One More Degree

No, wait! Come back! I promise it’s not a weather post!

Well, mostly it’s not a weather post. But as I was listening to the weather forecast for today (ever hopeful!) and saw that the temps are actually supposed to be higher today–103°, as opposed to yesterday’s 102°, I couldn’t help but think, what’s one more degree, right?

And then I remembered one case in which a single degree makes all the difference in the world. I wrote about it a couple years ago, and if you were here for it then, you may agree that it’s well worth revisiting.

When you tippy toe along this fitness path as I do, it’s sometimes difficult to remain focused on how small changes–teensy boosts of effort–can make a difference. Whenever I’ve been in doubt of that, this video (link below) from SimpleTruths serves as a powerful wake-up call and pushes me to keep striving.

If you’re struggling or frustrated or doubtful or just plain fed up, I’m begging you to take a few minutes to click on the image below to watch the video. If you’re at work, be warned that it does contain music, and for me, the music is important to the viewing experience. So call your co-workers over and have a group viewing. The message is universal.

Click on image:

At 211° water is hot.
At 212°, it boils.
And with boiling water, comes steam.
And steam can power a locomotive.
The one extra degree makes the difference.

One extra minute on the treadmill, one extra push-up, one little “extra” snack avoided–well, individually they don’t look like much. But that one little push–that one extra degree of physical or emotional effort–can generate the steam we need to power our way forward.

As I wrote in my original post and believe even more strongly now, that power to succeed is within us already. It’s up to us to generate it. :)

I’m not sure what my extra degree will be today, but since I’m headed to the gym very shortly, I’m thinking I’ll be increasing the weights and/or reps on something while I’m there.

What will YOU do today to generate steam?

Note: I’m not affiliated with SimpleTruths (though I might be in the future); I just like the video.

13 thoughts on “One More Degree

  1. Wow! I watched the video- it was really inspiring! With all the challenges I am facing it made me think about making that extra effort to be successful, to make the changes that need to be made.

    Thank you, Cammy!

  2. Cammy, what a great video. Thanks for sharing it. Funny. This morning I was doing my “last chance” run before my WI. I cajoled myself into running 20 minutes longer than I’d planned because I told myself that if I did, it might be the difference between maintaining and a loss. I ran longer. I lost.

  3. Today I got on my bike and rode outside for two hours despite the heat advisory! Now, let me just admit, that I might have skipped but my husband wanted us to go… so off we went. The best part was that even thought it was hot, it was not unbearably so. I was glad I went. And I learned that I should not let the heat be an excuse next time.

  4. Yes, Cammy I do agree that we were seperated at birth! (Do you know what I am thinking now!?) Ironically I stumbled on this video last night before trying to sleep. It truly says it all. Success in already within us and with the teensiest bit of extra effort we can soar! That my dear will help me conqure that darn overhead press and one day do a 5K on the ellipitcal!!! But for now I will push for a couple extra minutes (seconds…)

  5. I just got off my treadmill! I raised the temp in the air-conditioned-bedroom-on-the-second-floor a few degrees for sure.

    That is a good point, about the boiiling point. Cool video, too. I mean “hot”. And, true.

  6. I like this context a great deal. More so, that I have not heard it before. I always often wonder why people in the gym can be so proud of pushing 100, 200, 300 pounds with their legs, and yet when it comes to pushing a 3 ounce dessert away, they feel they have no strength. My word of the day? Context.

  7. Awesome post Cammy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We were on a similar thought process today! I did some great stuff in the gym today. I always find a way to push myself! Well, in the fintess area. I know! Outside of it, still working on it.

  8. When I did adolescent psychiatry I felt that if we could turn a patient’s direction 1 degree, going forward it would change their life! I saw some wonderful examples of this :-)

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