Happy Halloween

It’s amazing how an entire month can evaporate when you’re zipping around the countryside. But here it is Halloween and October is gone. Poof!

I’m not doing anything for this holiday. I thought I’d spend the weekend dressed up as a blogger and catch up on my reading. Or maybe I’ll dress up as a healthy kind of gal and do some official exercise.  Whatever I do, I’ve taken off the costume of the nibbling road warrior and won’t see it again for quite some time.

One last road photo, taken at Garvan Woodlands Garden in Hot Springs where we spent a half day hiking earlier this week:



Isn’t that the loveliest camellia? I’m going to try to find a spot in my yard for one (or more) of these!

Back to our original programming next week. For now, I’ll simply wish you a safe and happy Halloween.

14 thoughts on “Happy Halloween

  1. We spent a couple of early spring days in Hot Springs a few years ago. Very interesting place. Gorgeous old historic buildings on one side of Main Street and tacky t-shirt shops on the other. Guess which side we spent all our time on??? LOL!

    Have missed your regular posts and am looking forward to having them back. Bet your travels will provide a lot of inspiration for upcoming posts!

  2. I love the picture. Glad your home. Thanks for the comment on my last post. You are still my inspiration.

  3. Hey Cammy, Welcome home! I’ve missed you. I didn’t notice the camellias the last time we were in Hot Springs. I’m guessing they were in the beautiful garden walk behind the mansions that I did under protest because there were hills there and I was packing a LOT of extra pounds back then.

  4. It’s nice to have you back! All your trip updates and photos were fun as well.
    Nice halloween costume idea. I think I’ll dress as a tired mommy.

  5. Since our kids are 18 and 21, Halloween is a low key holiday for us too – and sadly, we only get 4 trick-or-treaters – our neighbors!

    We only have six houses on our block, and we have no side walks or street lights – so sad because in our old house I would have 400 kids!

    Enjoy your weekend! 😀

  6. Welcome back traveler! Love your Halloween costume ideas! Ha! Ha!

    Glad you enjoyed your travels and came home safe and sound.

  7. Isn’t it wonderful to relax into your “I’m at home now” costume after a long road trip? No matter how happy you were in the nibbling road warrior costume, it’s a relief to put it away. Enjoy the slowness of home time this weekend!

  8. What a great month you’ve had! No wonder it went so fast!

    I’m sure you have a lot of traveler’s wisdom and inspiration to share with us in the coming months. Your cup is full.

    Happy Halloween, and welcome home!

  9. Welcome back Cammy and Happy Halloween!! Here in Australia, Halloween is just starting to take off with the kids (and shops!) but I think it is now here to stay.
    Myy own and my neighbours kids had a great night last night, trick or treating and the neighbourhood really got into the spirit of things. A new idea for us Aussies, but we like it!!

  10. Hey Cammy! Hope that you had a very Happy Halloween! Can’t even believe that it’s November….CRAZY how fast time flies and I wasn’t even zipping around the country!

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