A is for Apple

One of the biggest benefits of fall is that it’s also apple season in the northern hemisphere. Even as I’m mourning the loss of fresh, ripe tomatoes, juicy red watermelons, and luscious sweet cantaloupe, I’m practically drooling over the approaching apple abundance. I’m an apple addict and although I eat them
year-round, I especially enjoy fall apples. Almost as much as I enjoy brownies.


Unlike brownies, apples are a good source of fiber (soluble and insoluble) and vitamin C and contain antioxidants & flavonoids like quercetin and catechin. They’re beneficial for heart health and may help prevent cancer and protect against asthma. (Source: Whole Foods)

Those are some great reasons to eat apples frequently, but I have my own reasons: Apples are tasty, portable, and affordable. I can toss one in my handbag and have an instant snack on those on-the-go days. They also fit nicely into my backpack and don’t seem to slow me down when I’m on a bike ride. :) Not to mention that you can have AN ENTIRE APPLE for around 100 calories or less (medium-sized). Talk about a bang for your caloric buck!

Not to be superficial or anything, but apples are also pretty. I keep several in a bowl on my kitchen counter, easily accessible when I wander through the kitchen for a mid-afternoon snack. Kinda hard to justify a trip to the chocolate box when you have a bowlful of fiber and vitamin C on the counter, staring you in the face.

Another thing I like about apples is that there are so many varieties available. The Delicious Twins (Red and Gold), Fuji, Braeburn, Gala, Pink Lady, Cameo, Granny Smith, Jonathan, Jonagold–the list goes on and on. Those are just the varieties at my local Kroger. The farmer’s markets have dozens more varieties on hand. Last week I tried the Honeycrisp apples and while tasty, at $3/pound they won’t be loitering around my fruit bowl too often. (And that was the conventionally-grown price! Yikes!)

Speaking of conventionally-grown, apples are one of the worst fruits for pesticide contaminants, so if organic is in your budget or inclination, that may be the best option. If like me, organic is frequently not in your budget, then invest in a natural bristle brush and give them a good scrub-a-dub-dub with soap and water.

My favorite way to eat apples is raw, with the rinse water still beading their surface. A slice of good cheese (cheddar, havarti, or gorgonzola are my favs) or a schmear of peanut butter is a good accompaniment, but they’re fine just as they are. I sometimes add chopped apple to tossed salads (goes great with grilled chicken, cranberries, and pecans!), and I almost always add it to my tuna salad.

I’ve never been much of a fan of cooked apples (except in a fritter or underneath a puddle of caramel–tee-hee!), but I do like them in a dish I make with wild rice and cranberries. ::pause for drool moment:: I haven’t made that in a while. Must put that on the list for when I return from my vacation.

I’ve made a pledge to myself to try more apple dishes this winter, and I’ve bookmarked several potential candidates from these recipe sites:
From the Washington State Apple People
Who weren’t about to be outdone by the Virginia Apple People
All About Apples
The ever-trusty All-Recipes.com

And that is my tribute to the almighty apple. What’s YOUR favorite variety of apple or favorite apple dish?

20 thoughts on “A is for Apple

  1. I splurged for single honeycrisp as a trip this week. Ever been to an apple tasting? I am from WA state and several of the orchards have them. You get a “flight” of apples to taste. Great fun!

    I do, however, hate the arrival of tasteless tomatoes!

  2. The last of the watermelon is in the fridge, to be finished off tonight. *sighs miserably*

    But, there is a drawer full of jumbo-sized honey crisps right under it. Seasonal apples ARE the best!

    Thinking about making a compote with apples, cherries and nuts for oatmeal topping. We’ll see how that works.

  3. Hey Cammy,

    Meander over to East Tennessee and I’ll take you to Carver’s Orchard which I posted pictures of last week. It’s almost overwhelming to go there during apple season, but my bushel of Honey Crisps was only $18.00. They aren’t organic (these are good old country folks who probably think organic means you live in Oregon) but there’s some comfort in knowing exactly where the apple was grown.

