Got $625? I Need a New Cookbook

According to The Wall Street Journal (via Yahoo! News), author/computer geek Nathan Myhrvold has a new cookbook out: “Modernist Cuisine: The Art & Science of Cooking.” His approach is from the logical side of things (math, science, physics–all the subjects in which I’m woefully deficient) and explores such fascinating topics as how to make your own pizza oven and faster ways to make chicken stock, explaining the science behind it along the way.

It actually does look like a marginally interesting book. Too bad I can’t afford it. With a price tag of $625, it’s a little outside my reach. The 2,400 pages it consumes put it far outside my interest in cooking and/or science. The most I would use it for is as a kettlebell, as it weighs 47 pounds, but that would be one expensive kettlebell.

Seriously. This may be a good cookbook, perhaps even a great one, but I can’t imagine ever getting enough benefit from it to justify the $625. I’m more like this kid working at my favorite local deli who came out of the kitchen mumbling something about limes before asking his co-worker, seated behind me, if he needed “one bear or two”. I had no idea what he was talking about, but she apparently did and told him to use two. A little while later he came out to the dining room again and asked, “Does the honey mustard get two bears, too?”

That’s when it occurred to me that he was making salad dressings. Rather than measuring in something silly like cups, or tablespoons, or ounces, he was counting the number of honey bear containers he used! Brilliant! (And so Cammy-like!)

So take that, Nathan Myhrvold! Some of us don’t need science and physics for cooking–we only need to know how many bears to use! :)

If you’re a devoted foodie type and think you might want to hop over to Amazon to pre-order “Modernist Cuisine” at its reduced price of $467 (with free Super Saver Shipping!), then for the love of all that is holy, please use THIS LINK, which is, by no coincidence, my affiliate account. :)

Side note: I’m still enjoying the beautiful weather. Leaves were mulched and bagged yesterday, and today was car wash/decontamination day as well as a gym day. Tomorrow I’ll either tackle the garage or go to the zoo. Tough call. :)

Hope you’re having a lovely week!

11 thoughts on “Got $625? I Need a New Cookbook

  1. HOLY CRAP! I really can find way more things I want to do with that kind of money!!!! I just saw a new laser treatment for old faces like mine & is in Los Angeles close to me & for $500, I could have younger looking eyes or face.. I would go that way first! :-) Who is buying that!

    Keep enjoying that weather – how wonderful!!!

  2. What a sweet post!

    That cookbook sounds like the ultimate rip-off. Can you imagine the type of person who would actually buy it. The pretentious and the nouveau riche. If I work it back to our currency, that’s more than our monthly food bill.

  3. I don’t think I could bring myself to pay that much for a book – even if I won the lottery. Seriously, think how much $625 would help a local food bank! Glad you are enjoying your week Cammy!!!!

  4. I just watched Julie&Julia – an amazing movie about a girl who writes a blog while following Julia Child’s French Cuisine cookbook and during the movie Julia meets with the publishers who tell her her cookbook is too big – obviously this guy is trying to challenge that – I hope someone buys it and lets you know how it is!

  5. I love the one bear v. two. That is totally the way I cook, and I love to cook. My recipe blog posts come about in interesting ways since I rarely measure when cooking for myself, but I know others need the precise nature so I oblige when I share a recipe, but I would much rather say…just add enough until it looks right.

    The idea of spending that kind of money on a cookbook makes me wonder if the author was eating brownies with extra ingredients as he was marketing the thing.

  6. Fun post, Cammy. I’ve never been one to use cookbooks. Don’t know why, but somehow I just started making up stuff and that’s what I like to do. Sign of the times that a 47 pound cookbook costs over $600? I hope not. You seem to be heading into spring, whereas we’re lookin’ at snow fluries again this week. Ah well, you’ll have hotter summers than us. Thanks for making me chuckle tonight!

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