Hello Woman’s Day, Part 2

I received an exciting birthday gift last week, something I alluded to last month as happening in September. Well, so I thought. I can now comfortably suggest that you check out the October 1 issue of Woman’s Day, available on some newsstands and in some mailboxes NOW. It’s the one with this cover:

woman's day magazine cover

Immediately turn to pages 80-82 (you can read all the other great stuff later) and jump up and down (yes, it counts as exercise) when you see this article:

partial image of woman's day article

After much squeeing over the wonders of professional photo editing techniques, continue jumping up and down when you see TWO additional articles from bloggers you may recognize: Audrey of Barking Mad and Hollie, who most of us know as SkinnyHollie. Their articles are so poignant and powerful that I was overcome with the snifflies.

My article, on the other hand, is an amplification of my blog post a few months ago on judging. The editors at WD liked it, for some reason, and asked me to expand on the theme for this edition of the magazine, which features some great articles on obesity, it’s causes and some practical solutions for every-day real life.

I received two complimentary preview copies of WD last week, and I’ve been itching to share since then. Today I received my subscription copy, so I figured it was “safe” to blog about.

This was my first time to submit an article for publication (but not my first time for a Woman’s Day mention), and I learned a lot. Mostly that I have a whole lot to learn about writing magazine articles. Here, I just write about whatever I want, knowing that 99.99% of the 15 people reading it are also engaged in a similar quest for life improvement. Writing for a wider audience is…excruciating different. But I’m really grateful to have had the experience of it!

And you can bet your bottom dollar that my bio has been updated to include “…has been published in Woman’s Day.” :)

I’m not sure how I feel having my name and website in print. A little…exposed, actually, especially with family members knowing where to find me now, but as with the mention on That’sFit earlier this month, if it speaks to someone and creates a desire for positive change, I guess it’s worth it. Time will tell. (note to family members: Don’t feel it necessary to visit here often, and do NOT go prowling through the archives!*)

Oh, and a funny note about the photo, which I thought was going to be tiny, thumb-nail sized. WD asked for an updated photo and needed it fairly quickly. My neighbor and I thought we had a good shot, but I was even more squinty-eyed than normal. By the time I realized that, she had company, so I took this photo using my self-timer on my digital camera and my paint ladder. The heat index was 115° and I was outside dragging a paint ladder all over the place trying to find a good spot. That wistful expression on my face says, “Please let this one not be horrible.” :)

Now, if I can just get WD to send me enough $$$ to get my teeth as white and my skin as clear as they are in the photo. :)

So check out the magazine, if you’d like. If you have a teensy frame, you could even clip out my photo and frame it for your desktop. Or heck, I have the original (along with 142 similar poses) and can send you a full 8×10 size. For only $29.95 (or three easy payments of $14.95), frame not included.

If you’re new here from WD, I wish I could assure you that I’m not normally this silly. But I can’t. I embrace silly and try to BE silly at least 15 minutes per day. It keeps me young. Ish. And you’re just in time to sign up for the drawing for a copy of I’m With Fatty, by Edward Ugel. Click HERE to enter your name!

(*Family, you know I’m kidding and that I love you. But if you have other things you’d rather be doing….)

26 thoughts on “Hello Woman’s Day, Part 2


    I’m going to have to ignore my self-imposed ban on buying magazines and pick up the October issue of Woman’s Day. I hope the book deal is next.

    We all need to embrace our silly side as much as possible.

  2. Oh, Cammy! That is awesome!

    The picture is great, and I’m not just talking about the doggie!!

    Getting published in a national magazine is nearly as huge of an accomplishment as losing the weight! Really, if you weren’t so nice and deserving, I would be pea-green with envy.

    Your new WD followers will love your inspiration sprinkled with silliness. And you know I reserve the use of the word “love” for special occasions only!

    Congrats!!! This is BIG!! Happy Birthday!!

  3. Congratulations Cammy! You are so inspiring and so supportive; now so many more can enjoy your words and wisdom as well. I can’t wait to check it out!

    BTW – That author was on the Today show yesterday; I watched and thought of you:)

  4. Yay, Cammy! While you know I’m impressed with your weight loss, as a writer, I’m so excited and LOVE that you’re published in WD!! You go, girl!! And that’s a great photo :)

  5. Whoo hoo for you!!! As much as that deal of three easy payments sounds so tempting, I’m gonna pass on the picture, but I WILL be buying a copy of Woman’s Day (thank God it’s not Woman’s World)!


  6. A great big WHOO-HOO for being published! I’m buying a copy of Woman’s Day and getting a “digital autograph” – umm, don’t ask me how to do that, just say that you did… 😉

  7. How exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!! Will you be signing autographs or does that cost $29.95 too? 😉 Hey, a gal has to make a living, right! You best get some of those Paris Hilton sunglasses as you may have the paps after you & end up on TMZ!!!!!

    Really, Cammy, you deserve this!

  8. Wow, Cammy–congratulations! I read this early this morning and found myself telling my good friend that I “knew” someone who had an article on WD! She subscribes and looked up your article as soon as she got home. What I can see of the picture looks great!

  9. Hi Cammy! First of all, CONGRATULATIONS on your story being published!!!
    Secondly, I just got done reading your success story on That’s Fit! Wow! I’ve been getting so discouraged these past few months of making so many life changing habits and have seen no results, on the scale or otherwise.
    Your story has helped me realize that I cannot give up or give in, I must fight for my health each and every day.
    Thanks again for sharing for all the world to know about you, past and present.
    I really needed to read your story tonight.


  10. That is so exciting!! You look beautiful in that picture too. Seriously.
    I’m definitely getting that magazine. Congratulations!

  11. Congratulations! How exciting! I got my issue last evening and was leafing through it and I saw your article. I was like – I know that woman! I’ve checked out your blog a few times that I’ve discovered through Karen/Waisting Time. You are a great inspiration! :)

  12. I’m so excited for you. If I were not at work, I would do a happy dance. I’m so happy I have a picture of you (with me) before you became a WD star. Now if I only had your autograph??? Hummmm. I’m going to look for the magazine at lunch today. Can’t wait to read it.

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  14. Woohoo! I love seeing my name in print, so I’ll be uber-excited for you. Hehe. That’s so awesome. Those of us still mucking about in the sandbox need people like you to inspire us to look toward the swing set (my favvie playground thing).

  15. Congratulations again on a wonderful piece in WD! And thanks so much for the link!

    I’m still kind of on cloud 9, ya know? And the magazine hasn’t even hit the shelves!!! Crazy!

    I got a message on Facebook yesterday from a high school friend I hadn’t heard from in years and she said she was waiting in the car pool lane at school, to pick up her little ones and was flipping through her copy of Woman’s Day that she’d just picked up from her post office box. Anyhow, she came across the feature and saw my picture and read the piece – wasn’t paying any attention and almost rear-ended the car in front of her. *lol*

    Enjoy the ride Cammy…and keep up the AWESOME work. You really are an inspiration!

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