Finding Another Perspective Change

So how was your weekend? (If you answer, you must give me two positives for every negative.)

My weekend was anticipatory as we embraced for a Major!Winter!Storm! After endless days of talking about it, my long-desired snowfall has arrived!

snow in Memphis

View from my driveway

We only got 3-4 inches in Memphis, but some of the nearby rural communities have 10 inches of fluffy whiteness on the ground. They’re enjoying it today, but will be more than ready for it to go tomorrow. We’re just fickle that way.

I’m a warm weather girl myself, but I do love snow. Especially when it melts early on the streets so I’m not stuck at home. You’re wondering where my jobless self needed to go that’s so important, right?. Why, here, of course:

24 Hour Fitness Memphis

My Home Away from Home

As expected, the place was practically empty, and I was able to have a great 1-hour workout. I kind of wish it could be like that all the time, but I suppose other people have a right to get fit, too. In fact, the next time I’m feeling grumpy about having to share MY gym with so many people, especially condom people, I’m going to turn it into a positive by recognizing that it’s a very GOOD thing that so many people want to exercise.

Does changing perspectives burn calories?

I think maybe it does, though perhaps not directly. Choosing to look for the positives in any given situation keeps us in the right frame of mind to keep pushing forward to our goals, instead of a reason to make it unpleasant. I don’t know about you, but if I travel too far down that path, I’ll eventually create a reason I shouldn’t do it.

But I’ve already yammered a lot on this subject. If you’d like to explore the concept more, check out Living in Abundance.

Otherwise, I’ll leave you to your day. I’m ready to curl up with my favorite snow day snack: a big bowl of air-pop!

Loose Ends:
-Thank you all for your comments on the Condom Guy and for sharing the unusual people you see in your gyms. I was howling! (increases metabolism!)

-Weigh-in: Christmas overage is gone! Now I’ll focus on drifting back down to the lower end of my acceptable weight range. I don’t really have a timeline for it; I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing, only with a weekly small fro-yo for encouragement. :)

18 thoughts on “Finding Another Perspective Change

  1. Little Rock got a great deal of snow too, and the roads are AWFUL… especially in West LR and west of the city where countless semis were jack-knifed. I didn’t have to go to work today, and unfortunately, I couldn’t go anywhere either. If there’s no work tomorrow (looking like it will close), I’m going to attempt to drive to the gym. Not sure if it’s gonna happen though. LR has no salt for road care.

  2. Out here on the West Cost, Mother Nature can’t seem to make up her mind. The weatherman will call for snow, then retract it. Then snow will for for a few minutes then turn to rain. We’re all longing for some real snow, but can only see it in pictures and news reports. (*sigh*)

    I’m still working on getting those stubborn holiday pounds off. Another 7 lbs to go and then I’ll be back to pre Thanksgiving weight! :)

  3. Congrats on removing the Christmas overage! I will hope for the same when I weigh in at the end of the month.

    We got 10 inches of snow here is well – but I didn’t have to shovel it because the snow fell while I was out of town. Yippee!

  4. Yeah, what’s up with the snow. I’m on the West Coast too and we are being threatened. Nooooo, I don’t want to drive in the snow! Choosing to look at the positives or just change your thought pattern is one way to keep yourself sane. As they say, you can’t change people, just your reaction to them. It’s been a great day, Cammy! Enjoy your evening and your air-pop.

  5. My weekend was awesome. I finally turned the corner on a nasty cold and was able to get back to the gym! And Sunday I went to the gym twice! Once for an intro weight group class in the early morning, then in the evening to do cardio for an hour. I’ve never gone to the gym twice before.

    Enjoy the snow… I love going out in it late at night, when it’s quiet, and glowing and you can see so well.

  6. I’m glad you got to enjoy your gym in solitude this morning. I do think your right about the change in perspective – it can make all the difference in the world. I’m glad you linked to your post on living in abundance. That’s something I’m trying to do, as well.

  7. We’re supposed to get some snow up here in Canada but no where near that much!
    Way to go on getting back your mojo after the holidays.

  8. My weekend… I live in Tucson and am still reeling from the communal trauma of 6 murders and the attempted assassination of my Congresswoman.

    The weather was beautiful.
    I was able to spend the entire weekend with my sweetie and pets.

  9. Yay you for dropping the Christmas overage. And the snow may be a pain to get around in, but sure is pretty! (the weatherman is predicting a big dump of snow for us tomorrow…. :( ) Keep warm down there!!!

  10. My weekend was fabulous actually, thanks for asking! Even with some of the stressful things going on but it has also been SO enlightening and healing!

    AND I am a firm believer that perspective is SO MUCH of it…You know…It’s about the attitude!

  11. It was a good weekend but they go by too fast! It was so cold here yesterday that I just stayed inside all day!

    It was 10 degrees warmer this morning so I was able to go out for a brisk walk to get my body energized for a busy day.

  12. Hey Cammy, I know first hand what you mean about changing your perspective. My best friend, a women who I have known for over 20 years, has a 7 year old daughter that was just diagnosed with leukemia. Genetically, this type of leukemia is very aggressive and untreatable with drugs. A bone marrow transplant is the only option. Luckily, her sister is a perfect donor.

    SO, now she’s going through some pretty serious chemo getting ready for the transplant. During the last month, there are things that happen in my life that you might consider to be sucky or bad or whatever, you know, things we all go through. But now, I try to keep everything in perspective because nothing, NOTING could be as bad in my life as my 7 year old friend enduring what she is going thorugh or her family watching her go through it.

    That’s perspective.

  13. Thank you, Thank you, thank you, Cammy for always encouraging me!
    Congratulations on your loss and great attitude about the no time limit. I agree with Jody – you are amazing! Keep up what you are doing you make a difference in all our lives.

  14. We just got our first big snow here as well- and you are not alone in loving when the gym is sparce…I find myself lingering a lot longer and even trying some new machines when it’s not packed. Happy Wednesday!

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