Most Gymbarrassing Moments

I had another one of those embarrassing moments at the gym on Friday. I was up on the flat side of the BOSU, doing squat/back extensions with the medicine ball. Like this …

bosu squat balance and stability, weight training
squat on bosu flat up

(Click on image to view this exercise…)

and this…

medicine ball back extension, squat weight training
squat and back extension with medicine ball

(Click on image to view this exercise…)

…as a combination move. These are new-to-me and I love them. But at the end of a workout, when I’m tired, my pitiful balance can get me in trouble. In this case, I slid-fell off the BOSU. Not on my butt, fortunately, but NOT landing on my butt required a bunch of awkward stumbling-fumbling around.

UNfortunately, I wasn’t off to the side of the gym, as I usually am. Oh, no, on this day, I had to be doing my core work right smack dab in the middle of the action, the mat area in front of a whole row of occupied elliptical machines. That’ll teach me.

I didn’t bother looking around, figuring I was better off not knowing if anyone had seen. I just laughed at myself to show *I* wasn’t bothered by it and no one else should be either. And then I got back up on the BOSU and finished the set. Embarrassing, but not fatal.

And not my most embarrassing moment. Those of y’all who have been hanging here for a while (two years) may remember that that honor goes to a fall I suffered while trying to do a push-up on the stability ball. In short, I pushed up and the ball went sideways. For one split second, I was like the cartoon character, Wile E. Coyote, running off a cliff. And then, well, gravity is not a pretty thing. Hmmm, this reminds me that I haven’t tried one of those push-ups since then. I should probably suck it up and try one. In private.

I’m not the only one who’s had an embarrassing gym moment. AOL’s That’s fit recently asked readers to dish on their own red-faced moments in the gym.

Embarrassing moments don’t just occur in the gym. Opportunities to humiliate ourselves are available in all the exercise venues. I stumble and trip so much when I’m walking that I no longer even register those, but there was the time on my bike when I swerved to miss a teensy little puddle and ran off into a flower bed. When I put my foot down to stabilize myself, it sank into the wet ground until my shoe was covered in mud. Turns out that teensy little puddle had been created by the same faulty sprinkler that had created Louisiana-esque swamp land out of an innocent-looking flower bed. On that auspicious day, traffic slowed but did not stop. Again, nothing to do but laugh as I extricated myself and continue the ride.

My point in sharing all this is to assure anyone who is hesitating on joining a gym for fear of, well, going to the gym, or exercising inside your house so your neighbors don’t see you do something boneheaded, that you are not alone. Accidents and incidents happen to newbies, hardcore worker-outers, and those of us in between. It’s the nature of the beast but well worth the effort.

And when (not IF) something goes kablooey, keep this Japanese proverb in mind, “Fall down seven times, get up eight.” Literally, in this case.

What’s your most “gymbarrassing” moment? Outside the gym? C’mon, share! Let’s ease the doubts of the tentative by proving just what a bunch of klutzes we are! :)

17 thoughts on “Most Gymbarrassing Moments

  1. I have too many. Like totally missing the choreography in a dance-style aerobics class. I mean totally! No hiding when you go one way and the rest of the class is going the other. Sigh. And I was once waiting to cross at an intersection with my bike, left foot on the ground, right foot clipped into my pedal, and I shifted my weight wrong and … boom splat fell in front of all the cars. Sigh.

  2. I have my fair share of such moments. The funniest (from the vantage point of several years later) was when I was swimming in the ocean off of Vancouver Island. I was swimming and splashing around with 20 assorted family members. The water was uber cold, and was thinking how many calories I must be burning. It was so cold that I didn’t notice that I had suffered a clothing-failure and was essentially topless after fastener broke on my swim suit. So glad it wasn’t my neighborhood pool.

  3. Sometimes it seems as my whole life can be an embarrassing moment LOL!

    At the gym, there was the time I hit myself in the chin with a bar doing a push press. That was fun. Then there was the time I was doing jackknifes on the stability ball and fell right over. I heard people laugh at that one. D’oh!

  4. Oh! I’m sorry that had to happen to you. That kind of stuff always happens to me when I’m feeling good about myself and my form. Something silly every time. And usually it involves the gym ball. LOL I also try and laugh it off and try not to take myself too seriously. Most people have had these things happen to them and I’m sure can relate. :)

  5. Luckily, I haven’t had any of my own yet. Once I went to yoga (not with my current teacher) with my friend and he farted…we both got hysterical and I am surprised the instructor didn’t kick us out. I do have the fear of this happening to me though…

    I read the link and laughed hysterically. I am one of those people who laughs when someone falls. I usually wait to make sure they aren’t injured and then it all comes out. Terrible, but true.

