MultiGrain Cheerios Prize Pack Giveaway

When I was growing up, we didn’t have any of the “fun” cereals in our house. No little leprechauns or silly rabbits in our cupboards. Part of that was due to our household budget, I’m sure, but it also had a lot to do with the fact that after the prize offered on the box cover was obtained, my sister and I generally didn’t care much for the cereals themselves. Mikey might have liked it, but we didn’t. My parents (rightly) didn’t believe in wasting foods, so after indulging us a few times, they insisted on buying only cereals they knew we would eat. (Pity I didn’t know the number for Children’s Services back then, or they’d have been in Big Trouble!)

One of the cereals we ate a lot was Cheerios, and that’s the one holdover cereal from my youth that I still buy, as evidenced by this snapshot of my current stash:

My Cheerios Stash

My Cheerios Stash

I know that some people consider cereal a trigger food, but it doesn’t work that way for me. *gratitude moment* I’m a weirdo in that I actually rarely eat Cheerios, or any cereal for that matter, as a meal. If it’s a granola-type cereal, I might sprinkle an 1/8-cup on top of yogurt. I eat Cheerios dry in portioned 1/4-cup servings (25-30 calories!) and entertain myself by trying to eat them individually, O by O. I think of it as a snack-with-benefits. :) Needless to say, a box of cereal lasts a really long time in my house.

With my long history of Cheerio consumption, I was delighted when contacted by the PR folks for MultiGrain Cheerios® and offered an opportunity to test drive their new joint venture with The Biggest Loser Club®. These two brands combined forces to offer assistance to those embarking on a new (or renewed) weight loss effort with tools, tips, and recipes accessible on a very special website.

After checking out the site, I can report that there’s a solid and sensible 7-day eating plan, awesome cardio, flexibility, and strength-training exercises for the beginner (including good “tippy toe” ways to increase the challenge), motivational quotes, and daily tasks for ensuring lasting change. (Many of them are the same steps I took when I first started changing my ways!) Oh, and there’s a BMI calculator too!

To access the site, you’ll need a special top-secret code that’s found inside the top flap of a box of MultiGrain Cheerios®. (Note: Yes, it WOULD be wrong to open a flap at the grocery store and copy the code.) So pick up a box if you’re looking for help in kicking off your weight loss efforts or if you’re just plain curious! (IMO, the recipes and workouts alone are worth it, especially if you’re just getting started.)

But wait! One lucky U.S. reader won’t have to schlep all the way to the grocery store. MultiGrain Cheerios® will send you a prize pack that includes your very own box of cereal (with access code to the website) and a host of other accessories (all purple!): gym bag, water bottle, and cute-cute cereal container. Kind of like this one*:

MultiGrain Cheerios prize pack

MultiGrain Cheerios Prize Pack

How much am I charging for an entry? Hmmm, I think a comment that includes your favorite breakfast cereal from your childhood will do the trick. Don’t worry about hurting the Cheerios folks’ feelings. I’m sure they realize we all got caught up in the hype back then. Unlike now. 😉

I’ll accept entries until bright and early Wednesday morning (that’s around 5 a.m. Central Time), 2/9/11, and then I’ll use the random number generator to pick the lucky winner’s name!

Oh, and apologies for the international readers. It’s nothing personal!

If you’re a faithful viewer of The Biggest Loser: Couples, you might want to follow @MGCheerios and use the hashtag #mgcheerios on Twitter Tuesday nights at 8PM EST. The PR folks inform me that you can “connect with past contestants, share weight loss tips, and discuss how to become your own Biggest Loser.” Who knows, I might even show up myself. :)

*FTC disclosure: I received a free prize pack (shown above). Not only was I under no obligation to review (favorably or not) the product, I also signed a promise to be honest and to include this disclosure. I received no other compensation or offers of future compensation. (But should they ever offer me a job, I’ll come back and disclose that.)

32 thoughts on “MultiGrain Cheerios Prize Pack Giveaway

  1. Well, this is a little coincy-dink… Last week I got into my husband’s MG Cheerios. Super yummy. They were in a Costco bag and he’d tossed the box so I decided to look up the nutritional info online; since they were sooo very yummy. Sure enough, major sugar added. No wonder I kept wanting them! Yep, I’m one of “those people” so don’t enter me in the contest:) BTW – I can even overeat high fiber cereal!

    So growing up we fought over those prizes too. Stuck our hands deep into the box. Remember Quisp?

    • I hear you, Karen. Compared to many cereals, this one’s not so bad. But my regular ol’ plain Cheerios have less sugar and more fiber, so I’ll stick with them for my snacking pleasure. These are a nice diversion, though! :) As long as I don’t find myself wanting them more than a couple times a week. LOL

  2. My favorite cereals as a child were Kellogg’s Raisin Bran and another that I can’t remember the name of right now. The cereals was shaped like a big 0. We usually ended up eating lots of malt-o-meal, cream of wheat, oatmeal, minute rice with sugar, milk and butter, rice krispies and cheerios. There are 5 of us and we were dirt poor so it was anything that could feed a large group for little money. We rarely got the cereals that had the free toys.

