Making It Through

Thank you all so very much for your kindness and condolences. You certainly lifted my spirits on a day when the lifting was quite heavy.

But that doesn’t excuse you from your workouts. :)

Today was easier, in part because of your compassion, and also because I had things to do. Reservations to be made, clothes to be laundered, etc. We’ll travel to Nashville tomorrow to attend family visitation, and the funeral is on Saturday afternoon. It will be lengthy as Gary receives both military rites and firefighter honors.

Needless to say, my fitness-focused self has had to move to the background. But just a little. I managed to get out yesterday in gloriously beautiful weather for a nice long walk. The fresh air, the early-blooming flowers and shrubs, and the movement helped a lot.

The small fro-yo I had afterward helped a little, too. :) A little bit of comfort eating there, and that’s okay. As long as I’m not sitting on the sofa with my hand in a bag of Cheetos, I don’t have any issues with it. Not a popular philosophy, I know, but it’s part of what make me…well, ME! :)

Besides, in a stroke of ill-timing, I had just stocked up on loads of fresh veggies and fruit on Monday, so I’m getting more than my share of those in during the day. A LOT more because I’m not sure some of it will survive the weekend and I hate to waste food. I had also barbecued 4 chicken breasts Monday night, so I’ve been trying to work my way through those. I don’t know what the weekend menu will bring, but I sure hope it’s not salad or barbecued chicken.

Life will start getting back to normal on Monday, although one thing we all know is that it can all turn upside down in an instant. The only thing to do when that happens is to make through as best we can.

On a cheerier note, I wanted to mention a small article I have out in the universe now. The folks at Diets in Review had kindly asked me to make a contribution to their excellent collection of articles. My bit is titled–and don’t you dare laugh!–Have a Romantic and Healthy Getaway. (Hey, I can plan one; I just don’t seem to be able to have one. :) )

If, like me, you have no imminent romantic getaway needs, you should feel free to browse the other articles. I’m sure you’ll find something more useful. It won’t, however, have my brilliant smile lighting up the photo section.

I’m going to continue catching up on my reader tonight and from my hotel room over the weekend, but just in case I miss you, I’ll wish you a most wonderful weekend now. How will you spend it? Perhaps you’ll dream of your own romantic and healthy getaway? Where would that be?

14 thoughts on “Making It Through

  1. Hi Cammy–I didn’t yet get the chance to wish you condolences for Gary’s loss. Thank you for speaking out and providing information about suicide–I am sure you will have helped someone, somewhere by sharing his story.

    Congrats on having an article in Diets in Review!

  2. Hey Cammy, Keep up those nice long walks, maybe even drag a few family members along with you, it may help them deal as well! Thoughts are with you and your family.

  3. I’ll be thinking of you this weekend.

    Hubby and I will have to explore the last option, stay home, at this stage. But I will spoil him nicely this weekend, as it’s his birthday.

  4. HUGS Cammy! My thoughts will be with you & your family.

    I will go check out that article now _ I need one of those get aways. Can’t afford it now but will think about it for the future!!!

    Be safe!

  5. Hi Cammy, I’m behind in my blog reading, and only read your news this morning. I am SO sorry for your loss of Gary. You and your family will be in my thoughts!!! Virtual hugs sent your way!

  6. I will read the article in a moment, but i wanted to send my deepest sympathy and wishes for safe travel

  7. A romantic AND HEALTHY getaway. Ohhh, sounds good. Must check out now…(poof).

  8. Prayers and hugs to you for the loss of Gary. I totally understand a little stress eating at this time. I have to allow that for me as well. It is a part of me so why fight it?

    I hope the weekend went well for you and your family.

  9. I am so sorry for your family’s loss. I hope all was well during your visit and that you had a chance to clelbrate and remember your dear Gary.

    I am happy to hear you got out to get your exercise and vitamin D. Look forward to hearing from you when things settle down.

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