  6. Lovely article. I am hopeless at aerobics in a group. I look terribly uncoordinated. Also I am pretty hopeless starting new workouts. Also my stomach jiggles. The sweaty face with hair pulled back looks pretty awful on gym mirrors. But still love working out. I get a huge rush after a good workout.

  7. I have fallen off the BOSU and the stability ball more times than I can count trying new moves. The thing that is great about it.. I TRIED!

    So for you, I bet some of them were saying “boy, she sure is brave to try that & maybe I should too & look how she just got back & kept at it!”

    As for real life embarrassment.. too many to count there too!

  8. Well it did make me laugh a few times if it’s worth anything :) I do enjoy the stability ball push ups and have fallen and bounced off of it with my face before. Then I’ve ridden my bike into a ditch while trying to drink water, fallen on my butt while running countless times. Oh ya it sucks but you get over it as long as you laugh at yourself too!

  9. I don’t belong to a gym but I did walk into a display in a store the other day as I was trying to move out of a lady’s way and lost my balance. I have a couple big bruises to show for it and I felt so stupid at the time. At least the luggage that fell to the floor was soft and it didn’t make too much noise!

  10. Where do I start? Let’s just go with the most recent one. Last week, at the end of the show, walking out of the row of seats at our city’s outdoor amphitheater, I forgot there was a tiny step down. This wouldn’t have been so bad, except the aisle is a gigantic ramp, so the teeny step down was not flat, it was more like a wedge…..

    So, in my silver platform sandals, I clomp out into the aisle, lose my balance, and nearly wipe out the two elderly ladies that had been sitting on my right. Shuffling with their canes and ortho shoes, they were able to negotiate the wedge-step, but not me. Bat wings flying sideways, I steadied myself on one of the Golden Girls and on my neighbor with the season tickets who had taken me as her guest. She didn’t know how clumsy I was……

    Probably will not be invited back for “Footloose.”

    Thanks for making me confess this. I feel better. I laughed out loud at your title! VERY CLEVER! And, the Wile E. Coyote moment.

  11. P.S. We saw “The Sound of Music!” So, ironic; right after you brought it up last week. CLIMB EVERY MOUNTAIN!! FORD EVERY STREAM!! FOLLOW EVERY RAINBOW!! DON’T FALL DOWN AS YOU LEAVEEEE!!

  12. Oh yes – the embarrassing moments – I did post about the time I fell backwards when trying to take my bike up an escalator in the BART station and rode up laying on my back. That was a good one because I suspect that is on tape and will be played at the BART Christmas party. Most of my bike bloopers have to do with trying to get going through busy intesections and slipping off my peddles – I relate to Karen!

    In the gym I tend to trip, bang my head on the equipment and get my clothing caught on things. I have the self mocking laugh down pat…

    I did meet my best friend in college in an aerobics class because we kept banging in to each other going the wrong direction during class – so it isn’t all bad!

  13. I have so many clutzoid moments that I just brush them off. Unless I get severely injured, they are ignored. Well, more like pushed down/strangled into the ether-memories. I have scars all over me that I can’t even remember getting most of them.

    I haven’t been to a gym since the last time I lost weight: pre-kid (14+ years ago). Thinking I probably won’t again.

    Vee at

  14. Oh, my moment would have to be either… Trying the elliptical for the first time and lasting barely a couple minutes or when I was still testing out my endurance levels and fell off a tread-climber after pushing too far. Hehe. Jelly legs.

  15. Thanks for making me laugh and making me remember my own hysterical but very embarrasing moments. One of which I would like to share. When in college all those years ago, I was very active in dance. I lived in a large high rise in downtown Denver. The lobby was always bustling with people. I was bored waiting for the elevator so decided to pull off a little pirouette. Around I spun, throwing my leg in the air when to my horror the loudest, biggest fart I ever had escaped by body! The loud chatter became eerily silent, when seconds later a sweet, little old man burst out in belly busting laughter! I took a bow!

  16. Im so flipping uncoordinated that my NONEMBARRASSING life moments would be a better question.
    Im constantly trippingslippingfalling (and yes of a BOSU for sure. husband HAD to catch that one on video :))

  17. Glad you’re ok. I’ve learned to laugh at myself because it happens so often. I have so many embarrassing moments to choose from. I guess the most embarrassing thing I’ve done is break my foot walking down my driveway. They should have named me “Grace.”

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