Simple Joys

Combine a somewhat hectic schedule with home remodeling issue$ with frigid and dreary weather with holiday hoopla and you might end up feeling a tad overwhelmed. Or maybe it’s just me.

In the middle of a frenzied shopping excursion earlier this week, I reached my limit. I was cold and tired and thinking how good a package of double-stuffed Oreos might taste. Definitely time for a bit of R&R, so I popped into McD’s for a restorative cup of cheap-but-hot coffee and a snack.

tangerine joy maker

What, you thought I was going to have one of those brownie things or a hot fudge sundae? C’mon! Besides serving as proof that it’s entirely possible to eat a healthy snack at McD’s (you just have to take it in with you), this little bundle of sweet and juicy tastiness reminded me that even when life is chaotic and turbulent, there are simple joys all around us. I think we forget that sometimes. Or maybe that’s also just me.

Whether it’s watching leaves chase each other down the street, listening to a group of kindergartners sing We Wish You a Merry Christmas loudly (and tremendously off-key)(three times), or curling up under warm blankets to watch a double episode of Psych, life is full of simple joys to be celebrated. We just have to be open to experiencing them.

I’m back on track now and recommitted to keeping joyfulness at the forefront for the remainder of the holiday season. And beyond that, too, of course.

Will you join me? Feel free to share some of your simply joys of the past few days.

Here’s another simple joy: new dishes have arrived to our potluck table! Thank you, Sahar and Jules!

16 thoughts on “Simple Joys

  1. Much as I hate wrapping gifts, it also brings me joy. Mostly, from getting it done! But also because I think of my family while I wrap. I got a really nice mention on someone’s blog today and she made a sweet comment in her message to me that really brightened my day.

  2. A thorough coating of ice throughout East TN has brought everything to a halt including classes at the Community College where Mr. B is in finals. Not convenient, by any stretch of the imagination (finals have to be rescheduled and we are supposed to be leaving for Florida), but here’s the simple joy of it! One of his adjunct professors, whose family operates an organic farm, brought him a dozen fresh brown eggs yesterday. He is the cook in our family and four of those eggs made the best omelet’s this morning I’ve ever had in my life. Add fresh mushrooms, fresh spinach, some cheese and oh my goodness……………simple – yes, joy – totally!!

  3. Simple Joy: Last night, I addressed Christmas cards for all of my co-workers. At first, I planned to sign my name and call it a day. I just wanted to get it done. But instead when I sat down, I found myself wanting to write a little note to each person telling them what working with them this year has meant to me. It turned out to be a wonderful, reflective experience.

  4. Love this post and I’m with you in celebrating the simple things. Simple joys in the last few days? My new little LED snowman on my desk, watching my husband devour Christmas cookies (he normally doesn’t have a sweet tooth), telling a stranger that her belt was dragging JUST before she would have hit a puddle, and wrapping a few little Christmas gifts.
    Have a good day!!

  5. Hey Cammy,
    This is not a kiss-up, but a sincere joy: Visiting your site! I don’t know you, but you seem to have a wonderful attitude. It is a pick-me-up, especially on days when my attitude is maybe clouding or already dismal. And your picture resembles my sister-in-law, who is one of those wonderful people whose quick laughter and warm demeanor makes you smile whenever you think of her. Thanks for spreading joy by sharing yours!

  6. I am trying my best to remember that this season is really about three things… not really anything else.

    1. God
    2. Family
    3. My two boys- this is where the simple part comes in. The simple joy of seeing these little guys ask about Santa and CLEARLY be more excited than I have ever seen them.

    Thanks Cammy!!

  7. I have been making mixed tapes of holiday music for members of my family – and individualizing each one with the music and label. It has been a long involved project, but I am done and very joyous with the results!

    I also enjoyed my trip to the Post Office – there were many people there but everyone was pleasant and chatty and we spent our time in line making conversation instead of moaning and groaning about the wait.

    And – those Pita Trees are adorable and will be my contribution to my family dinner this year for sure!

  8. Love this Cammy.

    Being able to walk up the stairs, hill walk on the treadmill & just do some things even with this back injury. It could have been so much worse if I had not been in better shape…

  9. Right now the simple joys in my life are: loving on my golden retriever and glad that he is healthy and happy; the snow when it falls in those big, giant flakes in slow motion towards the ground; and having time in my day to read some of the finest bloggers out there.

  10. Right now, my simple pleasure is having to only use one crutch while I’m in the house…..but I understand the idea behind finding the small. Sometimes overlooked joys that surround us daily.

  11. Hi Cammy!

    Coming back for a visit is bringing me joy!

    It’s great to hear your voice again! When this hectic season is over, I want to come back and get back on track.

    Happy holidays!


  12. Simple joys? Lunch with a friend. A small party with a group of my church friends–wonderful conversations. The decision to NOT bring the boxes and boxes of Christmas decorations in. Instead I just took a couple of trips to the storage shed, rummaged through a couple of boxes and brought in some of my favorite things. Very relaxing!

  13. It’s not just you! You are so right, finding pleasure in the simple joys! I think we all get too busy, too rushed at times to take in what’s all around us!

    Merry Christmas, Cammy!

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