Weekend Edition

Highly stressful and sad weekend with all the reports from Japan. My heart just aches for the people there. Coming so soon after the devastation in Christchurch, it’s a vivid reminder of how very simple and blessed my life is.

Weather-wise, it was a nice weekend here. After a week or so of dismal weather–not to mention, life events–I needed it! I finally felt like and was able to get in some hour-long walks both yesterday and today. I worked up an itsy bitsy sweat on both days (the benefits of over-insulating), and it felt soooo good!

Our early bloomers are putting on quite the show this year. Wanna see a sampling?

Okay, it was a rhetorical question. You don’t get to vote. :) But I’ll be brief, I promise.First, from my neighborhood walk:

forsythia in bloom


Saucer magnolia

Saucer Magnolia

And from the park:

Star Magnolia

Star Magnolia

Finally, from my Memaw’s gardens:


Daffodils. Duh. (a.k.a Buttercups, in the South)



Memaw’s rose bed is kicking in as well. She already has a few buds! I’m not sure I’ve ever shared a photo of Memaw’s rose bed (also home of last summer’s still-remarked-upon watermelon):

Memaw's rose bed

Memaw's "raised" rose bed

It’s neat in that it’s cut into the side of a hill and supported by a retaining wall. This way, the soil and weeds are at waist level, and she doesn’t have to stoop or kneel too much (she’s 90, after all). Plus, though she’d never admit it, she has the wall to hold onto when she needs it. My father built it for her when she moved in with them. I know he did it partly because he loves her and knows she gets a lot of joy from gardening, but I also suspect he saw himself doing all that weeding and pruning. :)

Thus, endeth our pictorial review. To those of you still experiencing the effects of winter, I hope these photos serve as proof that Spring is headed your way, too!

On tap in the week ahead:
Monday – a.m. with the senior set, p.m. recovering from a.m.
Tuesday – a.m. mani-pedi, p.m. job interview (not the one I’d hoped for, but this one seems interesting on the surface)
Wednesday – early a.m. leave for 2 weeks in Florida. With my parents. Both of them. :)

So, mantra for the foreseeable future: This time together is a gift.

What’s up with you this week? Whatever it is, I hope you’ll enjoy it! Or come up with a helpful mantra. :)

18 thoughts on “Weekend Edition

  1. hello spring! looks like things are blooming there already. here, i see the top few inches of some tulips and daffodils, and i’m crossing my fingers that they keep going and i get to see some flowers sooner or later :)
    two weeks with the parents, wow, have fun! please take sunny pretty beach pictures for those of us a little further north :)
    and good luck on the interview.

  2. From those of us living in the desert, still waiting for the cacti to bloom, thanks for the colorful pics of spring! I so miss wildflower season in Texas and the redbuds and magnolias blooming.

  3. Have a good trip
    Will there be any CAMMY-TIME while there?

    family can be amazing and amazingly stressful.
    or perhaps Im projecting :)

  4. Raised flower beds are a great idea! Maybe I’d garden too if I had them… Or maybe not.

    Hope you have a good week with the senior set and good luck with the job interview. I must fit in a pedi as well this week…

  5. Cammy, loved the pics. I live in CA but I always love pics of flowers!!!

    Good luck on job interview! I know that need for money too! UGH!

    Trip with family sounds nice.. yes, time is precious! Enjoy!

  6. Oh, the hyacinths are beautiful. This early spring is one thing I definitely LOVE about moving to the South.

    By the way, I thought of you yesterday when I saw Brene Brown on PBS discussing her newest book. She’s amazing. She’ll be speaking at St. Jude on May 25th. I’m half tempted to see if I can go. I purchased her earlier book about women and shame and started it last night. So looking forward to reading more. There’s nothing I love more than good books written by people with good credentials.

  7. I was wondering what was happening with the jobs. Hope you have a nice visit with your folks. I’m going to enjoy my son, home from college, later this week. Dinners all planned to meet his requests:)

  8. Love spring flowers. Being at the tale end of summer our gardens are full of fading brightness.

    I’m still in shock for our beloved Christchurch and can hardly bear to watch the news from Japan. Those poor people. It certainly feels as though the world has gone crazy but I sit here in comfort and look out into a beautiful sunny autumn day. I’m surrounded by quietness, birdsong and fluttering butterflies. I treasure this peaceful place.

    Hope the job interview works out well.

  9. The devastation Japan is dealing with breaks my heart. It doesn’t happen often, but with regard to this tragedy, I am truly without words.

    Thank you for sharing all of the beautiful flower photos – I adore the forsythia and all of the pretty blooms, really. Nice to see spring is just about here. And how about your Memaw?! That’s amazing, that she still tends a garden – good for her! :-)

    Also – good luck tomorrow, Cammy. And have a wonderful time with your parents in Florida

  10. LOVE the rose garden–what a nice thing to do, and I hope I am still gardening at 90, and I hope somebody has built me a raised bed!!!

  11. Love your photos of spring! We’ll probably have a few more snowfalls in Colorado before we see any flowers, but you never know. It’s been a pretty weird winter.

    The events in Japan are happening very close to where we lived for 3 years, so it’s tough to watch the footage.

  12. You seem to be getting back on track after having an off couple of weeks. Your vacation sounds great! In the last couple of years we taken the parents on vacations. What a blessing to be able to spend that quality time with them. Love the flowers….I am so excited for spring. It smelled like spring outside today. My week is filled with house hunting. My husband and I a going to be doing some rehabbing. Have a great time in Florida. :-)

  13. Happy Spring! I love the winter and hate to see it end but seeing the beauty of spring makes it easier to handle. It’s only in the 40s today but the snow is melting and we’ll be bloomin soon too. Love the idea of getting out of the gym for the outKdoors. Going to give the C25K another shot on the outside. Enjoy the sunshine!

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