Road Notes: Sunshine

Greetings from Baltimore(-ish)!

The happy travelers have been enduring some rainy days, which required multiple viewings of the big deal scale, but I see sunshine out my hotel room window today.

On Monday, we went to Annapolis, Maryland, for which there are no pictures because it was pouring when we got there. I tried to walk about a bit, but only managed a few blocks when I spotted my parents van headed back up the street from their intended destination. Turns out that area was blocked off for some boat festival this weekend. It’s definitely on my places to visit again, though, as the architecture is very interesting. For now, I’m left with some still-soggy shoes and nasty chest congestion.

Yesterday’s early outing was to the Inner Harbor area of Baltimore. We only had a few hours, but we enjoyed walking around a bit and having lunch at Panera, of all places.

I had a moment of longing for my bike, safely locked away at home:

Baltimore bike rack

Bicycle rack, Baltimore, MD

Isn’t that the coolest bike back? These are scattered throughout the area and are easy to spot with their bright colors and distinctive shapes. I want one for my garage. :)

Without a bicycle of my own to ride, I sought other transportation:

dragon boat ride in Baltimore MD

Harbor Transportation, Baltimore, MD

Unfortunately, the venue was closed. Bummer. Maybe next time. :)

Despite being surrounded by countless examples of interesting architecture and nautical sights, I immediately gravitated to this fascinating exhibit:

pink poodle tissue exhibit Baltimore

Pink Poodle, Baltimore Visitor Center

I like her! She’s perky and has attitude. :)

We spent yesterday afternoon and evening visiting family, and we had a lovely time. Nice dinner, too. :) Due to the long distance between us, I’ve never been able to spend much time with these cousins, but I always enjoy it when I do.

Our little trio splits up today, with Mom and Dad heading south. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed traveling with them, and I hope I haven’t run them crazy. I’ll be staying in the area for a fun-filled weekend with friends, which kicks off tomorrow. But first, I’ll spend today making a pilgrimage to the holy land, a.k.a. IKEA. Hope the rental car has a big trunk!

Fitness Check-up:
Exercise so far has been limited to lots of walking, one full workout at hotel #2’s gym, and a few scattered body weight exercises. My next hotel has a good exercise room, so if the chest congestion allows, I’ll get in a good workout tonight or first thing tomorrow a.m. Otherwise, I’ll stick to walking. As long as I’m up and active, I’m okay with letting things unfold as they will.

Diet has been decent. Too many calories, I’m sure, but healthy choices if you ignore a chocolate chip cookie and a Snickers bar. (Seriously? That Snickers bar was dee-lish, but after I ate it, I realized I’ll be quite content going another 3 years before having another one. I’ve put it on my calendar. :))

Gotta run for now. Certain people of the male persuasion in this group really expect you to be in the lobby at 8:30 if you say that’s when you’ll meet. Sheesh….

13 thoughts on “Road Notes: Sunshine

  1. Panera! When I went to Baltimore for the first (and only) time last year, I ate my weight in crab cakes!! (I was actually very controlled with all my other eating and didn’t gain a pound. Who was that woman and where did she go missing?)

  2. You wrote this on Jack Sh*t’s website today:

    (2) Daily flossing really is essential. Doing what we love and loving who we are (no matter our shape, size, or financial status) is life lived well.

    This is **SO** appropo to my life, right now, as I make a huge sacrifice to do what I love doing, at major financial risk. Thank you reaffirming that I’m making the right decision. This resonated with me today, hugely!

  3. I love the inner harbor in Baltimore! And the best crab cakes I ever had was in the Baltimore airport! Ahhh…good times!

  4. I love the Pink Poodle! Cammy, it sounds like you are having a wonderful trip with many more adventures yet to come. I look forward to more trip updates!

  5. I would have picked the poodle as a favorite too! She is just so cute and spunky! Sorry you are not feeling so great and the rain ugh it is everywhere! Enjoy your vacation sounds like a fun time with family no matter what the weather. :)

  6. Oh yes! Panera. Fabulous food. We discovered Panera at Osage Beach and were forever hunting for another.

    I love the cute bike racks. We saw something similar in Redding, Ca.

    The poodle reminds me of you. Perky and has attitude. *laughter*

    Hope you chestiness clears up quickly.

  7. I hope your chest congestion clears up! It’s so great that you’re sharing your trip. You have a great eye for photos!
    I’m so glad you’re having fun with your parents. These are special times.

  8. Love that pink poodle! Too funny! I am so glad you had time with your parents… we are all not around forever. I am sure your parents loved traveling with you!

    Thx for updating us & keep on enjoying! A Snickers .. wow! I might have to sneak some candy corn this month from somewhere. I will not bring a bag home or.. well, you know! :-)

  9. I want that poodle!

    And I miss IKEA. I knew I loved it before but not to what extent until I realized I moved to a country without one!

    I definitely had a few too many calories recently, but it’s all about the bigger picture, right? A snickers bar (or 1/2 a cheesecake) is only the tiniest of tiny blips in the overall scheme of things. :)

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