Back in Business…Almost

What a roller coaster this past week has been! I’m ready for the chug-chug-chug of a slow-moving train.

The funeral weekend was everything you’d expect from a funeral weekend–cold, rainy, overwhelming sadness mixed with brief moments of joy and laughter with the extended family. And, of course, a nutritional wasteland. I was beyond ready to get back to normal living on Monday!

And I would have, too, except I woke up on Sunday with a nasty cold or sinus yuk or dengue fever. Take your pick. So it appears my re-entry will be a tippy-toe affair. I hope to get back to the gym tomorrow or at least outside for a nice long walk. Sunshine and fresh air will be a big boost!

I haven’t even looked at my reader. It might have exploded. I’m hopeful for tonight, but for now it’s back to bed for a bit. I just wanted to let you all know that I was thinking about you and missing you and wishing you a most awesome week ahead!

13 thoughts on “Back in Business…Almost

  1. Hope you are feeling better:) With my morning tech stress, which went beyond the blog issues BTW, I was so tempted to mark “all as read” in my reader. But I just can’t do it!

  2. Welcome back, Cammy. I miss your posts, truly! (No pressure…) I know no one is looking forward to you being back in your routine more than you are. Cheers.

  3. I’ve thought of you so often these past few days and had noticed there was a longer than usual time between posts. Glad to know why, but so sorry you’ve got the plague. I’m beginning to think we are actually passing it around through the Blogsphere! We’ve all had it! Take care and get well soon.

  4. What’s up with all these colds lately. Everyone I talk to is sick or getting sick – yuck! Hope you’re feeling up to going to the gym tomorrow.

  5. Cammy, I’m so happy that you are home. What a sad, stressful time for you and your family. I think in times like this being in our routine helps. I hope that you feel better soon!


  6. Cammy, I am so very sorry for the tragic loss you suffered. Take care of yourself in the process of healing of emotionally. Feel better and know we are here to help you through this journey.

  7. Glad you made it through your difficult weekend. The Sh** SUCKS a**! Sounds like you body is retaliating. Take care of it do something good for yourself. Getting back to your regular routine sounds like a perfect idea. The important part is you were able to walk through it and come out on the other side and return to life as you know it. Take care! :-)

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