Post Party Syndrome

Thank you all for the lovely birthday wishes! I appreciate your kindness and generosity!

It was a lovely birthday, for the most part. Lunch with friends (kids’ catfish basket @Soulfish Cafe, a new-to-me restaurant), phone calls and e-greetings from friends and family, and a bike ride for fun and exercise.

The late afternoon bike ride seemed to be the turning point for the day. :) At about the 15 minute mark, a dark cloud blew in and the bottom fell out of the sky. I took refuge under the awning at McD’s and treated myself to a large iced tea. Since I had a book in my backpack, it wasn’t a wholly unwelcome break. After a while, we reached drizzle status and I got to experience riding in the rain for the first time. Fortunately, I had a baggie in my pack to put over the computer thingie. Should have put the other baggie over the seat, for when I had to stop at red lights. A lesson for next time.

When I got home, I had a message to call the credit card people to verify charges. Hmmm, I haven’t made any charges in several days (*pats self on back*). I called and was able to negate several hundred dollars in fraudulent charges. It seems some bozo(s) in Atlanta have my credit card number and aren’t afraid to use it. Well, not anymore. The card has been canceled and a new one is on its way. Problem (for me) solved.

After that little drama, I decided to relax with a yogurt sundae (Chobani vanilla, 1/2 serving caramel bits, sugar free choc. syrup, sprinkle of pecan chips) and read some more of my (slightly damp) book. That’s when holy hell broke loose at my front door. Someone was banging away on it like crazy! After dark!

I peeped out the window and saw a car idling at the curb and someone standing on the porch looking at a clipboard. Figuring an axe murderer might be slightly more furtive, I yelled in my most aggressive I-lift-weights-three-times-a-week voice, “Who is it!” (My Southern hospitality goes out the window for strangers knocking at my door after dark.)

“Shelby County Court, Ma’am.”

Hmm, I didn’t know judges made house calls. I flipped on the light and asked him for photo ID, which he held up to the window. Yep, it was the same balding, pudgy-but-cute guy in the photo standing on my porch. I asked what he wanted.

“Subpoena Services, Ma’am.”

That made no sense at all. I’m a bill-paying, law-abiding citizen. I’ve only been in a courtroom…once, several months ago when I had a ticket dismissed (because I was NOT GUILTY!)–OMG, what if I misunderstood and the ticket wasn’t dismissed and now I was going to The Big House for FTA (that’s Failure to Appear for you non-criminal types) and my chances for ever finding a job above minimum wage were doomed forever, not to mention that I’d be subjected to carb-and-HFCS-loaded meals for the length of my sentence!

After fleeting thoughts of making a run for it out the back door, I decided my best option was to face the music, beginning with finding out why anyone might be subpoenaing me. So I plastered a sickly smile on my face and opened the door. “I sure hope you’ve got the wrong address.”

Fake laugh from the lawman: “No ma’am, 2598.”

Real laugh from yours truly: “Well, SIR, this isn’t 2598.”

Long Arm of the Law: “Where’s 2598?”

Competely Exonerated Party: “I don’t know. What’s the subpoena for?”

Lawman: “Something about rent.”

CEP: “Well, there’s only one rental house on the street, and it’s two doors that way.”

Lawman: “Oh. Well, thank you. Have a nice night.”

With that, he put on his black hat and rode off in his Mazda something-or-other.

(Note to self: MUST get the house numbers back up. Painting has been complete for over a month.)

I shut & locked the door, retrieved my yogurt sundae, and climbed in bed. Too much excitement for one birthday. :)

My intention was to get up early this morning and post something useful, but I had a follow-up mammogram and ultrasound (hate when they do that, but I got the “all clear’ in the end, so I’m willing to let it slide) and then a dozen errands, and one AMAZING gym workout. I’m all pooped. Too much birthday excitement. :)

I’ll do better tomorrow. Possibly.

Hope you all had a fantastic day!

15 thoughts on “Post Party Syndrome

  1. ugh. That is scary about the ID theft. Good thing companies are prepared for that kind of thing now!

  2. Holy cow! That was some kind of crazy day!!!!!! I don’t think I would have opened the door but like Karen, I was thinking maybe a bday gag….

    Let’s hope the crazy excitement is over & you get just fun excitement!

  3. Riding a bike in the rain during the prime of your life…you are like a modern day Mary Tyler Moore. Corny, but pretty fabulous at the same time.

    Next time someone’s trying to serve you, give me a holla! Court officers are notoriously incompetent process servers. But the private ones are like persistent sharks.

  4. That was SOME day! First, I love the fact that you have a book in your backpack. I do that too. You’ll always be prepared for an impromptu rain shower. Then, I’m not sure I would have opened the door. I get spooked easily–I’ll never watch Cape Fear again. Happy birthday and hope your year is fabulous!

  5. WOW…that’s lots of excitement for one day. I’m glad you were able to shut down those thieving bastards. Who the hell do they think they are?I probably would have had a heart attack seeing that guy at my door late at night but I’m sure you could have kicked his ass. Time to put those numbers back up so you don’t have any other process servers banging your door down. Have a great day!

  6. Umm wowzer. You know- there always was something about you that seemed a little dangerous…hahaha just kidding! Glad you had a birthday you won’t soon forget :)

  7. Shows where my mind is, I was going with “strip-o-gram”, too!

    That is a lot of excitement for one birthday! I was subpeonaed once, although I, too, was completely innocent of any crime. I shall have to write about it sometime. When they hunt you down and slap one of those on you, that’s when you realize that this country isn’t all that free…..

    Glad you are still having fun at 52; it gives me hope.

  8. Happy belated birthday blessings to you. What a day you had! Such a relief that he had the wrong house! Hey it gave you some great blog material so it wasn’t all bad after all!

  9. OMG, how did all that happen in the same day??? And on your birthday to boot? Crazy! Glad you are not in trouble with the law and that your mammogram turned out okay. 😉

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