Road Notes: The Big Deal

Greetings from Fairfax, Virginia, USA!

Day Three of Cammy’s Fall Adventures–The Traveling with Parents Segment–and so far, so good. No stress, no drama. I’ve been managing by using The Big Deal Scale. You may remember it from a long ago anger management post:

big deal scale

The idea is that as “issues” come up, I use the scale to rank them as to their true importance. Items ranking low aren’t worth worrying about. If an issue or problem should score high, then it should be dealt with, after a healing breath or two. So far on this trip, all 1s and 2s. From my side anyway. My parents may be drinking heavily or something to deal with me-induced stress. :)

Some things are A Very Big Deal, but in a really, really good way. Like meeting this blogger last night:

Tish and Cammy

Fabulously Fit Bloggers on the Town

That’s me on the left, of course, but the woman on the right probably looks very familiar to you as well. It’s Tish of Incremental Improvements! Sitting right there in the same booth with me! Squee! Tish and I met for dinner (luscious salads, a small slice of bread for me, no bread for Tish) and lots and lots of yummy conversation. She is every bit as charming and delightful in person as she is on her blog! We had so much fun! (Not to rub your noses in it or anything.) I can’t wait to visit with her again. Thanks, Tish!

Another highlight from yesterday, seeing this dress at the Smithsonian’s Museum of American History:

carol burnett dress

Costume from Carol Burnett Show

In case you can’t tell, given my meager photographic skills, that’s the dress from Carol Burnett’s classic skit, Went With the Wind, and I still laugh until I hurt when I watch it. Seeing the dress was great, but was amazing was to watch the absolute joy and delight spread across the faces of other people when they rounded the corner and spotted it. Young folks, old folks, people from other countries–almost everyone recognized this costume! Loved it!

They recognized these shoes, too, but the reaction wasn’t the same:
red slippers from Wizard of Oz

A teen-aged girl was oohing and ahhing over them, and one of the guys in the group remarked, “They’re shoes, they’re red, big deal.” That earned him a pouty face, which no doubt translated to a big deal later in the evening.

We’re off to Annapolis later this morning. It’s rainy and cold, so my big deal scale may be necessary. If it doesn’t work, I’ll click my heels together three times for good measure.

Needless to say, I’m 100s of posts behind in my reader. I *will* catch up!

13 thoughts on “Road Notes: The Big Deal

  1. How beautiful you both look! And what a fun thing to see at the museum. OM goodness, that skit is one of the funniest things ever broadcast. It’s a favorite of mine, as well.

    I am stealing your Big Deal Scale – what a valuable tool! Have a wonderful time on your trip and I look forward to hearing more of your adventures.

  2. Sounds like a great time:) I loved seeing those shoes too! My sons were very underwhelmed by so much of what I loved when we were at the Smithsonian. Teens.

  3. Just found you’re blog and boy am I impressed and motivated even more, I will be a regular follower. I just embarked on my journey to loose 81 pounds and maintain it. Resources like you’re blog are going to have a tremendous influence on me…

  4. I love the stress handling! I have to keep that in mind while driving here in southern CA! 😉

    What a wonderful time you are having with blogger meet ups & sites!

    I love Carol Burnett & her old shows & yes, that skit makes my LOL every time!

  5. I’m so glad you’re having a good time. I love the photo, by the way. You look beautiful. And what fun to meet a fellow blogger! That’s something I’m really looking forward to someday.

  6. LOOOVE the slippers, err, red shoes
    and that you are blogging for us from the road.
    even when you dont make it here :) I adore following your road’ventures.

  7. Cammy! :)
    I love the big deal scale! I must get one of those. Some days it seems that EVERYTHING is a big deal!

    Glad that you’re having fun on your trip!!!

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  9. Excellent scale! I may introduce that to my family– I just wrote it on a sticky-note (Yes, I need a sticky note to remember the scale).

    I remember that skit with the dress. Loved it. She’s amazing.

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