If You’re Looking for Me…

You need only to see this to know that I am not in my office :

weather forecast Memphis week of 2/14/11

Memphis, TN

I’m taking advantage of this winter break to head outdoors and take care of a few projects!

My RSS reader is stacking up with what are sure to be interesting and thought-provoking posts, but I can’t miss this opportunity to be in the sunny and relatively-warm outdoors. I’ll try to catch up during my breaks, but I hope you’ll understand if it takes a bit. This is my way of showing me how much I love me*. :)

Wishing you a very happy Valentine’s Day! What are you doing today to prove your love..of YOU?

*While simultaneously showing my neighbors that I care what my yard looks like. Win-Win! :)

14 thoughts on “If You’re Looking for Me…

  1. Enjoy our Arizona-like weather! I’m ditching all of my old clothes today (finally) and gifting them to the women in need who shop at Goodwill. This is a big step for me in letting go of some weight baggage.

  2. Good for you!!!
    Enjoy your good weather and your break. You’re setting a good example by doing something for yourself.
    I’m taking time today to spend with my sweetie. We usually get so hung up on how much work there is to do that we can’t take a break during the day, but the few hours we have help with our little one is the only time we can actually be together. If not today, then when, right?

  3. After last week’s ice, snow and cold, this week’s balmy weather is gonna feel extra wonderful. Enjoy your time outdoors… next week will probably be back to frigid temperatures.

  4. Bravo to you Cammy! We had sunshine and nice weather over the weekend and this week we are back to cold, rain and wind! Boo-hoo!

    Enjoy the great outdoors and soak up the good weather.

  5. Oh you definitely have to take advantage of the good weather! Enjoy!

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you too!

  6. I’m going to finally make the calls to endontists and doc to take care of on-going health concerns.

    Happy Valentines Day & happy times working in your yard!

  7. Absolutely do not miss a sunny day. Enjoy and soak it all in. Have a wonderful day, Cammy.

    I will eat well, think nice thoughts and just be.

  8. It is unseasonably warm here today. I had to take an old (as in both senior and long-term) friend on some errands and it was a pleasure to be out and about. It is supposed to be nice here later in the week too so maybe the snow will all melt fast enough so that I can take a walk outside without sloshing around.


  9. You are one smart lady!!!!! We have had some wonderful weather here but rain expected starting Tuesday night thru Saturday. I enjoyed it while I could & will walk with a friend on her lunch tomorrow before it hits! :-)

    Good for you Cammy!

  10. I took myself right up to a trail just outside of Gatlinburg. I hiked about 1/2 mile down that trail to a spot I found a few days ago. I sat up my office on a rock in the middle of river and spent the afternoon. With my eye still on the mend (not sure you’ve read my last post that explains), I looked like a dork with a toboggan pulled down over my forehead, sunglasses and a visor (not supposed to expose eye to sunlight), but who cares…..I was outside and it was WARM! Hope you found a place just as good for your office!!

  11. We have been enjoying that kind of early Spring weather here up until yesterday. It has been such a pleasure to have it in February which is usually so dreary.


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