Playing to Our Strengths

Greetings from the formerly warm and sunny South! The skies are grey and threatened to take my cheery disposition with them. Fortunately, I had a couple of cake joys in the freezer to apply as an antidote. :)

I survived the job interview today and the results were {insert hand wobble here}. I know I could do the job well; I’m just not sure if it would be a job I’d love. I guess we never know these things for sure. On the plus side: 1)each of the four people I interviewed with seemed quite personable, and 2) there would be some local travel involved and the notion of not being stuck in an office five days a week is attractive.

For the minus column: 1) the location is not where I’d like to work every day, and 2) it’s a job that requires you to be there. (Coincidentally, I’m finding that most jobs have the stipulation that you must show up. My last job did, too, and that’s why I was hoping to find something different. :) )

Seriously, like most jobs, there are aspects that are appealing and some that aren’t. In the end, I have no idea what they thought of me. I got quite a few nods of agreement to various comments, but I didn’t leave with an OMG! We must hire Cammy at double the salary we originally proposed! feeling. Nothing I can do about any of that now. Whatever happens, I liked them well enough to hope they get the perfect person for the job.

But none of that has to do with today’s title. What’s on my mind is this…

Whether we have paid or unpaid jobs, we all have strengths we bring to the table. Else, we wouldn’t be able to do these jobs. We’d be fired from the paid jobs or get turned in to Child Services or Elder Abuse for the unpaid gigs. But that hasn’t happened. (For the record, I wasn’t fired from my job; my headcount was eliminated and there wasn’t another job available that I wanted.)

Okay, back to our strengths. Through all my preparation, contemplation, and anticipation surrounding the interview, I realized that some of the same strengths that made me good at my previous jobs are the same strengths that helped me lose weight and then maintain the loss. Here are a few examples:

– I’m a problem solver. When I encounter an obstacle, I find a way around/over/through it. I like to map it all out on paper, which often reveals the root cause, and then I make a plan to correct it. I’m pretty good at it, and when I made myself the project, I had the same good results.
– I’m resilient. I may get discouraged, but I keep going. Some might call that stubbornness, but I prefer resilient because it sounds daintier. (FYI, I like tenacious when I want to appear more forceful.)
– I’m creative and I know how to build a good patch. A system or process doesn’t have to be perfect every time; it just has to work every time.
– I’m passionate about my causes and my job. Not every task, but the overall purpose and value are important to me. I’m not quite sure why it took me so long to see myself as worthy of being my passion, but fortunately I eventually saw the light.
– I look for the fun in any job, and I usually find it. Sometimes it’s ha-ha! type fun, but sometimes it’s the sense of fun that comes from overcoming a significant obstacle or simply doing something different and unexpected.

Those are just a few that come to mind–all part of what made me good at my job (Got that, HR people?), and all very useful in making a big deal life change.

It goes without saying that there are weaknesses aplenty to go with those strengths, but we’ll save those for another post. Some other time, way in the future. Right now, I’m more interested in what makes you good at your job (compensated or not) and if you’re using those same strengths to steer your own weight loss success.

18 thoughts on “Playing to Our Strengths

  1. Hi Cammy, sounds like the interview went well. If they hire you, they’re lucky to have you. If they don’t, their loss!!!! Take care.

  2. A charge nurse told me a long time ago that I was a good critical thinker. And I said, yeah, my sister would agree that I am very critical. But now that I know what a critical thinker is, it really is one of my strengths.

  3. I am so conflicted about getting a job at the moment. I might just have to write a blog post about it!

    If you want it, I hope you get it!

  4. ah…..the “work” world…it weighs heavy on my mind lately…I have many strengths…but alas…they are more than my current job needs….

  5. Back in that other world (now a distant memory!!) called CorporateLand, I was always told my greatest strength was my ability to plan, set goals and strategize, then successfully implement the plan through others with appropriate leadership and motivation. And yes, that strength has TOTALLY followed me into activities since I officially left CorporateLand and with my weight loss efforts.

    I hope the job is offered to you because it would be a confidence booster, but I also hope you have the courage to turn it down if it isn’t the right one! Keep us posted!

  6. Cammy, you have the best & most amazing attitude on life!!! If they don’t pick you, they are crazy although on the other hand, if you decide it is not right for you… well, there loss too! :-)

  7. Oh I do love a good analogy! Just the other day I was talking with my husband about finding my passion and if I’d want to go back to work and that whole having to show up thing is such a deterrent!

  8. I hope the outcome to whether or not you get this job is the outcome that you want.

    I have a new job (or soon to start job) and have a funny attitude towards it a little bit. It is much better than my old (or current job) in terms of specs, but I don’t know how happy I am to be in this field anymore. I was just having a long talk with John this morning (over bagels!). about all kinds of possibilities.

    Anyway – enough talk about me LOL! Don’t you have a book deal in the works or something? If not, you should.

  9. I agree with Lori, I hope the outcome is whatever you want.

    I know what you mean. It’s been so long since I’ve worked in an office, even thinking about it makes me a little claustrophobic!

  10. You have one of the most beautiful attitudes towards life. Were you always like this or did you go through an attitude transformation along with shedding the weight?

  11. Oh Cammy, cake joys! I was wondering what that was. Yikes…keep me away. PS – I’d hire you in a second with that attitude.

  12. I can’t wait to tell my dad that I am “resilient” the next time he calls me stubborn, which will probably be pretty soon. I’ll tell him Cammy says so… teehee

  13. I have never discovered my “passion” job and I was happily a SAHM for 16 years but I do know that my strengths are my desire to be of service, my positive attitude and creative problem solving and my work ethic. Whatever job I have I am devoted to doing the very best I can. Employers do not always see those things in people – the hiring process is mysterious. I hope that you are able to find the right fit for you – your employer will be very lucky.

  14. I love you positive attitude! If this is the job you want and it works for you then I hope you get it. I don’t know if I have actually ever sat down and thought about my strengths in a job. My personal strengths are that I am positive, upbeat, compassionate and love working with people. When I was doing Martial Arts the Instructor called me tenacious and I honestly did not know what it meant. When I did find out what it meant I did not take it as a negative I took it to mean that I was not a quitter. That alone will help me be successful with my weight loss goals and whatever else I decide to do in my life.

  15. I certainly hope you find exactly what you are looking for.

    I am not getting any answers from myself on what my strengths are…must give it some thought.

  16. Cammy, from reading this post I want to create a job just so that I could hire you – does a move to Indiana sound at all appealing (we got corn!!) LOL

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