Sunny Side Up!

Day 5 of my Spring Break with the Parents ordeal holiday, and I’m happy to report abundantly sunny skies so far. You can take that both literally and figuratively. :)

Since I’m doing this trip primarily for my parents, I’m letting them dictate most of the schedule and events. Which has made for an interesting few days, to say the least, given the gender gap AND the difference in lifestyles. I’m not having my usual Florida-style vacation, lemme tell ya!

A few highlights, to date:

St Augustine FL

St Augustine, Fla

We arrived in St. Augustine midday, Day 2. See those skies? They’ve been like that for the whole trip. Amazing!

It was St. Patrick’s Day and the historic district was jammed with people. And reptiles!

girl with snake


And no, there are no pictures of Yours Truly with a snake around her neck. Not even the itsy bitsy baby snake these people had. I snapped this photo and ran!

With the crowds downtown, we chose to go waterside for dinner. We found a nice little restaurant on the marsh and were able to witness a lovely sunset with our meal.

sunset st augustine

St. Augustine Sunset

I also enjoyed a lovely chopped salad with apple vinaigrette. I’ll be on a recipe hunt when I return home. It was yummy! (Note that I didn’t include any mention of the cheesy garlic bread I also enjoyed. LOL)(Oh, wait. I guess the cat’s out of the bag now.)

We drove down the beach highway for a while the next day, where we observed a new to us sport, paddle surfing!

paddle surfers

Paddle Surfers Flagler Beach, FL

I know the people are teensy in the photo, but basically, they’re standing on their surfboards and using a single paddle to navigate. It’s surfing with a view! And that’s apparently one of the reasons for its popularity now. Surfers can ride more waves and see incoming swells better. Heck, I’d enjoy it just for the awesome core workout it would require just to stand and paddle!

After enjoying a leisurely stroll down a public pier and a coffee/tea break, we stopped briefly for a photo op at a southern shrine .

Cammy at Daytona Speedway

Daytona Speedway

After that, I introduced my parents to Five Guys, and then we moved back to I-95 to continue south. It was an eerie drive, with repeated wildfire sightings to the west.

Florida wildfire

Wildfire near Viera, FL

I think this was the third wildfire we saw off in the distance. During one of our pitstops, I asked about it, and the locals seemed oblivious. I guess you get used them after a while?

We arrived in West Palm Beach, rested (and separated) for a bit, before heading off to a local pub for some NCAA basketball viewing and dinner. I intended to order a waldorf salad with grilled chicken, but I forgot to order the grilled chicken part. After the burger at lunch, I figured I was okay for protein for the day. :)

Day 4 brought the ultimate purpose of this trip: Spring Training!

Cardinal Spring Training

Spring Training - St. Louis Cardinals

We’re longtime St. Louis Cardinal fans and have seen them play in St. Louis, but my mother decided she wanted to see them in Spring Training. Given the locale and the sunny skies, I thought it was a good idea. Unfortunately, the Cardinals lost to the Florida Marlins after a bone-headed error by the left- and center-fielders. Little League players know the importance of calling for a fly ball, but these two guys didn’t. Sheesh.

Our very pricey box seat tickets included a $5 off coupon to a local sports bar/pub, so that’s where we went for dinner. More NCAA basketball and more salad. I remembered the chicken this time. :)

This morning, I informed my parents we were going to the beach. I didn’t come this far to spend all my time inland. LOL They were more than accommodating, of course, and I found the perfect place.

Blowing Rocks Preserve beach

Blowing Rocks Preserve, Hobe Sound, FL

I’d heard about Blowing Rocks Preserve before, but I wasn’t prepared for the majesty of it. Located on Hobe Sound, this stretch of beach is managed by the Nature Conservancy and home to hundreds of loggerhead turtles during nesting season. It’s Florida, pre-developers, and it’s amazing. Centuries of incoming and outgoing tides have carved the limestone into the most breathtaking configurations.

The seas were calm this morning, so we didn’t get the full effects of the water-on-rocks, but if I’m very, very lucky, I’ll be able to come back someday. This place has forever captured my heart.

heart shape carved in rock

Tomorrow we slather on more sunscreen for another afternoon at the ballpark. (Remind me not to travel with sports nuts again.) I’m hoping to spend the evening catching up on your happenings as well as packing for Tuesday’s departure to the gulf side of Florida. Until then, I’ll wish you all a wonderful week ahead!

13 thoughts on “Sunny Side Up!

  1. Sounds like you’re having a great time. Give the snake a go next time, as long as they’re not a poisonous variety they feel quite sexy!

  2. ahhh Im torn between wanting to say THAT SOUNDS SOO FUN (and my parents adore the 5 guys!) and thinking I do not know if I could do it with my own parents.


    I said it.

    Im a…mediocre daughter :)

  3. Cammy, yes, it can be a tough thing vacationing with parents but I so admire you for doing it. My parents are gone so for me, I wish I had more time… I am sure that is what you are thinking about anyway.

    The pics, amazing!!! Fun!!! And the apple vinaigrette dressing – I hope you get the recipe! :-)

    Keep on enjoying!

  4. I LOVE St. Augustine!!! Every time we go to Florida, we go there. I love the walking tours of the city… and riding the trolleys. And when you’re interested a little indulgence, the ice cream shop across from the city gates has the BEST yellow cake ice cream you’ll ever taste in your life. It’s got yellow cake and chocolate icing mashed up through it. Amazing!!!

  5. Cheesy garlic bread … I didn’t hear that. Looks like you’re having a lot of fun. Enjoy!

  6. Really? Pricey seats for spring training? Goodness me.

    That weather looks idyllic, said as I sit looking at it snow outside…

  7. Having done the parental road trip, I commend you for undertaking the project. I had to continue to remind myself that time would come when I’d want them to be able to travel, so enjoy it while I can. They are both gone now and I wish we’d done one last trip together.

  8. You are a good daughter! I just got home from ONE day with mom and ONE day with dad, and I am DONE…

    Turtles!! You caught my attention there. Going back to check out the Five Guys…

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