If You Are Reading This…

…I haven’t yet blown up my blog. That’s a good thing!

WordPress isn’t happy with the version of PHP on my hosting account, so I’m attempting to upgrade it.

All by myself.

It’s supposed to be this easy:

php update instructions
Pardon my doubtfulness. But if I want to get rid of the angry pink and red box on my dashboard (and I do!), then I must at least attempt it.

So grab your earplugs and some dark glasses (do NOT look directly at the bright light) and hope that the dust from any explosions doesn’t catch a breeze.

Me? I’m going back to bed and pull the covers up! :)

13 thoughts on “If You Are Reading This…

  1. Good Luck Cammy!!! I’m a bit behind in my reading, sorry to see you are sick. Hope you feel better soon. Be kind to yourself, you’ve have a rough couple of weeks!!!! Take care.

  2. Oh fun, Cammy. Sleep it off. Computer problems are so frustrating. That’s why we all cheer when we see a techie in the office.

  3. Oh, you poor baby! I hope it works out for you and good for you for doing it yourself!
    What’s going on around here… Karen’s weird blog thing and yours… I can’t stand the Mercury Retrograde thing, but if someone told me it was, I wouldn’t be surprised.
    We’ve just had a broken oven, toilet, toaster oven that nearly burst into flames…
    Oh well. Bed sounds good!

  4. Holy crap! How do you do that!? And I hope I never have to figure it out! One thing I did learn, I do all my upgrades now from my host site and NOT by pressing the simple link on WP. My host lags behind by a few days. I’ll be crossing my fingers for you. There is a super cool new function in 3.1 where you can easily search for and insert old posts. That’s the one thing I like about the upgrade.

  5. Good luck with the upgrade. I’m glad I just use the native WordPress site, going home to more IT stuff after work is the last thing I need!

  6. Looks like you did great!

    I remember the first time I had to upgrade WordPress on my self-hosted blog… I was in a total tizz. Now I do it without blinking.

  7. I hate…word press…sorry word press, but for the brief time I had my blog over there it was very hard to use. I couldn’t figure out how to do the updates or even just change the look of my blog. Too much uploading/downloading for me!

    I wish you much success!! I know that you will figure it out, without the use of a hammer. I sometimes threaten my electronics with hammers when they won’t cooperate! 😉

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