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I strive to cover a wide variety of topics here (when it serves my purposes, anyway), and it occurs to me that this blog has been woefully neglectful of one important topic: History! I’m not sure why I’ve overlooked it (possibly because my knowledge of it is quite pitiful), but there’s no time like the present (hint, hint) for introducing a new category:

On This Day in History
1876 – Billy the Kid killed his first victim, F.P. Cahill
1896 – The Klondike Gold Rush started when gold was found in Rabbit Creek, Alaska
1903 – Joseph Pulitzer donated $1MM to Columbia University, which eventually led to the creation of the Pulitzer Prize. (Cammy note: I choose to see this as prophetic.)
1939 – Opening night for the movie, The Wizard of Oz
1969 – Hurricane Camille slammed the U.S. Gulf Coast (Cammy note: might also be prophetic considering that Cammy is a nickname for Camille and we had just enjoyed a vacation in Gulport/Biloxi, MS a few months before the hurricane.)

Famous People born on this date:
Davy Crockett (1786), Mae West (1892), Maureen O’Hara (1920), Marcus Garvey (1940), Robert De Niro (1943), Cammy C. (1958), Belinda Carlisle (1958) and Sean Penn (1960)

That’s right, it’s MY BIRTHDAY! Yippee!

Today, I am 52 FABulous years old! I am also slightly flabulous, but I’m ever hopeful regular gym attendance will continue to help that. Meanwhile, I’ll take flabulous over flatulent any day of the week.

Today I’m completely feeling Anne Lamott’s greatquote:

“Every age we’ve ever been is who we are.”

Cammy photos

Through the years

So this morning I am …
– the laughing toddler who loves that there are so many new things to explore
– the proud kindergartner who celebrates tying her own shoes (then it was coordination, now it’s being able to bend over)
– the happy high school freshman who’s a little nervous about this strange new environment but looking forward to being part of it
– the tentative 20-something who embraces adulthood by beginning a career and buying her first house
– the sometimes melancholy 30-something who begins to realize that adulthood was highly overrated
– the questioning 40-something who begins a quest to find her truest self, never suspecting that she would uncover strengths and abilities she’d never known she possessed
– the blissful and blessed 52-year old who has never loved life as much as she does this day, this hour, this moment.

This life, so far, has been one awesome ride. Not without its struggles, not without some pain, but also filled with laughter, love, and more blessings than any person has a right to expect. And the best part of it is: there’s more of all of that still ahead! I’ve looking forward to living it and learning from it!

Right now, I’m most looking forward to lunch with friends (not a birthday lunch, just our regular monthly lunch nicely coinciding with my birthday). I had my family birthday celebration this past Saturday (major splurge meal complete with a sliver of carrot cake and a not-a-sliver-but-not-a-slab of red velvet cake), and I’ve got a lunch and another potluck supper for later in the week. No more cake planned, but I’m always open for opportunities! That said, with a satisfactory birthday scale check this morning, I don’t want to do anything to louse it up Moderation, living, moderation, living,….

Wishing you all a Happy Cammy’s Birthday, wherever you are!

28 thoughts on “On This Day in History

  1. I’d wish you a happy birthday but you are already having a great one! No wishes needed:) I love how you describe yourself at your current age.

  2. The happiest og birthdays to you! I agree that embracing every age and expereince is accepting who we are. I am so glad I have found your blog and have the pleasure of knowing you just a bit!

  3. I loved this post because I’m now experiencing exactly what you worded for your 40’s. I only hope that I can be saying the same when I get to 52!

    Happy Birthday and all the best today and always :)

  4. HAPPY BDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You rock Cammy!!!! So we are the same age for 3 months & then I “turn over”. 😉 BUT, I am flatulent too! Oh well.

    Have a great one & love the pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Happy, happy birthday!!!! I love this awesome tribute to yourself. You are a blessing to your reader’s, too. Enjoyed the history and love the collage.

    I wish you many more…blessings and years :)

  6. Happy Happy Birthday!! I love this post so much. It’s fun and so beautiful it brought a tear to my eye. I love Anne Lamott too. You’re also a really great writer. Just beautiful and thank you so much for sharing.
    Plus, you have totally inspired me and your photos are Great!
    Again, Happy Birthday!

  7. Happy Birthday Cammy!!! I will also be having a birthday soon so I really enjoyed this post because of your outlook on your life so far. It reminds me to appreciate my life and to celebrate every moment!!!


    Such good form at 52!

    Those are great photos. You were such a cute baby!! And, you are such a beautiful woman, both inside and out. I know this from the photos and because you show us your inside in your writing.

    I’m glad to hear that you are older than I am!! By 24 whole days. Why, I’m practically a whole three-and-a-half weeks younger than you!! 1958 was a great year, wasn’t it? It sure went by fast…..

  9. Hey! I came over because I was missing you and ta-da! It’s your glorious birthday! What a wonderful wonderful day!!! I’m even more grateful for this day now! Hugs and happy celebrations! :) – Kirsten


    If I’d known it was your birthday I would have made a cake but it looks like you got that covered. I will raise my glass (of water not vodka) to you and wish you many more years of health and happiness. This was a very special day in history – CELEBRATE!

    CHEERS to you at 52!

  11. Happy Birthday Cammy, Love the pics and God you make me laugh.

    Cheers to you!


    May this be one of the most wonderful years of your life.

    You celebrate brilliantly and your collection of photos — beautiful

  13. Fantastic 52!!! good for you Cammy…what an inspiration you are…and you should be so proud of yourself…..I hope I can get my head in the right place so I am feeling like you are at 52….I still have 8 years for that and not really wanting those years to go to quick….hugs Khris

  14. Aww Happy Happy Birthday Cammy! I hope it is as AWESOME as you are! It must be a fantastic feeling to know that you are at your happiest and healthiest! :)

  15. Have the happiest of days and and a wonderful year! Thanks for all you do and for who you are, dear Cammy.

  16. Happy Cammy’s Birthday, Cammy – I think I shall celebrate by going out to dinner at the new Mexican place by my house with my husband and some friends.

  17. Kicking myself for missing your birthday. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, CAMMY! This was the best birthday card I’ve ever seen/read someone give themselves. Hope you went all out on such a special day!

  18. Do you know that I read every post of yours and I don’t always comment? I am terrible that way. Birthdays are sacred and I should not have missed this opportunity to say Happy Birthday! I love your collage – and your positive attitude!

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