49 Nuts!

I was digging in my still-unpacked netbook bag today and found a delightful surprise! My Blissdom gift bag of pistachios from the folks at the green nut.org. They were a friendly bunch and provided some interesting information about pistachios:

A serving of pistachios is about 1 oz., or as the PR folks wisely pointed out equals 49 nuts! This is helpful for those of us who eat them singly. A serving will last forever.

49 pistachios

Pistachios contain 13 grams of fat per serving (remember: that’s 49 nuts!), including 7g monounsaturated and 4g polyunsaturated, which may lower LDL (bad cholesterol). No trans fat in pistachios.

One serving of pistachios contains 3g of fiber. That’s about 12% of the RDA and about the same as in a half-cup of cooked broccoli.

There are 6g of protein in one serving of pistachios, about the same as almonds.

A serving of pistachios has as much potassium as an orange.

Pistachios are high in vitamin B6,with each serving having about the same B6 as half an avocado.

There are a bunch of tasty-looking pistachio recipes and tips for incorporating them into your day on the green nut.org. Check it out if you love pistachios!

Are you a pistachio fan? Any recipes to share?

FTC: The pistachio people didn’t ask for this post. I’m just sharing a delightful snack idea!

I’m s-l-o-w-l-y working my way through my reader. Y’all were busy while I was away! :)

25 thoughts on “49 Nuts!

  1. Pistachios are so good. What I really like about them is that they take a long time to eat because you have to open them all, like little treasures, and they are very filling.

  2. YES! I am a pistachio fan! I love to add them to a green salad along with sliced pears…

  3. I’ve yet to meet a nut I didn’t love! And that includes pistachios! Unfortunately, they can become a trigger food for me, so I have to be careful.

  4. To be honest, I have sort of been avoiding all nuts ..Not sure why (does *everything* need a psychological issue??)..Maybe I have enough 2 legged ones in my life;)

    Thanks for the info (again!) ..May pick some up today and give them a try!

  5. I love them but they don’t love me. They make my throat scratchy. Allergy doc says it is reflux; not an allergy. Bummer. I eat almonds now and I weight them instead of counting. Not nearly that many in a serving.

  6. I like pistachios because they take a long time to eat and are interactive 😀
    I just eat them straight up, although I did have a pistachio cupcake over the summer that was immensely good.

  7. Love, love, love pistachios! The lady at the Blissdom table was laughing because I walked by and picked up a bag so often….

    I finally put up my Blissdom recap and you are in my top ten favorites, check it out!

  8. This is great information Cammy. I love me some pistachios and will forever be counting out 49 now that I know the magic number.

    I am big on food counting so this really gives me an extra special thrill.

    No recipes from me, I love them straight up.

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  10. Over here you can only buy them with the shell on, so yes, you eat them slowly. I’ll remember the magic number!

  11. I grew up on pistachios, although I’ve had to start buying the white colored ones. I used to eat the red ones growing up, I used to have red markings all over the house LOL. They’re pretty salty though, or did you buy the unsalted variety?

  12. @ Lori – Pistachios cupcakes? I’ll have to try that, or ask my wife to make them, she’s a whiz in the kitchen.

  13. I’m a pistachio fan now because of Blissdom! An awesome real food snack!

    It was so great meeting you, Cammy! Stay in touch!

  14. I love you
    I love those nuts
    I dont love that they dont sell those indiv.packs they gave us at BLISSDOM!!
    I love the social media peeps for @thegreennut
    I wonder why they ever made the green nuts red.


  15. Thanks for the post – I LOVE pistachios. The only problem is the ones I tend to find are salted, and I’m trying to get away from sodium. Cheers, Rick

  16. Mmmmm! Pistachios are yummy. I used to think they were gross because they were green (and who wants to eat a green nut? It looks like they’re going bad), but then one day I tried one and I was hooked.

    That they’re healthy is just an added bonus 😀

  17. I love Pistachios! When i start eating them I can’t stop so this information is so helpful. I have refused to look in fear that I might have to stop eating them because they weren’t good for me LOL! I will start counting them before eating them. I have never made anything with pistachios I am going to check out the recipes. Thanks for the info. :-)

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