Mixed Bag of a Rest Day

Today was one of those mixed bag kind of days. I got some things done, let some things slide. You’ll have those.

I’ve noticed that my “rest days” tend to follow that pattern. I think the exercise endorphins fuel me on the more productive days. Maybe I’ll set aside that hour of rest days for something equally enjoyable that doesn’t involve sweating a lot. Or cupcakes.

Oh, and speaking of cupcakes, according to this article, cupcakes may be losing their cool factor. I’m hoping this is just another case of irresponsible journalism. (Assuming yahoo Shine can be considered journalism. They did make up for the ugly article, a little, with this article about wellness-promoting iphone apps.)

Anyway, back to rest days…when I was first starting this fitness quest and was exercising vigorously, I followed the must-exercise-every-single-day path that so many neophytes choose. I was afraid if I missed a day, I’d lose my momentum, plus I was convinced I was helping myself by burning extra calories. After about the fifth week of that, my body rebelled. I was sore, fatigued, and stalled in my weight loss. That’s when I listened to the folks who had been telling me I needed the rest day (sorry, trainers, you were right; I was wrong. But I already told you that.)

Today’s rest day replacement activity was time spent with my parents and grandmother. While enjoyable, to say the least, it didn’t fire me up the way exercise does. :) There was some excitement, when my grandmother (Memaw) showed off her first watermelon of the season:

watermelon and small black dog

Memaw's First Watermelon, admired by Daisy Dog

This thing was so huge that Memaw had trouble lifting it (she’s 90, after all, and I think it was the girth as much as the weight), so she rolled it into her gardening wagon for transport. She’s so proud of it as she’s never had luck raising watermelons. I felt bad when she challenged me to “try to lift it” and I, of course, picked it right up. In retrospect, I think I should have pretended to struggle a little. It IS a heavy melon, but for someone 40 years younger, not too heavy to lift. Oh well, she still invited me to come down this weekend for the grand cutting. No matter how it tastes, it will be the best watermelon I ever had. 😉

And tomorrow it’s back to the gym. I’ve had two 1-hour gym workouts this week and two 1-hour walks. I usually like to vary the workout times, mixing shorter workouts and longer ones to keep my body wondering what’s next, but for some reason, this week has been all even-steven. Tomorrow I may try splitting the workout with a half-hour on the weights and a half-hour (or so) on the walking path. Sounds like a plan!

Oh, and exciting news for Memphis peeps: Have you heard about Yo-Lo?

yolo logo
It’s a frozen yogurt shop opening soon on Poplar at Erin (and one out in Collierville) and will feature locally-sourced yogurt and toppings. (They mentioned “local bakers” in a Flyer article. Be still my heart.) It’s all gluten-free and low- or no-fat and some of the flavors sound scrumptious. Oh, and it’s one of those serve yourself places, where you serve yourself and pay by the ounce. I love that, because if my decadent nature gets out of control, my wallet will reel me back in. :) Anyway, I can’t wait to try them out. (Note: No compensation received. Just spreading the joyous news. Logo used with permission.)

And that, my friends, is my scintillating commentary for the day. How was your day? Are you taking your rest days? Or are you taking too many rest days? I can nag for either. Enthusiastically even. :)

16 thoughts on “Mixed Bag of a Rest Day

  1. I usually exercise every day but I have gotten much better at not feeling guilty if I don’t. Like today. I was up very early and could have gotten some cardio in before my road trip but I decided I would be better off being more relaxed with my morning. Rest day:)

  2. Is Cleveland really so backward that we cannot attract a self-serve fro yo franchise like that? This is upsetting! *sobs*

  3. I keep meaning to have a rest day but like you, I don’t want to lose my momentum. However, I’m on day 32 of my “getting healthy” plan and the weight loss has slowed down considerably. Afraid if I actually take a day off from exercising, I’ll eat too much. I know… backwards, isn’t it? Maybe I’ll take off on Tuesdays since I weigh those mornings. I’ll think about it.

