Warm Weekend Update

Wow, what an awesome weekend! Imagine what it would have been like if anything spectacular had happened!

I spent yesterday morning at an unusual event:

banner: a new face for an old broad

Basically, the venue was an emerging arts district near midtown Memphis that was given a temporary “face-lift” to demonstrate a future vision of the area as a truly livable community, with an emphasis on pedestrian and bicycle traffic.

I got there just in time for the kids parade, which was kind of random and carefree.

Kids bicycle parade

If you’re ever organizing this sort of thing, consider putting the fire engine and ambulance at the end of the parade route. Quite a bicycle traffic jam occurred when the kids saw all that shiny redness. :)

This little fellow had trouble with the concept of bike lanes. How much would you bet that he colors outside the lines at preschool?

boy on tricycle

And then there were speeches. My congressman was there, wearing red pants for some reason.

Congressman Steve Cohen in red pants

I wasn’t in the mood for speeches, plus I smelled food. Crepes, as it turned out.

Crepes stand

Pass. I’m not a huge fan of crepes. I am, however, a big fan of cupcakes, so I wandered over to this stand:

cupcake and cookies

Let’s just say there was one of those chocolate with white icing cupcakes missing from the tray when I wandered away again. In a brief mindfulness interlude, I told myself I could eat it only after I got home and walked an hour. That was the longest hour of my life, lemme tell ya!

I thought this was an inventive use for an old claw-foot bathtub:

bathtub converted to sofa

I really enjoyed wandering through the galleries and studios. Memphis has some truly gifted artisans!

After an hour or so of wandering, the crowds were growing and my stomach was growling, so I left. Besides, I had a cupcake waiting for me! I made myself stop for a healthy lunch and then I rushed home for the cupcake-earning walk. It was such a glorious day outside! If my feet hadn’t started cramping, I would have walked for a while longer.

Though cupcake-less, today was equally beautiful, weather-wise. I decided my feet needed a rest, so I chose biking as the exercise du jour. My first stop was a soccer park near my house, where some big tournament was going on within our Latino community. I guess that means it was a futbol tournament.

futbol tournament banner

It was all very festive, with announcers and music and flags. Pity I don’t speak Spanish or know anything about futbol.

I was really there to snap some photos of the park itself. I don’t know how big it is, but there are acres of unused land there that are begging to have walking/biking trails put in. There are, quite literally, thousands of homes surrounding this park, which would make it a perfect spot for trails, and the city already owns the land. I’ve begun attending meetings of Walk-Bike Memphis, a local advocacy group, and I plan to talk to the folks there about my next steps in making this walk-bike park a reality. Wish me luck!

Early in my ride, the wind kicked up, so much that the flags were flying straight out. Unfortunately, I was on a series of hills at the time, and between the hills and the wind, I used up my legs. I rode for about an hour and probably only traveled about 8 miles. At least I got a good workout!

A quiet weekend, otherwise, which was just what I needed. I hope your weekend was even half as wonderful as mine!


10 thoughts on “Warm Weekend Update

  1. Thanks for sharing your wonderful weekend. It sound like it was fantastic! Good job on paying for that cupcake.


  2. You are so right about the fabulous weekend weather. We’ve got another perfect day on tap for today and I’m headed to the mountains! Loved the trip into the new arts district. Those are so cool! I’d have gone for one of the white cupcakes with birthday cake icing! A weakness from childhood! Your discipline was inspiring!

  3. oh oh oh that picture of the boy and your remark about the coloring outside the lines.
    I sat and simply stared at him.


  4. What an awesome weekend Cammy & exercise in there too! I saw some cookies along with those cupcakes!

    We actually had cold & rainy weather here in CA. I got caught in it during my Sunday early morn run when I though it was not going to rain.. hubby came searching for me as it was major downpour but I got home before he found me. :-)

  5. What a great event – of course anything with cupcakes like that has to be great. And good for you for eating it after walking first!

  6. What a nice day you had! I love how you have found a balance with exercise, healthy eating and allowing yourself the kind of treats you really enjoy in moderation! You are an inspiration for good health!

  7. I really love the way you balance your food intake. Yes, you allow yourself to indulge but you make yourself accountable for it. I’ve been reading on and off for some time where some people withhold these foods almost as if to punish themselves; I just don’t see life being as joyful living that way. All about balance.
    As an artist I can say that I would have loved attending this – especially enjoyed the half bath! Very clever.

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