A Dash of This, A Sprinkle of That

No, it’s not a recipe post. Well, not immediately. I’m merely clearing out a bunch of posty-notes with odds and ends that have come to mind recently.

WordPress Update This Weekend
If all goes well, I’ll be updating my blog to WP3.0.1 this weekend. Karen did it and lived to tell about it, so I’m hopeful I will, too. Should you be unable to access my blog at any point this weekend, DO NOT PANIC! (I’m sure you would have.*G*) I’m probably not off in a corner shoving cookies in my mouth. I’ll get any problems, should they occur, ironed out eventually and be back on line. I apologize in advance for any sleepless nights you incur along the way. (tee-hee!)

From The TippyToe Diet PR Department
If you didn’t rush out to purchase your own copy of the Oct. 1 issue of Woman’s Day magazine (a.k.a. “MY” edition) and now you find that they’re all sold out, have no fear. The article is online now for your reading pleasure. Unfortunately, they included the entire photo, not the cropped version that appears in the magazine. There’s nothing truly wrong with it other than that it shows my awkward just-rushed-back-to-that-spot-after-hitting-the-shutter-on-the-camera pose, but seeing it online, of course I find numerous things to nitpick. That shirt is too large. And I have a horrible farmer’s tan (or outdoor exerciser tan, if you prefer.) And my hands are really large. :) I may be better at having my picture taken, but I’m not so much better at seeing the results.

Oh, and Audrey‘s and SkinnyHollie‘s articles are included, too. But you should read mine first. :) (Hey, if I don’t promote me, who will? It’s my PR department.) Seriously, their articles are awesome and their stories inspiring.

Kale Chips!
After seeing the recipe everywhere, I finally got around to making kale chips…and I liked them. I used the curly kale because I read somewhere that it was better. To be honest, I didn’t even know there were different kinds of kale out there. I used SmittenKitchen’s Kale Chip Recipe, only I used canola oil because it was sitting on the counter at the time. (God forbid I walk the 6 feet to the pantry for the olive oil.) I’m trying them again tomorrow night with safflower oil, my new favorite healthy fat.

Okay, that’s four posty’s worth. I can check off “de-cluttering” from today’s to-do list.

This will most likely be it for my blogging for the week, so I’ll take the opportunity to wish you all a happy, healthy weekend! Anything interesting planned?

15 thoughts on “A Dash of This, A Sprinkle of That

  1. Read the articles AWESOME! Blogging really does help… I am doing the Joy Bauer slimdown project with Woman’s Day so I am reading a lot more of their magazine AND LOVE..LOVE…LOVE… that they are featuring bloggers and blogging so much lately. Glad I found you through the article.

  2. Good luck with your update–cross your fingers. Loved all your links–I added a couple new sites to my blog roll. I saw The Article this afternoon–of COURSE I read you first–it helps that your’s is the lead article LOL. I made kale chips one time. DH & I finished off the entire (huge) batch of them. They were tasty, but needed a little more salt than I usually use in a day to make them so. I think they’re a fun novelty, but not one that I’d make often. Enjoy your weekend.

  3. My fingers are crossed it goes as smoothly for you as it seemingly did for me:)

    I just came across that article last night. I had read it a few days after you first posted about it and forgot all about the magazine. I thought it was great.

    I loved Rita’s idea and you were the first person I thought of when she first mentioned it. Maintainer and Cammy are synonymous in my mind.

    So…. did you like the kale chips!? I have also been meaning to try them. Maybe I can remember to get some kale at the store today after my workout.

  4. Good luck with converting your blog. I hope it all goes well, because I will go crazy if I can no longer access your blog!

    Your PR department is fabulous! I am going to the store right now and will buy that magazine. If I can’t have the hard copy, I will settle for the web version.

  5. Good luck converting the blog. I have a paid WP site and still can’t get up the courage to move over…

    Loved the WD article with your story and the contrasting issues of the other 2 women.

    My weekend – off to New England to visit the in-laws for a few days. Funny how a death in my immediate family has made me want to be closer to my extended family – not dreading this trip at all.

  6. I bought the magazine and comparing the pictures I must say you are too hard on yourself! (I noticed no tan lines or large hands.)

    I almost bought kale last week to make the chips and them stopped myself – but your okay and the remarks on the smitten kitchen website make me feel better about trying them this weekend.

    We are going out to celebrate my daughter’s 17th birthday tonight and tomorrow night I start my job!

  7. Loved the article and the very attractive picture of you. And I’m glad you liked who I put you with, I thought you might 😉

  8. Cammy, I was holding up the grocery line one day showing the people in line that I “knew” you as I pulled the magazine off the rack & showed them the article! :-)

    OK, I will try to survive this weekend.. can you make it so my name & info stay & I don’t have to type it each time I comment. I know, it is always about me! :-)

    Cool that you did the kale chips… might have to think about that! Thx!!!

    Good luck this weekend!

  9. good luck with the updates! and i read your article in woman’s day (online, i admit) it was great and so was your pic!

  10. OK, you have to know that you made me go to that picture!

    I would not have believed that a “farmer’s tan” would stick out so much, but I will admit that yours does radiate!!! I would not have noticed your hands if you wouldn’t have mentioned them, and I think the glowing farmer’s tan is what makes them look larger in your mirror.

    However, your more-exposure photo shows what the headshot didn’t — your trim body!! That’s a lot of inspiration that the photo editor missed by not photoshopping that farmer’s tan!

    Good luck on the update. I know your dedication and no way do I believe that it will drive you to cookies.

  11. Cammy, I too upgraded my WP Blog to the latest and greatest a few weeks ago without issue. Whew! Glad it went well. I have however had a few issues with various plugins, so be on the look out for that. :)

  12. checking in from the otherside.
    from monday.
    and realizing how little of my to do list I tackled this weekend….shifting it all to monday :)

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