Room With A View

Ahh, home sweet (chilly) home! Much cooler temps here than in Florida, but it’s still good to be here.

The last hotel on our tour was one of those places with exterior entries. Old people (a.k.a. my parents) seem to have a fondness for parking in front of their rooms. All I ask is that the room be clean and safe and have HGTV. I don’t care if I have to park a block away. At this hotel, I found myself with this view from my window:

View of Candy Machine

Oh no!

No problem, I thought, I’ll have the curtains drawn anyway. But that made the small room even smaller. And I didn’t like the idea of listening to other people squelching their snack attacks all night while I munched on pistachios or apples. Again. So off I went to get a different room.

The new room was bigger and had a view of the parking lot, but if I stood in the corner on my tiptoes and no other cars were in the lot, I could see the gulf. Not ideal, but better than it was, and it wasn’t like I was going to live there anyway. Fitting, considering that’s basically my approach to the return to real life from a splurge-y and indulgent vacation.

Many of you already know I’m not one of those people who stays completely “on plan” while traveling. I try not to go buck wild, but I refuse to spend valuable vacation time counting calories or insisting we go only to my choice of restaurants. Thanks to the ubiquitous grilled chicken salad, I do okay, even if my “mostly healthy eating” slides into “frequently healthy eating” along the way. It’s vacation, and it’s meant to be enjoyed. Just as that hotel rooms wasn’t permanent, I know that that way of eating isn’t for the long term either. Not for me. Not anymore.

So now I’m home. The vacation indulgence curtain is closed, and I’ve changed rooms. From here, I see the return of “mostly healthy” to my daily diet and regular (and more vigorous) exercise to my schedule. It’s not a perfect view, since I’m not about to give up the occasional* brownie or cupcake treat, but it’s a whole lot better than it once was. I enjoy dipping a tippy toe in that other world, but this is where I want to live.

What are your vacation plans this year? Going anywhere exotic?

*Reminder to self: occasional does not mean daily. :)

17 thoughts on “Room With A View

  1. My vacation plans…well…stepping into wedded life on my vacation!

  2. I really like your attitude, Cammy. Its mostly my attitude, but I allow a little guilt and anxiety to creep in there. I’ve got three fun trips coming up in the next few months and I am going to try to enjoy them guilt free. Favorite line: ” The vacation indulgence curtain is closed”

  3. We are heading to LA soon to visit a college with our teen. Not sure that counts since it is not really vacation. But in the fall I will be heading back to Canyon Ranch with my mom and SILs and that counts! LOVEEEEE that place:)

  4. I take your attitude on vacations, too. I do indulge when it’s really worth it – but try to keep things from being as you say, buck wild. I figure if I can return to my pre-trip weight in two weeks, it’s all good.

    I’ve got two things going this year – a trip to Florida to visit a friend in May and then my first ever trip to Nova Scotia with friends.

  5. Welcome Home! You’ve got such a great attitude. Good for you for changing rooms–I’ve got to stand up for myself more often. The “ubiquitous grilled chicken salad” YES! I’ve been there. And gotten pretty tired of grilled chicken salads. Glad you’re home.

  6. Welcome home! My sister-in-law says calories never count on vacation. 😉

    Our next vacation away from home isn’t until Sept-Oct when we will celebrate our 20th anniversary in Hawaii and get to see the Ironman Triathalon. All those hard bodies, woot! Er, I mean, ah the romance!

  7. Welcome home Cammy! Sounds like you had a great trip. Good for you for easing up on the calorie counting and just enjoying yourself. This year? No plans yet, it’ll depend when my husband gets working again. Have a great day Cammy.

  8. You are too funny! But I love your attitude about traveling with the old folks. I owe my wanderlust from my parents and the least I can do is help them keep traveling as long as possible now that they are becoming uncomfortable doing it on their own. But yes, I’m well acquainted with the mindset that says we have to have a first floor room so we can park in front of the door.

    We are headed to Colorado in May. Our summer trip got put on hiatus last year while we helped care for Mr. B’s dad so we are both chomping at the bit to get going again.

  9. That’s a nice healthy vacation attitude!

    I don’t know if we are doing anything. We didn’t think it was in the budget this year, but with my new raise, it is possible for at least a couple weekend getaways. Maybe a weekend in Boston is called for.

  10. i’m always excited to go on a vacation, and almost as glad to get home again after :)
    congrats on being fairly good on vacay and getting back to being really good once you got home!

  11. Sounds like you have figured out a way to have your cake and eat it too!

    This summer I am going to enjoy living like a rock star in my swanky pad!!!

    Nothing but day trips for us this year…can’t wait!

  12. Welcome home, Cammy! Your outlook and attitude are inspiring, lady! I think it’s important to be flexible if you’re away from home or have a special occasion, too. Living and eating healthfully as part of our regular routine affords us the chance to be a little more relaxed in our choices on vacation or at an event.

    No plans for anything exotic in the near future, though I am planning to get to Maryland for a long weekend sometime soon. And early next year, I have my sights set on England. 😉

  13. It’s been a couple of years since we’ve been on any type of vacation. I told DH I would love to have a night in a hotel by myself (we have 3 young kids) — no cooking, no cleaning, no interruptions. I love being a mom, but I need a break.

  14. Love the analogy Cammy & love that you live your life this way… we got to enjoy too, right!

    No $$ for vacation here.. been that way for at least a couple years…

  15. What a great analogy. Yes, we do relax our standards when on vacation, but we don’t live there!

  16. Cammy! :) I love your view on things. I want to be just like you when I grow up. :) I’m working on it already.

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