Gym Woes – 2011 Edition

O woe, WOE is me….

Y’all remember last year when I threw a hissy fit expressed displeasure at my then-gym’s insistence that a change in management required me to “re-enroll” (and pay an enrollment fee) to continue my membership. I pouted mulled things over for a bit, finally deciding to take advantage of the situation to evaluate all the gyms within 2-3 miles of my house. There were quite a few, and I liked something about each one.

After much debate, I finally decided on 24HourFitness. I’ve had some great workouts (*BOSU love*), met some nice people, and received some nice compliments on my form from various trainers. No regrets here on my choice!

But, as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end and this good thing may be ending. My membership expired at the same time that I received an offer letter for a year’s prepaid membership at a great rate. I should have been suspicious when I received the letter on the day it expired, but I dutifully hustled over to the gym with my checkbook in hand.

“Nope,” they said. “This is a corporate thing and you have to sign up through them. Call the number on the letter.” Never mind that the letter expressly lists visiting the gym (first!) as one of the ways to sign up for the offer, I obligingly step to the side and call the number on the letter.

“No,” the polite Indian lady said. “We can’t enroll you in the that program over the phone. You have to go to the gym.”

“I”m in the lobby of the gym, and they said I have to call you.”

“We can’t enroll you over the phone. You have to go to the gym.”

“I’m AT the gym! They said to call you!”

Repeat that couplet a few more times and you get the picture of how that little interaction turned out. So I returned to the desk…and learned that no one who could help me was in the house. The clerk took a copy of my letter and my phone number and assured me the club manager would call me the next day.

That was two days ago. On a lark, I tried enrolling online (the letter listed that as the third way I could take advantage of the offer), but I’m sure you can guess how that turned out.

And so, I’m in limbo again. I’ll drop by the gym tomorrow, but I’m not hopeful they’re going to honor the offer. Their other current offer is about twice what my old gym is charging, so I’m thinking I’ll drop by there to see if anything has changed in my absence.

I like the staff at 24Hour Fitness, but the old gym is looking good for several reasons:
1) cost (save about $100/year)
2) proximity (less than a mile from my house)
3) open 24/7, 365 days a year (oddly, 24 Hour Fitness isn’t open 24 hours and closes for some holidays)

My plan is to complete my two visits and ponder for a few days. Meanwhile, I’ve got some heavy-duty projects to do around the house, and I’m going to explore the exercise programs available on my On Demand cable package. If I feel like I’m getting in enough exercise with walking/biking, projects, and exercise TV, I may just stick with no gym for a while. Time will tell.

This might not have been such a big deal if a) I didn’t take my exercise so seriously, and b) it came on a weekend that I had to contact several companies (mainly hotels) who haven’t been doing what they said they’d do. Grrrr….

It’s part of my nature to expect something good to come from all this, so I’m expecting an awesome Monday! :) I hope yours is half as amazing!

16 thoughts on “Gym Woes – 2011 Edition

  1. Im with ANDREW but also know it’s what we want and need emotionally which is as important here…so I shall visualize them HONORING THAT OFFER!!

  2. Oh Cammy, that would have sent me over the edge! :) I get so frustrated with stuff like that. I know that you will have a great day today. :)

  3. Cammy. I have had a lot of issues with 24 Hour Fitness when I wanted to “complain” about something.. not cleaning up the gym, poor equipment maintenance & things like that. I finally wrote an email on their website & I got not only a response from the 2 gyms I was going to but also a call from the Regional manager as I asked to speak to him too & nobody on the 800 line would get me to him.. saying all that, they still don’t maintenance or clean! BUT, you may be able to get to your regional guy & complain about the letter you got & no response from the gym or the 800 number. Yes, very frustrating!

    You have some good options though! :-)

  4. Gyms! They’re such a racket! I hope you get it all sorted out to your satisfaction.

  5. How frustrating! I have not been to the gym in ages. Seemed no point to go once I knew I was scheduled for surgery. I do still go with my mom to hers once a week to workout with a trainer. (But she pays!) And soon I’ll be biking outside (if the darn weather will cooperate) and that always conflicts with the classes I did at the gym. So, maybe no gym for me this year.

  6. It was after a third (and LAST!) experience similar to this with three different gym’s that I gave it up altogether. I’ll NEVER buy another gym membership of any kind. As you can see, you hit a raw nerve! Complaints about enrollment/renewal tactics at gyms rank at the top of the list nationwide. Sad, but true!!

    Having completed my rant, I hope you find a solution that works for you. I’ve admired your diligence to visiting the gym and and I will admit, there are advantages you get from a gym workout that are hard to duplicate in any other setting. Good luck!

  7. Oh GRRRR!!!! That is beyond frustrating!!!! Hope it all gets sorted out soon. Have a good Monday!!

  8. Oh, my goodness, I was getting so frustrated for you while reading this. I had to remind myself to breath.

    I hope you do have a magnificent Monday.

  9. Great attitude but now I want to know the rest of the story!

    Hope something fantastic happened! Let us know.

  10. I get so aggravated when things like that happens. I hate talking on the phone anyway! I hope things get worked out in a way that you are happy with, Cammy.

  11. I feel your frustration.
    I have such a love/hate with gyms. It’s such bliss to first sign up and then it’s like trying to get out of the mob if something isn’t working for you.
    I can’t wait to hear what happens.
    Good Luck!!

  12. I appreciate how wildly frustrating this was for you, but it was a pleasure to read. Hope you solve your gym dilemma soon. And if you like one more than the other, an extra $100 over the course of an entire year really isn’t that bad.

  13. Thanks for your comment!

    I soooo get your frustration :)

    To answer Andrew, if Cammy’s anything like me, we NEED to get to a gym to do the exercise!

  14. Not sure if you are still looking…or what costs you are looking at..but Costco has 2 year prepaid memberships for 24hour fitness for $299. That was cheaper for us than a month to month. I had my parents order it for me..since they have a costco membership.

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