Choice: Don’t Leave Home Without It

One of the successful habits I built while losing my weight was to apply the “I choose” approach to every situation. Even in maintenance, I’ve continued the habit. I dropped the “I can’t have” or “I must not” attitude and now look at everything as a choice. And choices are everywhere I look. Or so it seems.

One of my more, um, interesting choices presented itself yesterday, when I stumbled across (almost literally) this:

abandoned oatmeal creme pie

For the uninitiated among you, that is a Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pie. Or part of one. It was apparently tossed out the window [grrrr!] of a passing car and left there for some unsuspecting walker to have to dodge.

A hungry, Little-Debbie-lovin’ walker…oh, what to do, what to do! You can imagine the internal dialogue that followed:

Mmmm, oatmeal creme pie!

Idiot, it’s half-eaten.

But there’s still half left.

It’s on the ground!

Only on the bottom. The top is still fine.

Even YOU wouldn’t stoop that low.

It’s one measly squat. I’ll use proper form.


Hey, whatever happened to choice?

Okay, if you want to choose to eat a snack cake off the ground that some stranger has been pawing and gnawing on, by all means, go right ahead.

But it’s a Little Debbie!

Okay, so even I’m not into decadent snacking that much. Some choices, as it turns out, are not really that difficult. There is only one right answer. Obviously (and somewhat, regretfully) this choice wasn’t really a choice. Not after the 5-second mark, anyway. :)

At other times, though, the obvious “right answer” isn’t always apparent. I deal with it by 1) reminding myself that I have a choice, and 2) asking myself what’s the BEST choice for me. With that, I can make a mindful decision, one that will leave me regret-free in the end.

And possibly a pound or so higher on the scale, but that’s okay because I can take care of that with future choices.

How do you choose to handle temptations or changes in routine or snack cakes that appear out of nowhere when you least expect them?

19 thoughts on “Choice: Don’t Leave Home Without It

  1. Awesome post!!
    I do have to keep reminding myself that it’s all to do with choices.
    I choose to do this, and I choose NOT to do that.
    Thank you for the reminder.
    And um, good job not picking the little Debbie cake up.

  2. Thank you for the positive spin on choices! The world is a much easier and simpler place when I view it with the abundance of foods that I choose to eat rather than those that I must avoid.
    Unexpected temptations can be tough. I sometimes stare them in the face to prove my strength – as if that works! Usually I distract myself with another activity or thought appropriate to the circumstance. (Such as visualizing my sabotaging mother-in-law with the chocolate cake on her face…)

  3. I am with you on the choices. I really don’t like it when people ask me if I can eat something – of course I can, but I don’t choose to.

    At work I am surrounded by temptations. Candy bowls, a cookie jar, pastry tray, bowls of coated nuts, boxes of truffles. Every day (sometimes every moment) I remind myself I choose not to eat it. It also helps that there are security cameras – not that I am not allowed to help myself, because I am, but I think about someone potentially watching the tapes. It is a form of accountability, I think.

  4. Cammy, great post & it is all about choices! That is how I go into it too, especially with a treat or something out of the norm for me. I ask myself it is really really worth it…. I really think thru the choice for me. Even on treat day with my cookie – if I don’t like the cookie I chose to eat enough to warrant the calories, I just don’t eat it….

    It is all about choice & how much you do or do not want it!

  5. Ha! I love this post. Yes, framing it as a choice is a very empowering (lord, how I hate that word) way to view things.

    Last night I chose to leave my home at 9:05 pm in search of ice cream. Unfortunately, I found it at an ice cream sandwich shop on the bottom floor of my building. First time since moving in fifteen months ago that I made that particular choice. Bleh!

    Cammy, come to Texas – we’ve got TWO races! I haven’t quite made the switch from red to green either. I don’t really have a favorite driver anymore, but I am decidedly in favor of ANYBODY-BUT-A-BUSCH!

  6. Okay, that is the funniest thing ever. You’re hilarious!
    You remind me of the time my best friend and I threw away the nestles chocolate chip cookie dough we’d made just to stop ourselves from eating any more and she dug it out of the trash…. It still gives us a laugh. And we still feel the need to add that it was wrapped up and didn’t touch garbage…
    Oh what a feeling…
    thanks for the laugh!

  7. Great post. I’ve had one or two of those Little Debbie’s before.

    I always say it’s my choice. I want to take responsibility for my actions, not act like some unknown force made me do it…Ummm, the devil made me do it!

  8. Funny! I would not have been tempted. Except I might have inexplicably found myself heading into the grocery store and down the snack food aisle!

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  10. But it’s a Little Debbie! Great internal conversation. Sounds a lot like mine… Cheers, Rick

  11. Hi Cammy, love this post. Life IS about choices every day….what we eat, how we face the day etc, etc…..Some times its hard but life is better when we choose to be happy and nourish our bodies well. Thanks for the insight and the post. Have a great day.

  12. Too too funny. And true. I can actually hear ‘But its a Little Debbie.’ Maybe because I’ve said that myself a few times.

    Anyway, very funny, but a good reminder of what works to keep us going.

  13. I am so glad you did not pick up that nasty thing off the ground – a dog may have peed on it – ewww! But I thoroughly enjoyed the conversation you had with yourself. 😉

  14. Ha! I think if you use proper form to squat, it’s perfectly okay to eat any food remnants you might find on the ground :). Too funny, Cammy.

    I agree with this post–when I frame things as a choice in every area of my life, rather that “I have to” or “I should,” things do seem to fall into place. It’s worth remembering.

  15. I love this and entirely agree. People oft mock my food choices (“thats so not great for you!!”) but Im ok with them.
    as long as it is always a mindful choice.

  16. Funny how things so often hit right where you need them to. That’s my greatest struggle – handling situations which come out of nowhere and catch me by surprise. Yes, your internal conversation is hilarious, but like Karen, just seeing that would’ve made my mouth water just enough to consider how close the nearest grocery store was. And just think of the choices that would be available if one allowed themselves to go that route! I’m still working on the best conversation to have with myself when this happens, but I like the ” I don’t choose to” idea.

  17. I have to be honest I have not been making the best choices lately. I seem to be having some impulse issues lately and end up kicking myself after making some poor choices. It was suggested to me that I stop and think about why? I am working on implementing this into my daily routine. It is nice to be reminded about how important the impact of my decisions/choices will have on me. Thanks Cammy. :-)

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