The Owwww Edition

I was practicing my karate today when something awful–what, you didn’t know I practiced karate? Well, neither did I until after I had attempted to karate chop an extremely stuck shelf into place and discovered that Mr. Miyagi was right and I should have waxed on/waxed off for a while first. The something awful I alluded to earlier is the condition of my hand, post-chop. My right hand.

I’m pretty sure that nothing is actually broken, since I can bend my fingers and rotate my wrist. Sort of. But it’s awfully sore, a little bit swollen, and I can’t put my weight on it. Good thing I don’t have to walk on my hands. Unfortunately, it makes a push-up out of the question. I predict mostly legs and core work for me at the gym tomorrow, so stay tuned for whining about that. :)

For now, it’s back to icing and compression and crossing the fingers on my good hand that a good night’s sleep will take care of the worst of the problem. Wish me luck!

Have you ever done something and realized in the middle or immediately after doing it that it was probably a really, really dumb thing to do?

11 thoughts on “The Owwww Edition

  1. Ow Cammy! I would suggest getting an x-ray tomorrow. The swelling concerns me, so checking for an occult fracture wouldn’t be a bad idea.

    I have done a lot of things and ended up lucky that I didn’t really hurt myself many times. I am due…

  2. Ewwww, that was painful to read! Hope it is better this morning. As for any of us doing anything like that, my guess if anyone says they never have, they are fooling themselves. My “wish I’d thought that out before doing it” moments usually involve trying to lift something heavier than I should.

    BTW, I love that you recognized Adcock Pecans. Of course, I know Ellis Bros. and then there’s Priester’s in Perry, GA! I never met a nut of any kind I didn’t love!

  3. Cammy, now we both have something to whine about!!! :-)

    Hopefully yours will heal faster than mine which is taking longer than I ever thought.. damn age! Take care & be careful!

    And yes, I have done some very dumb things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Cammy – Just because you can move it doesn’t mean it’s not broken. I’d suggest you get some x-rays just to be safe. You don’t want that healing incorrectly. I broke my ankle when I was 15. I could move it so my dad assumed it was just sprained. Several days later we finally went to get x-rays and it was indeed broken and was healing incorrectly. Needless to say I’ve had problems with that ankle ever since. Good luck and heal quickly!

  5. Of course! We all do those things where we feel totally stupid after! I hit my head getting into my Jeep almost every time – and I’ve had the damn thing for 5 years!

    Sounds like you will be fine in a day or so :-)

  6. Oh Cammy, OWCH!!!!! Hope you heal REALLY quickly and are back karate chopping ( :) ) and using a fully functioning pain free hand in NO time! Take care!!!!

  7. Oh, Cammy! See what happens when I miss one of your posts??? I am so sorry! I promise not to do that anymore. Hope you are better today. You haven’t posted yet so either you’re busy doing handsprings or you can no longer type. Please let us know which is which when you get a chance.

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