Interesting Articles You Won’t Find Here

Life is busily clicking along here with no major events. Isn’t that wonderful?

On the down side, that leaves me without much to report. Fortunately, other people did have posts of relevance recently:

Eva‘s Quote of the Week on Clutter Control Freak Blog:

Life’s problems wouldn’t be called “hurdles” if there wasn’t a way to get over them.

~Author Unknown

Think about it…

Two interesting posts on Wisebread:
6 Pre-Workout Snacks to Keep You Moving (pb&b=yaaay!) and 45 Other Things to Do On Superbowl Weekend (I’ll be at the gym!)

AWESOME article from Pick the Brain: 9 Lies Unhappy People LOVE to Tell. (#3 & #4 are problematic for me, but I’m working on them!)

My new Blissdom buddy, Kelly, is hosting a Blissdom Bag o’Swag Giveaway.  She has lots of great giveaways and giveaway links! (I know how we all like winning FREE stuff!)

And in case you missed it, Ellen from Fat Girl Wearing Thin shared a yummy-looking recipe for Low Fat Double Chocolate Chip Muffins that might get made at my house this weekend. Unless Ellen happens to mail me some. :)

Hope you found something to enjoy there! I know I did!

So about this Super Bowl business…are you watching? Going to a party? Going to the gym instead?

14 thoughts on “Interesting Articles You Won’t Find Here

  1. Love that quote and the name of her blog intrigues me. Clutter control freak that I am. (But I thought they were two separate freakinesses!)

  2. Man, those 9 lies sure hit home for me. It’s still a struggle, but at least I realize those tendencies these days. I’ll have to bookmark that page to revisit when I need to get the heck out of my own way! Thanks, Cammy.

  3. Great articles, Cammy and I’m proud to report – I’m happy! You know, for the most part – we all have our ups and downs.

    The 6 pre-workout snacks link wouldn’t work for me?? I’m going to follow Kelly now. Her blog looks interesting. Thank you , thank you.

  4. Cammy, thank you for all of the great links. I signed up for the LoveBomb one due to your suggestion – such a great idea :)
    I think that muffin recipe is pretty decent as a basic one, but I’m sure it can be tweaked to make it better. Amalfi Girl suggested adding instant coffee to really bring out the chocolate flavor. If you do try them and experiment a little I’d love to know so I can make notes. I love the fact that recipes are like living things – they just continue to evolve.

  5. I’m watching the Super Bowl, with close family – and NO snacking! It’ll be hard, but that’s my goal! Cheers, Rick

  6. Great links! I have the recipe bookmarked, just like you said in the comments! And, ummm, yeah, I have a little problem with #3 and #4 on that list too.

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