Road Notes: The Clumsy Edition

And just like a bad penny, I turn up again!

Greetings from Pennsylvania Dutch Country. It’s a beautiful area:

farm scenic photo

Countryside, Intercourse, PA

Yes, Intercourse is the name of the town. Needless to say, that had me wrestling with my inner two-year old during my visit. It would’ve helped if they hadn’t had I love Intercourse! logos plastered all over everything in the tourist shops. :)

Yesterday was a beautiful day, which I spent driving around the countryside, enjoying the pastoral views as well as the township fall displays.

Fall produce, Bird-in-Hand, PA

Fall produce, Bird-in-Hand, PA

In addition to observing the customs of the Amish and Mennonite people who live here, I’ve met quite a few other local people who have been friendly and helpful. I needed a bit of help yesterday when I was snapping this photo:


Mill Stream, Bird-in-Hand, PA

Trying to get in position for the photo, I almost did a back flip over a short guardrail. I put my hand down to stop the fall, but apparently I slammed my wrist against the rail during the fall. I know this because as I was holding the camera up to snap the photo, I felt the trickle of blood and saw that I had a 2-inch patch of skin missing. Being in a rental car, I had no first aid supplies on hand, but fortunately, two ladies in the car parked next to me had antiseptic hand wipes. (They must be moms.)

As you can imagine, they don’t have a Walgreen’s or CVS on every corner here. I had quite a drive to find somewhere for bandages and such, but I did stumble onto a Walmart. I normally avoid Walmart, but I was grateful for it yesterday. Interesting to note the big horse stalls, complete with watering trough and shovels, for the Amish to park their buggies. (Not that they’d used the shovels, mind you. They feed their horses well here, and that’s why you have no photo. Eeew!)

My arm is sore today, as is my leg, which has a big ol’ knot on it where it apparently hit the guardrail, but these will heal. I wasn’t sore enough to stay in out of the rain (despite my lingering chest congestion) and toured the townships of Epharata and Lititz. I couldn’t miss this:

Wilbur Chocolate Factory, Lititz, PA

Wilbur Chocolate Factory, Lititz, PA

Despite the rain, I enjoyed the visit. The shop is small, with a small museum, and a window into a small kitchen where a few women are sitting at tables preparing chocolates. I saw pretzels being dipped and another woman painting Halloween candy. Another woman was making fudge. I’m not sure who prepared the mini-dark chocolate chips I bought. Maybe someone behind the wall of the tiny kitchen, somewhere in the other 100,000 sf of the building. :)

I also bought some fudge. It’s sitting across the room in its cute little Wilbur box (complete with slicing knife) daring me to get hungry. So far, so good. While I was in Lititz, I also stopped in at the Sturgis Pretzel Factory, where I purchased some mini-pretzels to use in my Christmas treat-making extravaganza. Those are safely stowed in the car.

One thing about this part of the country is that they like to eat. A lot. Everything is either a smorgasbord, a diner, or an Italian restaurant. One menu for the smorgasbord had SIX different kinds of potatoes on it! Mostly I’ve been having sandwiches for lunch and lean-meat salads for dinner. The exception was yesterday’s lunch, which consisted of 30-40 “sample tastes” from the various markets in the area with a healthy cup of fresh apple cider to wash it all down. The good news is that almost all of it was made from whole ingredients. I did notice that the product they call “peanut butter schmier”[sic] had “HF corn syrup” on the label. Booo!

When all was said and done, I’d bought some pumpkin butter, a bottle of apple-based barbecue sauce, a jar of pineapple-mango salsa, and some apples. I think most of what I’ve purchased on this trip has been consumables. Fine by me, since I’m trying to cut the clutter.

I begin the trek home tomorrow. After the sugar-soaked weekend with friends and all the sampling I’m doing here, I’ll be glad to return to routine. For a few days anyway. During my friends weekend, I planned another short road trip with a couple of them to visit another friend in Dallas. They’re all healthy-ish eaters, though, so there shouldn’t be too much splurging going on.

Hope you’re all doing well! My reader is up over 300 posts now, so I’ve got my work cut out for me when I can grab a few minutes to absorb some posts!

13 thoughts on “Road Notes: The Clumsy Edition

  1. Wait! Aren’t you the one who advised me to “mark all as read” after a vacation away from my computer? I’ve enjoyed the travel updates. Hope you heal fast! But you did get a great photo.

  2. I must say I am really enjoying this current series of posts – being from Australia, I am finding all these names and places rather new and interesting. I’m sorry to hear about your injury – hope it heals soon.
    Take care of yourself and stay safe!

  3. It’s been so good to share in your travels.

    Beautiful places and hope your injury heals quickly. Imagine that. Injured in the line of duty, taking photos to share with us. *smile*

  4. Love hearing about your travels – but please don’t feel the need to injure yourself over the photo illustrations!

  5. The name of that town.. being a dirty minded gal, I doubt I could have been as good as you were! :-)

    Hope you are healing OK! YIKES! Scary & glad no infection or anything! The pics are beautiful though Cammy! I grew up back east & no that area. When I lived in Delaware, the Amish used to drive their buggies down our street & sell eggs & such off of them.. I am lucky I got to see that slice of life… although a lot of prejudice too in that area at that time.

    Yes, the food places & all those little goodies tempting us in those towns! Always so hard…

    So glad you are having fun but sorry about that little incident! The pic was great though!

  6. Sorry you got injured taking them, but thanks for the pictures! Sounds like a lovely trip. REading about it is kind of making me hungry. :)

  7. late to this (been traveling for work) but after reading remember precisely why I haveth no reader(eith).

    welcome home?
    you back?

  8. Everyone is 12 when they hear about Intercourse. When I was there I got my brother a t-shirt: “Intercourse – between Blue Ball and Paradise.” My brother loved the t-shirt. His wife – not so much.

    Your treats sound great. Hope your hand is feeling better.

  9. Oh, this brought me back. I used to live in Northern VA and LOVED visiting Lancaster County. Danny and I would often stay at the Harvest Drive Motel in Intercourse. We couldn’t afford the touristy thing, but the motel had a playground. We would just go there, play with our kids and look out at the countryside. The motel had a nice restaurant frequented by the locals — lots of Amish, buggies, and horses. It was cool to wake up to the clip-clops of the horses each morning.

    You didn’t mention visiting Blue Balls while you were in Lancaster County…

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