    Vee at http://veegettinghealthy.blogspot.com

  4. My rest days are related to the time-crunch problem. Even working part-time, I’m starting to see that I’m going to have to make some hard decisions about playing blog or exercising. It’s not a no-brainer because one burns calories and is good for my health, while the other exercises brain cells and is good for my mental health. Also, since I’m supposed to be job-hunting…

    When I go back to working full-time (it will happen), it’s going to be a more challenging time situtation. I always intend to exercise in the evening, but sometimes I’m simply too tired to force myself….

    Have you heard enough excuses? Let’s change the subject. That is sure a good-looking watermelon! Enjoy it! I know you will boost Meemaw’s gardening self-esteem with your praise.

  5. I still resist taking rest days—partly out of fear of losing momentum (even though I’ve been working out regularly for two years now!), partly because exercise is simply a habit with me. If I don’t work out, I feel as icky as if I skipped brushing my teeth. I might go lighter if I feel like I need a break (low-impact aerobics instead of hi/lo, Pilates instead of circuit training with plyos), but I’ll do something. If I don’t work out at all, I’m usually either sick or out of town.

    And frozen yogurt has made a comeback in my town, too. I wanted to like it more than I did, but honestly, I found that it too sweet—like they were compensating for the lack of fat by adding more sugar. I want to give it another try, but really, with desserts, I’d usually rather have a small serving of the real thing than a larger serving of a substitute.

  6. Cammy, I absolutely love the new look of your blog. Actually, I have no idea how “new” it is, because I have to admit that I haven’t been very good about reading blogs all summer. I always get so much out of what you write, so I figured that I’d solve my “no time to read blogs” issue by subscribing to you. Now you’re blogs will come straight to my email so I’ll be much more likely to read them. :)

  7. Cammy, I love your memaw & that watermelon. How cool is that!!! The wagon too! :-)

    I learned the hard way to take days off.. way back when I was young & stupid. So glad I learned my lesson!

    Today is rest day & since I work out like a maniac, I deserve every second of my rest days!!! 😉 That along with this UCLA drive & dentist stuff, yup, rest days are good!!!!

    Have a good one!

  8. I a a long time exerciser, so I am not too tense about take days off. I did get very into it when I first started this plan and get myself to the point that I had to slow it down and take some rest time.

    This week – a confession – I took too many days off, so I will work harder this weekend to compensate a bit!

    I sure hope that melon is wonderful!!

    We have a few FroYo places in town, but I have not tried any of them for fear of setting off cravings!

  9. Now that is a big watermelon. I think your Memaw should win a blue ribbon for that baby! Happy eating.

    I definitely take rest days. I used to be an overexciser and paid for it with sore joints and tendinitis. Not fun.

    I think a trip to Memphis is in order. The yogurt place sounds great!

  10. I’m afraid I still have way more rest days than workout days! It’s called interval training, right?

    Have a great weekend, Cammy!

  11. My exercise rest day is usually Sunday but sometimes I go ahead and work out then too. Just depends on how the week has gone.

    That is funny about the watermelon, you just forgot how strong you are!

  12. I’ve been taking a rest from blogging. It seems similar to workouts… that days of rest make for greater posting inspiration and deeper appreciation for the writing of fellow bloggers.

    As always, Cammy, catching up with your blog (last three posts) is inspirational and a fun read. Thanks!

  13. The cupcake phenomenon amazes me. People were going crazy for them and spending $4 on them. I went to a grand opening because they were giving them away and it wasn’t worth it.

    I think I read about it on msnbc or huffington so it’s probably true.

    Do people still go to ice cream stores? It seems like they are never busy here. Everyone goes to Sonic.

  14. Yeah, I take a rest day, sometimes two in a week…7 days a week just makes me lose my umpf to keep going. Its incredible what a day sitting in Barnes & Noble reading will do for my motivation for the next morning!

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