Road Notes: Pizza, Chobani, and Exercise

I’m still near Baltimore, but I’m switching to my creative writing hat for the next few days. For the weekend, I’ll be meeting with 60 or so friends for lots of laughter, a little bit of talk about creativity and writing, and then more laughing. Very little sleep occurs on these weekends, so my posts next week may be incoherent. More than normal, even. :)

My parents headed south to Williamsburg, VA and then to warmer, coastal areas yesterday. I headed to IKEA, where I spent $5.21 on some spice jars and magazine boxes. This having no job thing seriously impedes my vacation shopping! Especially when I couple it with my desire to have less clutter. Oh well, I enjoyed walking around and looking.

I also made a Target/Grocery run yesterday. Since I’ll be in one place for five days, I loaded up the fridge with vanilla Chobani, restocked my banana supply, and bought a paring knife. (Ironically, I couldn’t get the knife out of the package because I didn’t have a sharp object with which to cut it.)

Oh, the reason I needed the knife was because I’d bought the World’s Largest Red Pear at Wegman’s last weekend. Have you ever been to Wegman’s grocery store? I don’t know where all they’re located, but I wish there was one in Memphis. Heck, if there was one in Nashville, I’d probably make a run up there every month. The gourmet/cooking types among you would love this place. Those who like to eat would love it, too. :)

Back to yesterday, which was also a pizza day. I thought I’d found a place that sold pizza by the slice, but I was wrong. They did have a 6″ pizza, though, so I got that. This chest congestion thingie had me wanting something tomato-ey, and this hit the spot. Especially when I chased it a few hours later with some Chobani. :)

Sandwiched in between the pizza and the Chobani was a good workout. This hotel has a nice workout room. They even have a weight rack, but its selection isn’t for the marginally fit gal. We have 8 pound weights, and then it jumps to 35 pounds+. Nothing in the middle. Most of my dumbbell exercises are in the 15-22.5 range, so I couldn’t do much with these weights. So I did some drop squats with the 35# dumbbell, some bicep curls with the 8#, and then back to body weights. And this beast:

stair stepper machine

I did the “glute master” workout. Ouch. And also a cool down 10 minutes on the treadmill. A father and daughter were working out (sort of) in there at the same time and kind of got in my way. But that’s okay. I think it’s good they were exercising together!

I had an idea for a job yesterday. In the grocery parking lot, I spotted this car:
pom wonderful car

It’s a teensy photo, I know, but it’s a car with Pom Wonderful decals all over it. Someone gets paid to drive around to grocery stores and do…something. Chobani? You reading? I love to drive all over the country, and I wouldn’t mind at all driving a car with a Chobani logo on it. (Note: in addition to salary, I would expect you to keep me supplied with yogurt. Vanilla. I’ll provide the topping.)

Just down the row from the Pom car, I noticed this:

shopping carts

I thought this was a Memphis thing. People return their carts to the cart rack…almost. They get it to the edge, and it’s as if they just didn’t have the strength to get it all the way into the rack. The first good wind that comes along sends the carts into the side of some unfortunate car. Never theirs, because they’re long gone. *sigh*

Fearful of being detained for taking pictures of stupid things in parking lots, I returned to my car, where I spotted an interesting neighbor in the car next to mine and couldn’t resist one last photo:
cute puppy

It looks like he’s saying, “I’ll unlock the door when you show me the kibble.” I had to get out of there before I resorted to dog-napping. So cute!

That’s it for me this week. My friends will begin arriving today, and I’ve got to help with setting things up! Hope you all have a most wonderful fall weekend!

14 thoughts on “Road Notes: Pizza, Chobani, and Exercise

  1. Oh, the life of the temporary vagabond! Sounds like you are having a wonderful time. I’ve heard of Wegman’s. Sounds wonderful. Grocery stores like that make me happy just to walk around in them – but I may be sort of weird. Enjoy your creative writing stuff and friends.

  2. haha love your pics and commentary! especially the grocery carts and the puppy. LOL

    I love Chobani too!!! I’m eating it right now sprinkled with Ezekiel cereal..yummmm! No other greek yogurt will do for me. It MUST be Chobani and only Chobani. If my husband dares come home with another brand, he does so at his own peril.

    Have fun!!

  3. Great job on making the weight room work for you. That shows dedication 😀

    The cart thing – that really annoys me. Especially if the cart is *next* to the corral. I mean, how hard it is really to push an empty car over by 3 feet? Then there are those people who take the cart all they way home and leave it on the street somewhere.

  4. When we were in Minneapolis this summer our hotel was within spitting distance of an IKEA. I soooo wanted to go, but no time. Sad. I have however been to a Wegman’s before. There is one in the town where my son goes to college (he’s in PA and I am in KS). Loved it!

  5. Fun post. I hope you’re having a great time with your friends and that scratchy throat has taken a hike. I LOVE Wegmans. Yours is the first mention I’ve heard of it in blogland. “My” Wegmans is about 40 minutes away (in Fairfax) but I go there two or three times a month. You’re so right about the shopping carts. Can you not push it two feet further so it won’t escape and scratch my car? Please! Cute pix of the little dog. I’m surprised that it’s still there. And Ikea. Yes, very hard to shop and not stuff your car full.

  6. Hello, I just started new weightloss blog after losing 40 pounds over the last 2 1/2 years. Slowly, but surely. I found your blog from the Woman’s Day article. Anyway, my site will have little bits of encouragements, videos, advice gleaned from here and there, basically, all the things that have helped me to lose the weight and regain my health.
    I have a Joy Fit Club video posted about a woman who lost 200+ lbs. Very encouraging.
    Love the dog pic :) Gloris

  7. I actually saw a Dateline or some other show about the car wrapping biz. This stay at home mom actually made enough per month to drive one of those wrapped cars around that it covered her monthly car payment! Talk about awesome, huh? Hope you have an excellent trip. :)

  8. I don’t get why people do that with carts. Urgh.

    The glute master sounds glorious(ly painful). I want to try it!

    Can’t wait til we get an IKEA in my city… I think it’ll be open to the public in about a year. Yay!

  9. Hi Cammy,
    I want to pass along a blog award to you.
    I know it’s the last thing you probably need and I don’t expect you to even pass it on. But I just can’t do this without acknowledging the support and kindness you’ve shown me since I started blogging. I appreciate it more than I can say.
    So, thanks and come on by.

  10. Hi Cammy,
    What a fun post! Your stay with some creative friends sounds very interesting – I love writing and do lots of it – anyhow, sounds like your writing group/conference will be very productive and fun.
    Loved the pics too!! And I have to say kudos to you for getting in and still doing such a good workout while you’re travelling!!

  11. I could drive a car around for POM Wonderful. No prob. Throw in the cute little dog to sweeten the deal. I’m in, Cammy.

    That’s weird about the shopping carts.

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