New Kitchen Love!

digital food scale


No, my new love is not the chocolate chips, tasty as they were. And no, it’s not the cute silicone cupcake/muffin holder from the set I got for $0.25 at the rummage sale and have yet to use for anything other than holding teensy bits of snacks.

My real new love is that EatSmart Precision Pro Digital Kitchen Scale holding my yummy snack! I had an Amazon discount card burning a hole in my pocket, and I was tired of using the scale I had. It didn’t have a tare function and it wasn’t shiny. So I bought this one, even though it violated my unemployed-self’s No Purchase of Things You Already Have a Perfectly Acceptable Version Of rule.

So sue me.

I really do like this scale. It weighs in kilograms, grams, ounces, and pounds. In the photo above, we can see that I have precisely 7 grams of mini-chocolate chips measured out for my afternoon snack. And no, I don’t do this every day. I usually just use the 1/4 or 1/2 tablespoon to measure with, but I thought for demonstration purposes…

So far, I’ve mostly used it to weigh my individual servings of homemade tv dinners and some odd-sized chicken breasts that didn’t conform to the “deck of cards” rule for meat and poultry servings. I don’t plan to weigh everything I eat, but I do like to do periodic checks on portion sizes. I can be “forgetful” at times.

Yeah, that’s what we’ll call it: “forgetful”.

What I most anticipate using my new toy for is in baking. I’ve got bunches of recipes using measurements in grams, but with my math skills being non-existent what they are, I haven’t bothered to do the conversions. (I can be a smidge on the lazy side.) Now I can measure my ingredients precisely! (I tell you, I’m going to have my own Food Network show before you know it!)

Do you have/use a food scale? Is it shiny?

FTC peeps: No one asked me to write this review, and I bought the scale using leftover grocery money and a Coinstar discount card. Are you happy? And yes, that IS my Amazon afilliate link. I need more groceries. Yours truly, Cammy

19 thoughts on “New Kitchen Love!

  1. Ooo, nice. I’ve thought about getting a food scale a couple of times, but I’m not at a point where I would use it enough to justify the cost yet.

  2. oooh Shiny! Very cool. I have the cheapest of the cheap food scales. My daughter, on the other hand, just bought something like this. She does a lot of gluten-free baking and getting the precise mix of the alternative flours is important. She just loves hers. I hope you enjoy the heck out of yours and I look forward to your recipe posts!

  3. ooooh shiny! I have a WW food scale and I love it for things like banana’s and apples. I’ve never adhered to the measurements of what is considered a 2 pt banana, etc! :) I use it for other stuff too! Keeps my spot on!

  4. I have a Salton Digital Scale that I bought in 2006 when I started my weight loss plan. It was my “luxury” purchase to help me with portion control. I absolutely love it and use it every single day. It not only weighs, but tells me calories, protein, sodium, fiber, carb content. It’s one of my better purchases ever and yes, it is shiny!!

  5. Ooh! Shiny! Oh dear. I have a scale, but it is no longer shiny. Love my scale and use it pretty often. Unfortunately I also have that rule–keep things until they are worn out. I’m off to ‘polish’ my scale and make the best of it…

  6. I have a scale which is packed away in storage and I can’t seem to find it whenever I go to look for it. So I keep thinking I should buy a new one that is better thsan the one I can’t find anyway. One like the lovely purchase you made.

    So I went to the store with my son who was also looking for a scale and I ended up buying one for him and not one for me…typical.

  7. No I don’t have any kitchen scales, though you are very right about keeping a check on portion sizes and what better way to do it.

    I did have a kitchen scale once upon a time. Now where are they….

  8. I do have a scale – it isn’t shiny, though. I use it to weigh food, but it’s also my postal scale. I, too, love Amazon. If I ever need a new scale, I think this one would be my choice!!


  9. that scale looks awesome! Yes I have one (it’s not shiny though – it’s plastic) and no, I rarely use it. :)

  10. Cammy, just dropping back by to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and to tell you how thankful I am that you choose to share your experience in the blogging community. Your upbeat attitude is contagious and I thank you for sharing both your good spirit and such great, practical information for those of us on this transformational journey. Thank you.

  11. Thank you for that review. I do have an old WW scale that I use daily and it works fine but I would like a fancier model! I might have to put one on my wish list.

    I want to thank you for your blog and all that work that you put into it! I enjoy reading it your thoughtful posts. You are an inspiration and have proven that weight loss can be maintained and that food can be enjoyed in moderation-even cupcakes and chocolate chips!

    Wishing you a wonderful holiday season with cupcakes I hope!

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