Another Year Rolls By

First things first: InvisibleGirl brought us a lovely entree dish for the potluck table! You’ve still got a couple of days to share your recipes and be memorialized for all time (or the life of this blog.)

Today marks the completion of my third year of blogging, so happy blogiversary to me! I spent some time this evening revisiting my year, and I thought I’d combine a yearly summary (it was a quiet year) with a few of my personal favorite posts. (Pardon my immodesty.)

2008 Year in Review

2009 Year in Review

And now for 2010:

From January: I disguised it as advice to you all, but this post was also a reminder to myself. So many of them are. :) Don’t let perfection get in the way of improvement

In February, I began observing my first Lent (my version of it). I’ll be doing it again this year.

In this March post, I shared 5 weight loss habits I ditched and 6 I adopted

The only big news in April was that I moved to WordPress.

Things got dicey in May when a roommate moved in, uninvited! Fortunately, it was a temporary thing.

Also in May, I had the wonderful experience of “rescuing” myself, something I couldn’t have done 100 pounds ago!

July rolled in with a scary happening. Again, I rescued myself, but it wasn’t pretty.

But life was still good because I scored The Most Awesome Garage Sale Find of All Time!

I also preached a little about mountain climbing.

In August, I was featured on AOL’s That’s Fit page (and survived!)

Also in August (my birthday month), I reminded those of us of the aging persuasion that it is NEVER too late to take our lives in a new direction.

And added 15 more minutes of fame to my credit when I had a wee article published in Woman’s Day magazine (Oct 1 edition). It was later posted online.

While riding my bike in September, I was almost squished by a motorist. I thought it wise to post some info on sharing the road.

Also in September, I said goodbye to a long-time friend and posted some of the important lessons we could take from her life fully lived.

In November, I urged all of us to get past the weight and get out and DO things…after we put on our pants.

In December, of course, we’ve had the Virtual Holiday Potluck, which several of you have graciously attended. Thank you!

And finally, my most re-tweeted post ever: Testosterize Your Weight Loss Efforts.

The rest is mostly about sugar and such. :)

A quiet year, but a glorious one nonetheless. I am truly living a blessed life, and part of that is the sharing and caring you demonstrate here and through your blogs and emails. I am–as always–so very grateful to you all!

So make my run-up to the new year even MORE wonderful: tell me something glorious that you experienced this year.

17 thoughts on “Another Year Rolls By

  1. Hi Cammy! Happy Blogiversary! I’ve loved following your journey and getting to “know” you. I love this post and can’t wait to go back and read all these awesome posts (some I remember but still want to re-read).

    My year was quiet, too. But I will say that this year I’ve learned to look at change as a positive thing and not something to fear. That in itself is glorious.

    I hope your new year is overflowing with blessings!

  2. One glorious thing that happened to me this year … why, discovering your blog of course. Seriously, I’ve enjoyed following your blog, but it has only been the later part of the year. Looking forward to following for all of 2011!

  3. I am so glad you wrote this post. It will be my beach read today!! Since finding your blog a few months ago, I’ve tried starting from the very beginning, but still hadn’t made it through your entire blog. I plan to do that eventually to really appreciate your whole story (and in doing so, help me write mine!!), but this post brings it all together a little, so I can’t wait to start. Believe I’ll do that right now………………….

  4. Amazing year Cammy & all that saving yourself! 😉 Happy blogging too! So glad I found you to read.. quite an inspiration!

    Amazing thing.. I survived the year! AND I got hurt bad 2 weeks before year end & am back to 100% before the new year starts!

    Have a safe & happy one!

  5. I loved reading this and clicking over to many of the posts to which you linked. Since I’ve only been reading your blog for a few months, it was nice to read some of your highlights from the past year.

    Looking forward to 2011!

  6. Three years! Congratulations. And, thank you. For your wisdom and support and for your amazing sense of humor. And your friendship:)

  7. A very full year indeed! Happy blogiversary!

    And happy new year 😀

    We will have to do a virtual fit bloggin’ or something…

  8. Hi Cammy! Happy Blogiversary. I’m SOOO glad I found your blog this year, and will be following in 2011. (thanks to for your wonderful comments on my site) LOVE this recap!!
    Have a great day!!!

  9. Cammy–as always I so enjoy reading your posts and have for the 2 years or so that I’ve been blogging. I wish you continued success in 2011 and many more posts!

    Best thing was that my mother is making slow, but steady! progress after suffering her attack this past summer. My prayers are for her health to continue to make gains :) It has also made me realize and appreciate how quickly life can be taken from us.

  10. Cammy – Happy Anniversary! Thank you for the year-end summary. What a delightful way to spend time reviewing your blog, especially the posts before we met.

    The most glorious event of 2010 occurred just this past Thanksgiving when my entire family gathered in our home. The time was full of fun, laughter (my siblings are amazingly funny), joint cooking, silly games, love, and remembrances of my Mom.

  11. Hey Cammy,
    Happy Blogiversary! I’m always happy to see that you’ve posted a new blog because you’re (almost) always so sensible and reasonable. I’m glad to have met you this year and hope that we can meet again in the coming year. Happy New Year.

  12. Well, Happy Blogoversary, Miss Cammy! Goodness, I didn’t know a lot of these things about you: hiking mishaps, lizards for pets, a published writer!!! Thank you for bringing all of these highlights to one page; I really enjoyed reading them and look forward to enjoying you for more years to come, hopefully :)

  13. Cammy congrats on your blog anniversary! You had quite the year.

    A highlight for me this past year was the three weeks I spent with my parents after Mom had her knee replacement surgery. We enjoyed lots of quality time together.

  14. I just read your March post about weight loss habits ditched and gained, and I think it is the best post on behavior modification I’ve ever seen. I love reading advice from successful losers about not only what worked for them, but how they learned to modify their plan along the way. While I have pretty much come to the same conclusions and modifications on my own, I love that you summarized it so beautifully. The fact that you learned these lessons while losing your 100 pounds gives me confidence that I am on the right track to losing the rest of my excess weight also. Thank you!

  15. Happy Anniversary to you!!
    I need to bookmark this post and come back and read a bunch of your favorites. I’d do it right this minute, but the sack is calling me too loudly!
    Thank you for all your support these past few months. I can’t wait to share a bit of 2011 with you.
    take care!

  16. A great year in Tippy Toe Land. I enjoyed most of the above (missed out on some months towards the end of the year) and look forward to more in 2011. Happy bloggiversary!

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