Boost Your Monday Morning Mood

Mondays can be difficult, to say the least, especially if you’re headed to a workplace that’s not 100% to your liking. Or if, like me, you currently don’t have a workplace. :)

Tori Rodriguez, writing for Woman’s Day (via this link at Yahoo!), has these tips for starting the morning out right:

1. Pick one “spoil-me” task to do.
The idea here is that treating yourself to something enjoyable so early in the day will set the tone for the hours that follow. Makes sense to me!

2. Eat a well-balanced meal.

Nutrition is key to mood, so it’s no surprise that this one made the list. The author offers an additional suggestion to include a dash or two of cinnamon, citing an anonymous study linking it to mood elevation. Hey, it can’t hurt.

3. Get some fresh air.
Kind of tough for some of us this time of year, isn’t it? But even a few minutes breathing outdoor air is an energy booster extraordinaire. (Not to gloat, but I got to take an hour-long walk on Saturday. Woo-hoo!

4. Listen to the sounds of nature.
If you just can’t get outdoors, try to fake yourself out by listening to recorded nature sounds while you’re getting ready for work. (I totally forgot I have an alarm clock that plays nature sounds!)

Those are just a few suggestions. Check out the article for the full list.

As for me, I’ll be starting out tomorrow morning by treating myself to a 5-minute meditation with the sound of a mountain stream in the background. Then I’ll have a hot breakfast before heading outdoors. For as long as it takes me to get to the car, anyway. Maybe I’ll save the outdoors part for later in the day. :)

What boosts your morning mood? Any of these suggestions seem promising?

26 thoughts on “Boost Your Monday Morning Mood

  1. Your timing is awesome. I was just sitting here feeling depressed about having to go in tomorrow to a job I can’t stand. Thank you for posting this!

  2. Great post, Cammy and I did read the rest of the article. Of course I like #1 in particular, but what to do? One thing I do to boost my mood every work day is I wake up early enough so that I am not rusing around the house like crazy. If I’m relaxed, my mood will follow suit.

  3. those all sound great! something that really helps me though is to get up a little early so i’m not rushing, and then i have plenty of time to drink my coffee and shower and fix my hair and makeup without having to rush. something about rushing around in the morning just isn’t my fave way to start the day. and if i get up early enough to exercise too? well then i feel like queen of the world, all day long!

  4. it has to be time to workout for me. A morning workout will brighten my entire day.
    Tomorrow we try to do it with the little one in the gym too. Fingers crossed that it works.
    I love all the ideas in this post! no time for the article so thanks for sharing this here.

  5. Great post Cammy! Number one is a great idea and something I think I’m going to start doing. Today I chose putting on pretty makeup which is something I never do. It made Monday much better! :)

  6. for me it is 100% the NATURE as to get there and really hear the sounds requires total and complete UNPLUGGEDNESSMENT.

  7. Ye, I like this! I finished my workout but back for some sleep.. but next get up, a wonderful second mini meal & coffee.. love it! With the weather here right now, I best get some of that too. We are having some beautiful weather!

  8. I like #1, too. Having the idea of something that will get me motivated to start my day is always a good thing. Maybe a special tea latte that I’ll have ONLY in the AM, or a special CD to listen to while I get ready for work. They are all really good ideas, Cammy. Thanks for sharing them and have a good Monday :)

  9. I don’t have a problem boosting my morning mood. That’s when I’m at my best!! But my mood wanes in the evenings. That’s also when I’m most susceptible to mindless eating; so, I go to the gym four evenings per week. It makes a huge difference.

    I love love love your number one suggestion!! I always ask people, “So what are you doing for you today?”

  10. Wait – is it Monday!? Since neither my husband nor I work our days revolve around our teen and he has a 4-day weekend:) So…. about that meditation thing… I am posting about it this week looking for advice.

  11. Oh, I LOVE the idea of an alarm clock that plays nature sounds. What a pleasant way to wake up!

    I like my job, so Mondays are never the problem for me that they are for some, though the January commute isn’t always pleasant.

  12. Great post, Cammy. I especially liked the envisioning the negative one. Which sounds bad, until you read it. I think it’s a very positive step to be able to look at the good, even great things, that come from the road blocks. I consider that to be a real confidence-boosting exercise.

    Fortunately for me, I’m a morning person. I just need someone to create a list for 7:30 at night!

  13. Nature! I love nature…but where we live we can hear the roar of cars…so I’ll have to look for some fake nature. 😉 Starting off the morning, any morning with a clean kitchen helps my mood tremendously!

  14. I love #1. I have a wonderful husband who brings me coffee in bed first thing in the morning. I spoil myself by taking my time drinking my coffee in bed. It really starts my day off on a positive note. Great post!

  15. I couldn’t help but be in an awesome mood this morning. My boyfriend stayed up late last night cleaning the kitchen (I was too tired to help), and not only that, but when I stumbled into teh kitchen at 0-dark-thirty I found the coffee press washed, with grounds in it (normally my routine is to clean it out and wash it before I can use it!), water in the pot on the stove, and all the coffee-preparing parephenalia prepped and ready to go! All I had to do was turn the water on! Saved me 15 minutes and was oh so thoughtful. I’m still smiling.

  16. One thing I love to do is blast some of my most upbeat, favorite music in the morning! It makes me feel ready to go and kick Monday’s booty.

    Have a good one, Cammy!

  17. LOVE this Cammy!! I think you are right… it is VERY important to get the morning going right.

    I am with you, I don’t get a lot of outdoor time, but I really enjoy it when I get it.

    However, the number one thing that gets me up and gets me going is my work-out. Gets me breathing hard and makes me feel alive—- of course this is all after I have that first cup of coffee!!

    Thanks Cammy!!!

  18. I actually don’t have a mood issue in the morning….I know, I am unlike most people. But what gets me happy is to get out for a dog walk and then come in and eat something warm (now in winter). I am also loving the snow right now because I can snowshoe almost every day.

  19. Great post! I like exercising and eating a tasty breakfast first thing in the morning because that just sets my whole day off on the right foot!

  20. I don’t have a regular Monday morning like most normal working people. But I do do a lot of those things on a regular basis. The fresh air one was new–guess I get that on my 1/2 mile walk in to work…didn’t know that it was helping to elevate my mood!

  21. I like Monday mornings, I know weird huh? I like the idea of a fresh start, a new week, I love my morning coffee, watching the sun come up. It is my favorite time of day and when I am at my happiest!

  22. Love the nature walk. I haven’t ventured out too much lately…I’m starting to feel it.

    I’m a morning person so I love to get up before anyone else is up. I sit and write three morning pages and try to figure out ways to directly infuse caffeine into my veins. :-)

  23. I am so not a morning person… and especially not a Monday morning person! My best tip is to sleep until it is no longer morning. haha

    Okay, but when that is not possible, I’ll try #1 – love that tip!

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