Road Notes: The Last Day?

Greetings from…Hot Springs, Arkansas, of all places! Hadn’t planned on coming here, but it was on our way home and we thought, why not? Lots of water and trees and trees and water, not to mention ample shopping opportunities. :) I think we’ll make the short drive to Memphis later today, but who knows?

Our visit with friend KT in Texas was fantastic! She’s such a wonderful hostess (I had my own shelf in the fridge with s-f yogurt and yummy cherry yogurt!), and the weekend passed in a blur of giggles and chatter.

I’m not sure I mentioned that one of our traveling crew, SH, is visiting from Cornwall (southwest tip of Great Britain for those not familiar). She is a remarkably talented and intelligent woman, who I firmly believe can do anything she sets her mind to do. In a single weekend she not only fixed a recalcitrant window blind AND straightened out a problem with the DVD player wiring, but she also cooked Cornish treats for us!

Cornish pasties

SH's Pasties

These are Cornish pasties that SH prepared (from scratch!) for us on Saturday. Inside the whole wheat crust are lean beef and all sorts of veggies. I think there may even be a rutabaga in there somewhere. She also made some with cheese instead of the meat. We were all kind of goggle-eyed at how pretty they were. And then tried not to drool all over them, because the aroma was divine.

Btw, pasty rhymes with nasty, but it should rhyme with tasty!

The next day, SH made us a dish called spotted dick, which is a steamed pudding made up of all sorts of fruits (currants and raisins, I think–hard to tell when you’re gobbling) and served with a custard.

spotted dick pudding

Spotted Dick, pudding with custard

She also found real English crumpets (international section at Kroger!), but I scarfed mine down before getting a photo. :)

I feel as though I’ve gone around the world, food-wise, during this part of the trip. When added to SH’s Cornish and English treats, hostess KT welcomed us with salad and killer pasta primavera the first night, then treated us to authentic Tex-Mex the next day, and then healthy cafe fare on another day. Yummy!

With all those calories, thank goodness I had the Cutest Dog in the Entire Universe to play with:

cute dog, emma

Emma Abigail T.

Emma is four months old and likes her Aunt Cammy to run and hop with her in the back yard. A lot. :)

Summing up: great friends, great weekend, great memories! I’ll be glad to get home and get back to normal, but this has certainly been one awesome October!

13 thoughts on “Road Notes: The Last Day?

  1. Hey Cammy, welcome home! Your vacation seems like the Endless Summer (or is it Endless Fall). I trust you’re going to have lots of blogging material from all your adventures. [did you dog-nap that cute little doggie? I might have . . . ]

  2. Welcome home! The final leg of your vacation sounds fantastic!

    Glad you had such a great time.

    I am a sucker for a cute dog, and that is one cute dog. Like a dog in a teddy bear costume. Or, maybe a teddy bear in a dog costume?

  3. Cammy, what a wonderful trip & with friends, how much better can it get! Well, from scratch food… WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So glad you enjoyed! Emma, what a doll!

    I do hear you on getting home to a regular routine though. My bod & tummy gets messed up when I am off my regular food…

  4. Hey I visited Hot Springs when we went to the States….we stayed with our friends in Caddo Gap which isn’t far from there….sounds like you have had such a terrific trip…hugs Khris

  5. Ooooh, your pasty picture takes me back a good many years, 50 or so, when my mom used to make them, also from scratch. All of us kids loved them, but she worked full time and didn’t often have time to make them. I’ve had spotted dick too. YUM! Sounds like you’re having a fabulous trip and that’s great.

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