Construction Zone

I’m still painting. I’m still really bad at it. So bad, that I’m considering bringing in some folks for estimates on finishing up the rest of the project.

I would, too, if this quote didn’t keep bouncing around in my head:

Roads with the most traffic get widened. The ones that are rarely used fall into disrepair.

– Dr Harry Chugan

Probably if I painted more than once or twice a year, I’d get better at it. (Right now, I’d settle for less messy.) It’s really hard to develop or improve a skill if you’re not using it.

You see what’s coming, don’t you? :)

It’s the same with weight loss/maintenance. (It always is.) If we keep striving for improvement, developing and using the skills and abilities we need to ensure a lasting change, our road to success grows wider. Smoother, too, but rarely without a dip or a bump here and there. Sometimes a little gravel.

Abandoning those efforts results in huge ol’ cracks and potholes, eventually rendering the road to success impassable. Weeds and litter accumulate, and we give up traveling that road at all.

So I’m sitting here in my painting clothes, ready to try again. My efforts will not be perfect, but then again, neither was my weight loss path and that turned out okay. The longer I stayed on the path, the wider the path became.

On the other hand, a critical segment of my weight loss path was hiring personal trainers to teach me to exercise properly, so maybe painting contractors aren’t entirely out of the picture. :)

What are you doing to make your road smoother?

12 thoughts on “Construction Zone

  1. We don’t paint often but when we do we have a system – hubby cuts in and I do the main part of the walls; he does the high parts since he is tall. I have twice done rooms by myself and there are painted spots on the ceiling to show for it! Painting is about the only time I like to have music playing.

  2. I love painting, goober that I am.

    I try to make things smoother by planning ahead for as many things as I can. Then the unexpected stuff doesn’t throw me for a complete loop.

  3. I’m never happy with the end result of my painting either, but i think that is due to my perfectionist attitude. But like weight loss, as long as the end result is better than what we started with, we should be happy right?

  4. I agree with Lori. Planning ahead definitely makes the road smoother.

    Whether it is checking menus online to make sure there are gluten free choices, to being sure I have snacks on hand during road trips, failing to plan is planning to fail.

    Regarding painting…not for me. I would hire someone without a second thought.

  5. I make my road smoother by simplifying my life as much as possible. It certainly also helps to have a life coach!

    I’m not good at painting either!

  6. I adore the word DISREPAIR too.
    well I dont…but It is pretty darn apt a description of one of my roads….

  7. Great analogy Cammy! I have had lots of bumps thru the years but consistency with my eating & exercise has paid off in a good painting of the bod as I age! 😉

    Good luck with the painting. I am so bad at home stuff. The gym is where I do my best! :-)

  8. Painting UGH!!! I really suck at it!. You are probably right that if we did it more than a couple times per year we’d be better. I like your comparison to your weight loss struggles, it is so true. If we spent as much time and effort in learning to paint or anything else for that matter we would be experts at everything. LOL That would be cool!

  9. I love to paint! Well I use to anyway. Now the house we have has these very high ceilings and crown molding so I no longer do my own painting.

    Practice makes perfect they say.

  10. I’ll send you my hubby. He is the only person I know that can paint a whole room and not have one lick of paint on him. Me, there is nobody worse than me. I have it in my hair, on my face. I step in a drop that spilled on the floor and track it through the house. Ugh!

  11. My road is full of potholes. I just try to steer around them, avoid getting swallowed up by them and avoid blowing out my tires.

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