Embracing the Blobbiness

What a lovely Christmas! Great times with family, a fun gift exchange (my grandmother gave my sister, my mother, and me the identical pajama sets and gave my father and brother-in-law identical plaid shirts. Apparently she found a really good sale.), good meals together, and lots of good conversation. Plus, we had snow flurries for two days, with no measurable accumulation. Win-win!

I’ve now reached my personal sugar threshold for the season and am feeling a bit blobby. In the past, I would have felt bad about feeling blobby, but now I could jump for joy at the very first signs of it. (If, that is, I could get my blobby butt off the ground.)

What makes me happy about feeling blobby is that it’s a clear signal to myself that I’m outside my comfort zone, fitness-wise. It’s the self-moderation I had sought for so many years and just couldn’t get a handle on. I’m not sure where it was before (misfiled somewhere between Excessively Restrictive Diets and Exercise, Lack of, I think), but with the passage of each holiday or vacation or other brief period of indulgence, I can sense the difference in how I feel and instinctively move back to doing ALL the things that make me feel great. I do believe I can live my whole life this way.

While my nutritional goals might have gone kaput over the past couple of days, exercise has been right on target. I had an awesome strength workout on Christmas Eve afternoon and then a good hard crossramp workout today. I think that helps both physically AND mentally during the holidays–my head’s still in the game, even as I’m munching on another cookie. :)

I’m counting on the blobby feeling being gone by the end of the week. I’ve got a couple of social things this week that will interfere, but not derail me. I has self-moderation!

I hope you had a most marvelous holiday! Any special dishes to share on our potluck table? Ellen was kind enough to bring another dish. Check it out!

23 thoughts on “Embracing the Blobbiness

  1. You never cease to amaze and inspire me with your positive spin on things:) I am blobby myself… but my holiday excuses ended yesterday and I am soon heading off to bed with a day of no food regret:) Wish I had some cute new matching pjs to wear!

  2. I have been feeling “blobby” as well, and I’m actually looking forward to getting back to a “normal” eating routine. All this indulgence wreaks havoc with my skin, as well as my digestion!

  3. I like that word. Blobby. I was craving..yes craving vegetables for dinner and went to the gym for an hour long workout. Guess things are a changing….

  4. What a great post!! Don’t worry, the blobby will be gone sooner than you know!!! Glad you had a great Christmas!!!!!

  5. I know what you mean, that feeling of “it’s okay, that will all burn off over the next week or so” is great isn’t it. Definitely a sign we’re in control.

  6. Amen, sistah! You said it so well. That’s EXACTLY how I feel–although I think instead of just reaching my sugar threshold, I blasted right through it. I can’t WAIT to get back to my routine. Day after tomorrow, I’ll be there, heavier, less fit, but chastened and ready for my real life to return. BTW, I love your win-win snow formula. I’m afraid we’re set to drive through some less lucky areas on our way home tomorrow.

  7. ok for my comment I SO SO SO WANNA SAY :

    Karen, and it really is how Cammy is in real life, too.
    unfailingly positive.

  8. This post just about moves me to tears. I know that blobby feeling, and I’ve been feeling a little judgmental about myself for days. Interestingly, I was DONE with sugar before Christmas Day even arrived… after that, I forced it. I ate it anyway.

    But I hadn’t really thought about the fact that I actually recognized my body’s signals after years and years of overriding them. This is really bordering on being a Christmas miracle.

    I’m glad you recognized it, and I’m glad you pointed this out. It seems that I too should site back, be grateful, and wait it out because I’ll definitely feel back to normal by the end of the week.

    This is profound!

  9. This is what is so encouraging to me about my “maintaining” friends! I’m not there yet, but am definitely seeing progress in recognizing the “blobbiness” and putting a stop to it before it gets out of hand. The only time I truly “lost it” this entire season was the “turtle” mishap on our way to Florida and although this is not an excuse, there were circumstances that caught me totally off-guard. I don’t do well with “caught off-guard!”

    Looking forward to much more of your wisdom in the New Year!

  10. Cammy, this is what I love about you.. not only your great attitude BUT how to show people it is just about picking about & moving on & yes, we can enjoy but the key is consistency & betting back to it. Love it! Your are amazing!

  11. Like you my eating was not perfect :-) However, also like you, I never let my workouts go on vacation, so I’m still OK!

  12. I caught myself with some old feelings after eating on Christmas eve, which were so weird until I realized that it had been so long since I felt them that I did not recognize it. I also noted that I did not like those feelings.

    Treating ourselves with kindness and grace is really how to live the best way. Kudos to you 😀

  13. I did very well (thanks to my back mishap) up until Christmas Eve. Then all hell broke loose. This house went from being a sugar-free zone to an all-out bakery. Husband bringing pumpkin rolls, wine, chocolates from work, family bringing the same….By Christmas night I had to make a decision; I stood in front of the trash can, picked one goodie and dumped the rest (I tried giving away but everyone has their own house full o’ sugar and didn’t want any). Felt guilty but not guilty enough to keep it around gorging myself for a week. So, all in all it wasn’t as good as it could have been…but not as bad, either.

  14. ” I can sense the difference in how I feel and instinctively move back to doing ALL the things that make me feel great. I do believe I can live my whole life this way.” — That’s my goal — embrace the blobbiness and learn from it.

  15. Similar thoughts and experiences here – though blobby is not the work I was thinking, it is a good one! I agree with you and everyone that it is great to be able to tell the difference between our healthy feeling bodies and our bodies when we have not maintained those healthy habits. Of course the key is to work back to healthy and not get comfy in blobbiness!

  16. This makes me happy. I’m DEFINITELY feeling blobby – I think I’m at my blobbiest in several years – but now that I’m home from holidays, tomorrow I’m going to really focus on making healthier choices. I’ve got a ways to go. Even so, we’ve got to still love ourselves… blobbiness comes and goes!

  17. I feel blobby too, still having the feeling that I can continue to eat and grab without being accountable. That is got to stop!

    On target too with exercise, YAY US!

  18. Loved this post! I’m definitely feeling the blobbiness this year, way more than in the last couple of years. I have to trust that gently returning to routine will work a lot better than panic and thrashing (which I did at the beginning of the month and kind of backfired on me). Thanks, Cammy!

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