Best Compliment Ever

My posts recently have been inordinately long, so I’m making up for it by keeping today’s post short, simple and sweet.

I had one of the Best Compliments Ever from one of the trainers at the gym. His engagement announcement was in the paper on Sunday, and I stopped by the desk to congratulate him. While we were talking, he mentioned that his fiancee lost 95 pounds, so of course I had to mention that I’d lost 100 pounds. (Hey! He brought it up first!) Anyway, he asked how I did it, and after I told him, he nodded and said, “Yeah, I’ve seen you working out, and you do a lot of functional exercises which is unusual.” And then he added–get ready for it!–“Your form is really good.”

Thud!There was a time in my life when I would have preferred being told I’m beautiful or smart or sexy or all of those things, but now? There’s no greater compliment than being told my form is good. ::happy sigh::

Your best compliment ever?

Wishing you all a weekend full of marvelous things–both simple and profound.

18 thoughts on “Best Compliment Ever

  1. Wow! For a dedicated exercise-aholic like you (and I mean that in the best possible way), there is nothing better!! Congrats!

    Off-hand remarks from people that have no ulterior motive for sucking up to us are the best. It’s the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth as they see it. Can totally open up a new dimension in the way we think about ourselves.

    One of my best compliments ever came from chatting with my former 8th grade/freshman Joe-stud crush at a reunion about eight years ago. Among other nice things, he said, “Remember the conversations we used to have? You were so smart and fun to talk to.” As he was twice divorced at the time, maybe he’d finally figured out that he needed someone that he could actually talk to? Not to go all Billy Joel on you.

    I never knew that he noticed anything beyond my fat and my frizzy hair!!! I never knew that anyone noticed me at all, exept for those physical features. Wow, what I could have done with that info if I would have had it then……. DARN!

    So, you run with that compliment. And walk with it, and work out with it! Knowledge is power!!!

  2. You know, I’m sure I’ve had compliments, but since I am still early on this last journey, I think they get drowned out by “clutter in my brain.” I will be vigilant and when I hear one, I am writing it down!!!!

  3. That is a sweet compliment. It always surprises me when I see so many people working so hard in the gym and their form is terrible. They’re probably doing more damage than good with their approach. Personal trainers can be expensive, but I think a few sessions are well worth the bucks to get you headed down the right road.

    BTW, congrats on the AOL write-up. I’d go ahead and throw a link up for those who haven’t seen it, but I’m lazy and stupid… 😉

    Have a great weekend (and stay cool… not an easy task in this Memphis heat).

  4. That’s a whole grain compliment from one who should know! I’m happy for you. My best compliment. From a guy in our church choir. I’ve never really talked with him, but have a nodding acquaintance. We all joined hand for a prayer before the church service and he said, “wow, even your hands are little,” meaning he’d been noticing my shrinking self.

  5. Congrats that is a great compliments. I don’t know if thisis a compliment or not but I’ll take it. A woman I admire and respect at church asked me to serve on the church’s school board. The Christian school k-6 is growing and the church leadership decided it needs its own board. I was honored that out of 3000 members I was one of five chosen. Oh and my husband thinks I’m attractive but he was really drawn to me because I am smart and can talk about most anything. Hey, I’ll take it. Have a great weekend.

  6. That’s a great compliment. As for me, I’m sure I’ve been complimented in person but for the life of me, can’t remember any. I mean, Hubby is always telling me I’m beautiful and sexy, but … he said that when we first met, and I was close to my top weight of 299. My Kid tells me I’m a great mom all the time but it’s usually to get something from me. Wait… someone did tell me the other day that my homemade goat cheese was good. Does that count? Vee at

  7. That is a great compliment! I would like that, too.

    Someone in my book club called me the “disappearing woman” – I thought that was nice since I only see them one a month.

  8. Now that was an awesome compliment!

    I had a female store clerk in the men’s department who was helping my hubby find something tell me that I was so petite I could wear anything I wanted to and look good!

  9. woman we love your long posts!!!

    My best ever:

    what I first noticed about you was the way you walked.

    (from my now husband)

  10. Good form? Bravo!! That prevents injury, right?? :) I think the compliment I most enjoyed was being told that I had wonderful, polite youngsters. (Many years ago, and not health related, but it meant a great deal to me.)

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