For When A Little Dab Will Do Ya

I’m definitely showing my age with this one. “I’m impressed!” point to anyone who recognizes the phrase.

When commenting on one of Lori’s posts recently, I was reminded of a website that could be useful. logo is a site that specializes in individual, travel- or trial-sized products. They have everything from personal care products to household items to, yes, FOOD items. These can be especially helpful for a) portion control, b) testing new-to-us-products, or c) a and b.

I hadn’t visited the site in a while, but a quick run-through the other day showed they’ve significantly improved their offerings since the last time I dropped in. Quite a few products are ones I’ve seen in my local Kroger, but I’ve been hesitant to buy because I wasn’t sure I would like them. A few others are products I don’t buy because the sizes offered in store are too large for me to consume before spoilage. (I can’t afford to waste money, and I don’t like to throw away food.)

It’s the same with some of the personal care items. I frequently see cosmetics or cleansing items on store shelves that I’d like to try, but not for the price of a full-sized product. I’m pleased to see that is now carrying trial sizes of Tom’s of Maine, Kiss My Face, and other “natural” products.

Oh! I should mention that I have no affiliation with this website. I’m simply sharing.

Are there products you wish you could buy locally in individual sizes or portions? I’m hoping someday to find two slices of white bread in a single-serve portion. I love my healthier breads, but in the summer, I long for just one “‘mater sandwich” on squishy white bread. :)

Side note: We’re having “weather” here in Memphis!

Snow and Ice on Cammy's street

My street, at sunrise

We got 3 or 4 inches of powdery snow yesterday (a lot here in the southern U.S.), which we managed to pack down nicely so that we now have any icy mess. Lacking more than a couple of snow plow attachments assigned to the interstate overpasses, we have to wait for Mother Nature to take care of things for us. The sun is shining brightly, and our temps may reach the freezing mark today. I’m hoping some meltage occurs on the main roads so that I can get to the gym this afternoon. I’m also hoping (selfishly) that everyone else stays home.)

The ice and/or cold is also apparently affecting my ISP. Internet access seems to be coming in and out. This will not do.

The good news is that the worst is behind us. We’re anticipating temps to reach Spring-rehearsal levels next week, with a high one day of 65°! I can hardly wait!

9 thoughts on “For When A Little Dab Will Do Ya

  1. Oh yeah, I recognize the phrase and my dad used it too. That’s a cool website. it’s nice to be able to try before you buy.

    So I take it snow isn’t typical for your area? How you see meltage soon.

  2. I recognize the phrase for hair product, although it wasn’t called product ‘back in the day’ LOL!

    65? Seriously? I need to come move in with you.

  3. I never thought of that, but I suppose it would be a mess if you got snow in an area where it rarely, if ever, snows.

  4. Oh yeah, I remember it!

    East TN must be the favored side of the state this winter because once more, you guys “out west” got it worse than we did. My sister who lives outside of Nashville had a time getting home from work, but when all was said and done, we only got a dusting at our house and none on the roads. Little bit more in the mountains where I’m headed tomorrow to hike. It’s not the snow I’m worried about – it’s the 16 degree temp expected at the time we get on trail. LOL!

  5. Yep me too… I’m sending my spring like weather your way…70’s and gorgeous…..

  6. We had “weather” too over here in LR. I understand 40 between LR and Memphis was impassable. It’s a mess here. We had about seven inches, but you’d think it was seven feet. I drove a little yesterday, and it was really really bad. I didn’t go far and didn’t go over 15 mph. We missed two days of work and don’t have to go in until 10:00am today. Fortunately, warmer weather is on the way.

  7. Cammy, thank you! What a cool site! Now if I only had the money to go somewhere! 😉 Well, I am prepared when I win the lotto!!!!
    Very cool too if there are some things ya just want to carry with you for a day road trip or something like that.

    You are too funny on the bread! Lucky for me I don’t even crave the white bread BUT I love me lots of other kinds!!!!! :-)

    That pic is beautiful! I know, I don’t live in it but your street looks beautiful!

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