Nothing to See Here

I always laugh at television shows that have some cop telling a gathered crowd, “Nothing to see here, folks. Move along, nothing to see here.” Meanwhile, there are 14 police cars, 3 fire trucks, an ambulance, and a whole passel of news vans on the scene. Clearly, there IS something to see.

Well, in my case, there really IS nothing to see. Starsky & Hutch would be fast asleep if they were assigned to stake out this place. Life is just rolling along in a general pattern of sameness, which should bug me but it doesn’t right now. A few bumps–more like ripples, really–here and there, just to keep it interesting, but mostly I makes my lists; I gets things done.

For accountability, I’ll report the following:
Nutrition: Generally good, with a wee bit of snackiness. I’m attributing the snacking to hormones and the rest of the eating to my own good sense. :)

Exercise: Excellent! I’ve had some great workouts this week. I even invented a new exercise: The TippyToe Squat-to-Shoulder-Press-to-Calf-Raise. It’s probably called something much shorter in some exercise book somewhere, but if so, I’ve never seen it, so it doesn’t count. :)

Basically, The TTSSPCR goes like this:
1. Grab a couple of dumbbells (soup cans, water bottles, a barbell, a broomstick, a set of small twins, etc.) and stand with feet shoulder width apart.
2. Holding the weights of choice at shoulder level with elbows bent and at your side, drop your butt back and lower into a squat.
3. Push up from the squat continuing to raise your arms until they’re straight overhead….
4. With arms still overhead, rise up onto your tippy toes and hold for a 5-count…
5. Arms still overhead, dip your heels down for 5 quick calf raises.
6. Lower weights to start position to end 1st rep.
7. Repeat until

So you have this:
dumbbell shoulder press, squat weight training
dumbbell squat and shoulder press with overhand grip

(Click on image to view this exercise…)

and something along the lines of this (ignoring the tubing and with the dumbbells still overhead):
tubing calf raise weight training
standing calf raise with tubing

(Click on image to view this exercise…)

I like this little accidental discovery because it hits a bunch of body parts in one fell swoop. I didn’t realize what a timesaver it was until I reached the end of my 3 circuits and I was only at the 25-minute mark. Since time wasn’t an issue yesterday, I added a 4th circuit, but it’s nice to have it in my toolkit for days when I’m short of time. I’m going to continue doing this combo move once a week, eventually moving it to the BOSU when I’m feeling more confident. (The third set was kind of trembly.)

Huh, so there WAS something to see here after all!

Before moving on, may I pause to add that I’m truly grateful to my gym for requiring that men wear shirts. :)

Job hunt – I applied for two jobs I seriously hope to receive calls on. Both involve training which I really enjoy doing. Fingers crossed!

House remodel – I’m wearing my painting clothes as I type this. I hope to get the living room, foyer, and dining room all primered over the weekend and ready to paint next week. Providing I can actually make a decision on paint colors. :)

And that’s it from me for the week! I’ll just take one minute more to wish you all a happy and healthy weekend! What’s going on in your neck of the universe?

15 thoughts on “Nothing to See Here

  1. Good luck on those applications Cammy!!! I’ve got EVERYTHING crossed for you!!!! (and do I look silly!! :) Kidding of course!)
    Have a WONDERFUL paint filled weekend.

  2. Enjoy your weekend, Cammy. Sounds like you’re busy fixing up your nest. Let us know what colours you pick.

  3. Good luck with the interviews! I have another one as well next week. Maybe good news for both of us.

    I like your move. Compound exercises are always the best kind. In, out, and done 😀

  4. Great post, Cammy! I’m thinking good thoughts for you and hope you get calls for both jobs (it’s nice to have the extra option). Have a great weekend!


  5. Wow, lots to see. But I did relate to your move along, nothing to see. That’s how I feel today. Probably won’t post tonight.

    Love that complex exercise!

    And I’m jealous of your housepainting and getting to choose colors!

  6. Oh you know, nothing much. Trying new things, getting healthy, losing weight… Same old, same old.

    Good luck with the job applications!

  7. Thanks for the work out tips. I have been so lax about exercise lately! I am so ready for warm weather and sunshine as it helps me feel energized!

    Good luck with the job hunting, I so hope you get some calls back!

    I have been busy taking care of things for my daughter since she is in Spain but applying for the teaching credential program here for next Fall. I think I got it all done as of yesterday!

  8. Good luck Cammy! Hope one of the jobs come thru for you OR both & then you can pick you fav!

    Great exercise! I don’t do calf work anymore s I have some genetics there BUT with age, well, you know, we try to keep the wrinkly skin away & even the calves get it. I get a lot of work in my running, hill running & walking & lunges & such BUT I think just squeezing them out by getting up on my toes is cool! I did something similar in my younger days except just added on to my squat with no shoulder press but had forgotten about it – THX Cammy!

  9. Good luck on the job search. If you’ve never checked it out, I HIGHLY recommend What Color Is Your Parachute. They have an edition for searching in a rough economic climate. Last year, I landed a new job in six-weeks and I know the exercises in the book helped a great deal.

    As far as exercise goes – have you seen the weighted hula hoops? A friend brought one to a WW meeting. I’ve NEVER been able to hula hoop, I mean freaking never. It was really fun and you could feel a nice workout. I’m going to see if I can track one down online. Might be a fun way to implement exercise.

  10. I like it when things are calm and normal! No drama in sight!

    Not much going on here either. Recovering from a cold! Other than that, all is well. You still coming to FL?

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