embarrassed to prove it in front of other people!

  12. I thought you were kidding about the Russians! Sorry for laughing yesterday! I thought it was a very creative excuse.

    I hate that hotdog eating contest!!! One of the stupidest things ever. Should not even be covered, much less on a sports channel. Gross, disgusting, and so not entertainment. A real head-scratcher on that one.

    Hey, what about competitive head scratching?

  13. Cammy! I am so sorry about your computer, your mood, and your other annoying experiences in one day. But I gotta say – you made me laugh OUT LOUD. I hope that doesn’t make you mad or annoyed. Now, about those hot dog eating contests – I personally hate them and any other food eating contests. I just don’t get them. Never have. And I think it is so disgusting to watch people shoving food in their mouth. Gross!

  14. Sorry about he hijacking!

    I agree with you about ESPN. Totally gross and nothing to do with sports!

  15. I’m glad your computer is all right now… Hate it when that happens!

    You’re right, eating contests are not entertainment and they certainly aren’t sport. One would think that with the huge outcry and concern over obesity, the glorification of gluttony would not be broadcast on television.

  16. I am so sorry about your computer troubles! Glad you got things repaired and back on the mend.

    I will never understand the “professional” hot dog eaters and why it’s entertainment. I watched part of one a few years back and wanted to puke. And this is when I was in the throws of my own personal glutony!

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