  3. I hate to admit it, but I absolutely loved (still do actually) Captain Crunch – and the crunch berries were pretty good too! One time, a friend and I sat down and ate an entire box after a 3-hour volleyball practice…yike, how’s that for a little foreshadowing.

    And Karen – I also loved Quisp.

  4. without a doubt, all time favorite cereal is peanut butter cap’n crunch.

    i could totally eat it 3 meals a day for weeks. which is why i don’t buy it.

  5. Back when I was a kid mom only kept one cereal in the house: Corn Flakes. We didn’t have all the hype we have these days… in fact, we didn’t even have a color TV at our place. (not unusual back then).

    When choices became more available, Pops was my cereal of choice. That much sweet was a luxury. These days however we’re back to basics. Right now I have a box of Cheerios and a box of Kashi.

    and I DO use cereal as a crunchy snack instead of chips and popcorn sometimes… so I purposely pick those with less sugar and more fiber.

  6. No “fun” cereals for me either growing up. it was always the discount brand in the big plastic bags. my fav was probably the imitation Chex. yummm

  7. we had geneic raisin bran- ok store flakes and sugarless rasains mom threw in- cheerios are a luxury item i love

  8. I loved the marshmallows in Lucky Charms when I was a kid, still do. Never liked drinking the murky milk though. Now I usually stick with Honey Nut Cheerios if I have cereal at all.

  9. Oh, my. Favorite cereal when I was a kid? That would have to be Count Chocula. So, so yummy. Great giveaway, Cammy!

  10. I Loved Kix when I was a kid. :-) And there was also this cereal with a frog on it??? Some off brand one.

  11. I thought my favorite as a child would be Cookie Crunch. My parents only bought what they could get in large plastic bags. Eventually I did try Cookie Crunch and it wasn’t really good and tasted nothing like cookies.

    I would have to say that Cheerios (generic, cause that’s what we were given) were my favorite. I have tried the new multigrain cheerios and they are delicious!

  12. We were never allowed sweet cereals when I was a kid so I actually lots and lots of Cheerios which I loved. And also Corn Flakes.

  13. What a fun way to wake up this morning…a trip down cereal memory lane (no need to enter me in the contest…I don’t do cereal much these days, either).

    The only time we got sugary cereals when I was a kid was when we went on camping trips and Mom would buy those packs of little cereal boxes. My brother and I always fought over the Sugar Smacks. No one ever wanted the Raisin Bran :) Also, to get us to shut up during church, Mom packed Baggies of Cherrios, marshmallows and chocolate chips. I always called it the Poor Mans ‘Smore. Worked like a charm, though!

  14. My parents would not buy us the “sugared” cereals; Rice Krispies was the closest we got. But, our grandparents would buy us the mini-packs cereals when we visited. We loved that!
    So, when I went to college and could pick my own cereal…I bought ALL the “sugared” cereals! And ate them constantly.
    I still eat cereal in the mornings and sometimes for a Sunday night meal. I have learned to limit the amount and I ONLY get the (semi-)healthy ones!

  15. Well, that was a long time ago but I think maybe Frosted Flakes or any cereal that tasted sugary! 😉

    I have always loved cereal dry way more than with milk. I used to bring in the Kashi higher protein cereals & that granola one & portion it out. I could not keep my hands off the granola one no matter how hard I tried… I don’t buy it any more!

    As for the MG Cheerios, my hubby would love them & I would like the other stuff! 😉

  16. Hands down, without hesitation — my favorite cereal was the Smurfs cereal. Nothing better than eating a bowl of the blue and red cereal while watching the Smurfs cartoon on Saturday mornings. I so so so loved The Smurfs!

  17. We usually had corn flakes, rice krispies, cream of wheat, and oatmeal in our house. But my absolute favorite ‘treat’ cereal was Apple Jacks. I still love ’em!
    I didn’t realize that MG cheerios have such a sugar difference than regular cheerios. And I love them! Now I know why. darn :(

  18. Embarrassing confession: My favorite childhood cereal was Life because every time the commercial with Mikey came on my mother would say “Oh look, it’s the ad for your favorite cereal!” Honestly, I don’t think initially I cared one way or the other but since she told me it was my favorite it simply became my favorite. Pretty sneaky, mom!

  19. Loved Cheerios and Life! Now I usually eat Fiber One, but am thinking of switching back to Cheerios.

  20. Hi Cammy, no offense taken by this Canadian…. Good luck to all who enter. My favorite cereal from childhood are Frosted Flakes. Haven’t had ’em in years, but I bet they’re still GREEEAT! (oh, that was bad! :) )

  21. I don’t care for sweet cereals either. When I was younger (and still now) my favorite cereal is cheerios and rice krispies mixed together!

  22. we only had sugary cereals at home once in a blue moon growing up. but i can tell you my favorite was always honeycombs!

    thanks for the giveaway. the idea of the site sounds like a good one!

  23. My favorite cereal is actually cheerios…I like the frosted kind, honey nut or banana nut…my husband like honeynut and chocolate…and I’ve love to win this giveaway =)

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