You Are Cordially Invited

It’s no secret (at least, I hope it’s not) that I love this fitness/weight management/whatever community we’re part of! Our neighborhood is a wonderful place for sharing triumphs and un-triumphs, recipes, tips, tricks, suggestions, and ideas–almost anything we need is right here for the asking! Aren’t we lucky?

I’d like to celebrate together this holiday season by doing what any community would do in a festive situation: a potluck! Ours will have to be virtual, but that’s okay. Fewer calories that way. :)

Virtual Holiday Potluck

Here’s how it works:
Between December 1st and 31st, post an entry to your blog with the recipe for the dish you’d like to bring to the table. (A photo of the yumminess would also be good, but it’s not required.) Then come back here to the potluck page to enter the name of the recipe and the link to your post.

Not a blogger? Don’t worry, you can still attend! We celebrate readers, too, you know! Just send me the recipe via THIS LINK. I’ll include it in one of my posts and update the linky tool for you!

Anyone from across the blogosphere is welcome to share in the feast, as long as you’re not a spammer type. And as long as you don’t use Spam in your recipe. *shudder* I’ll delete any of those posts.

You can also invite as many people as you’d like. Just grab the code shown in my left sidebar to display the invitation badge on your blog!

As for what to bring, that’s up to you. Your dish can be healthy, splurge-y, or downright decadent. It can be anything from a simple breakfast casserole, a hearty side dish, a savory snack, an entree for a fancy-schmancy dinner, or anything in between.

And not to sound greedy or gluttonous, but you’re welcome to bring more than one dish. Just enter separate linky’s for each recipe and/or post you want to share.

I hope you’ll join in the fun and celebrate the holiday season with us! If you’re not a holiday person, just celebrate for the fun of it!

Questions? Comments? Need a tissue for the anticipatory drool? Think you might join us? Sing out!

17 thoughts on “You Are Cordially Invited

  1. yay, sounds like fun! i think i know what i’m going to make, hmmm to the virtual store i go for virtual ingredients…

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  3. What a cool & fun idea Cammy!!! I make my standard fair that I have already posted about on my blog so I will try to find something different! 😉 I am so NOT a cook!

  4. I love this idea! And the best part is there is no clean up! Yay! Okay, please remind me to submit my recipe next week because this week I’m way behind from traveling… :)

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  6. What a fun idea! I know exactly what I’ll bring, but I need to make it so I can snap a picture to include. VIrtual holiday splurging is just the thing for my new-found motivation!

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  8. What a great idea!! Not sure what I’m gonna make yet…can’t wait to see everyone else’s recipes!

  9. I am excited to participate in the virtual potluck. What a great idea! My offerings will have no meat or dairy, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like to be decadent in my cooking! As far as the brick and mortar potlucks – they can be so challenging this time of year, from the standpoint of the participant. And people often put pressure on one to eat what they have prepared, even tho it is not something that one has in their plan for that day! Then, either feelings are hurt or waists expand – sigh.

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