New-to-Me Find: PhysicalFitnet

I love finding new exercises to keep me occupied in the gym, and thanks to the folks at MakeUseOf, I now have a new go-to site for building my workouts.

PhysicalFitnet is an online repository of exercises and workouts with video demos and specific information about each exercise and covers the spectrum from beginner to advanced. You can browse the library in many different ways: by body part, by equipment, by sport (but not jogging/running, for some reason), etc. There are also workout libraries and training tips.

So now you know what I’ve been doing tonight instead of reading your blogs. Sorry about that, but I needed something new for my workout tomorrow. After careful consideration, I think I’m going to try the…drumroll

bosu, dumbbell bicep curl balance and stability, weight training
alternating dumbbell bicep curl on bosu flat up with underhand grip

(Click on image to view this exercise…)

I love new finds, and I’m looking forward to exploring this site more in the future.

What new find have you recently discovered that made your heart go pitter patter?

(Note to FTC: This is an unsolicited review with no compensation offered or received.)

14 thoughts on “New-to-Me Find: PhysicalFitnet

  1. That is pretty cool, I never hear of that site before.

    I recently rediscovered the Aqua jogger to use in my pool. It allows you to do a jogging type exercise in the water making it non impact, perfect for sore knees!

  2. I love, love, love pretty much anything on the BOSU! My new find is the T-BOW – I have yet to try it, but I just got one and can’t wait to take it for a test drive.

  3. hmmmm. new finds?
    not a one.
    thats why I come here :) Ive never seen that site before either!

  4. Have not heard of that site. Thx Cammy!

    I use the BOSU for a lot of different things but my new fav that I just posted about not too long ago is the Smith Machine squat on the BOSU as pictured above. I really feel it everywhere! In fact, I have a post in the works for next week on some of my fav moves! :-)

  5. Thanks for the review, I’ll go check it out. My new find is Zumba. I’d heard of it, but hadn’t tried it until my daughter took me along to her classes when we were out there visiting. I’m looking for a local class.

  6. I’m assuming that the bosu is the little trampoline thingy? I went to Curves for a few months and part of their circuit was bouncing around on one in between the machines.

    Well, I guess that reveals my fitness level and knowledge…..

    Enjoy your new move!

  7. As an exercise physiologist and a fitness trainer, I applaud you for your discovery and your exploration. I will also add that what matter most in movement, is not so much the exercises that you choose, but how you perform them.

    Let proper form reign supreme, and let your instincts be your guide!!!

  8. I still prefer doing some sports instead of doing fitness, like tennis or swimming. I think it’s more rewarding for your body. but tastes differ, of course.

  9. I have saved that link in my favortes. I am always lookiing for ways to keep my workouts fresh. Plus, I want to start doing some work outs at home sometimes, too, and the videos will be a big help.


  10. Hehehe I love the name of it, PhysicalFitnet! That’s clever. Great idea for a website, too!

  11. Thanks for your sweet comment. It would have been lovely to walk with you in person but I was thinking of you all the time. *smile* Maybe if we ever get back to USA we will have a walk together or at least a coffee.

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