    My favorites are Honey Crisp, Cameo, Carousel, Caravel and Pink Lady.


    P.S. We’ll also go to Wild Plum Tea Room! Let me know when you’re coming!

  4. I love, love, love apples with peanut butter on them! Did I mention how much I love those? And apply pie, hot with ice cream, is one of my all time favorite desserts. And apple crisp. Oh yummmmmm. That said, last night my snack was a honey crisp apple. I like to slice them into a lot of pieces: easy to eat and lasts longer. The best apple I ever ate was from a fruit stand by the side of the road in NH. Macoun. We don’t get those here in Kansas.:( I have a bunch of Macs and Cortlands on my kitchen counter right now, waiting for me to make them into chunky applesauce. I like to eat that warm.

  5. The Husband and I picked five half-pecks of Johnathans a few weeks ago, and I’m still working my way through them. Looking forward to Fujis, though!

    Favorite healthy ways to enjoy apples:

    — Just eat them. Duh.
    — Chopped up in oatmeal with cinnamon, clove, and allspice; when I eat this at my desk, my coworkers all comment on how wonderful it smells
    — Chopped up with celery, raisins, and walnuts, mixed with creamed low-fat cottage cheese and sprinkled with cinnamon, for a sorta-faux Waldorf salad
    — Chopped up in a spinach salad with pecans (or walnuts) and a maple apple cider vinaigrette

    Less healthy ways to enjoy apples:

    — Homemade apple butter, eaten on toast with peanut butter or used to glaze a ham
    — Apple crisp, preferably topped with a scoop of ice cream

  6. I LOOOOOVE apples! They are the easiset cutest snack ever. Yes cute and pretty count with food and thats okay!
    I live next to orchards and looks like a criminal filling my pockets when I go on walks :)

  7. MMMMMMmmmm….APPLES!!!

    I can’t wait to go to the apple orchard this weekend and get a big bag of HoneyCrisps. They are the best apples ever but it pisses me off they are so damn expensive. I refuse to pay more than double for them at the market but at the orchard they are the same price as all the other, not as tasty or sweet, apples.

    I like them raw, I like them cooked, I like them in pies, I like them on pancakes with caramel, I like them with peanut butter, I like them in salads, I like them to look at and take pictures of …. oh, I need to get some APPLES!

  8. mmmm, I’m right with you about the fruits of the season. I love the summer fruits & veggies, but I do love apples, too. And they’re so good for you! Yes, Karen with peanutbutter is always tasty. My favorite varieties? braeburn, stayman, johnagold, granny Smith, gala. Delicious aren’t delicious to my palate.
    When are you leaving for your trip?

  9. Cranberries with apples sound divine! I never thought of putting apples in tuna salad, and it sounds good. You always have the best ideas.

    Vacation sounds divine, too. I’m sure you will have many blogable adventures.

  10. I’ll have to give some your suggestions a go!!
    I love apples too – for me they are mostly a ‘snack on the go’. I often grab one just as I am heading out the door, to eat in the car. I think it’s the 100 calorie part that I like the best, although I also enjoy them because they are just so tasty, crunchy and juicy….okay, now I ‘m off to have one!

  11. Love me some apples! I like to eat out of hand Johnagold, Gala, Fuji, Honeycrisp, Pink lady and I like Braeburn for cooking’

    For breakfast or a snack I chop one apple mix with Greek or European fat free yogurt, cinnamon, Stevia, and some crunchy cereal. It makes a huge bowl of crunchy goodness.

    A baked crisp of apples and cranberries with a little crunchy topping is a wonderful fall treat.

  12. Love, love, LOVE Honey Crisp but I’ll eat any apple as long as they are crisp, juicy, and sweet/tart :)

    I love any dish that has apples (I just made a crisp with apples and pears).

  13. I love a Granny Smith with string cheese! My all time fave snack right now. Can’t get enough!
    Thanks for this lovely tribute to beautiful apples. Now, I’ve GOT to try your tuna salad!


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