Loco for Lima Beans

I was browse-reading 7 Nutrients You Need More Of (Wisebread) and nodding my head knowingly as they ran down the list: potassium, calcium, vitamin D, dietary fiber, iron, folate, and Vitamin B12. As expected, they provided a list of good sources of each. What I didn’t expect was that my much beloved and oft-ignored lima bean was a good source for 4 of the 7 nutrients!

Lima beans

Limas are my absolute favorite bean! As such, you’d imagine I have them frequently but for some reason, I don’t. They fall between the occasionally and seldom categories for me, and I don’t know why.

Okay, I do know why. With 15g of carbohydrates per 1/2 cup serving, lima beans fall into the starchy vegetable column, which translates to Avoid At All Costs in most dieting plans. Never mind that I said farewell to those plans four years and 100 pounds ago, the anti-starchies conditioning apparently still lingers. This despite my written note-to-self that one of my daily 5-7 fruits and veggie servings could be of the starchy variety. I think I’ve been unthinkingly avoiding the starchies.

And missing out on a whole lotta nutrition, not to mention tastiness! According to calorie count, baby lima beans (my favorite-favorite) score high in these nutritional categories:
* Very low in saturated fat
* No cholesterol
* Very low in sodium
* High in dietary fiber
* High in iron
* Very high in manganese
* High in magnesium
* High in phosphorus
* High in potassium
* High in vitamin C

I lose the fat/cholesterol benefit because I top my limas with a smidge of butter (!!!), but the rest of the list has served as powerful reminder to me that “starchy vegetables” are not only OKAY, but very beneficial!

Do you share my lima love? How do you prepare them? Or have you been avoiding the starchies?

Okay, I’ve got to run. I need to call my dad to make sure he planted lima beans this year. And lots of them! :)

14 thoughts on “Loco for Lima Beans

  1. Lima beans, huh? Hmmmm….. I think I tried them once as a kid (didn’t like); my family never served them. I may have to take this as a challenge for my veggie-quest. I never thought I’d like collard greens, but I do. So maybe I’ll like lima beans, too, if I can find the right recipe.

  2. I LOVE limas – maybe it’s a Tennessee thing! Kroger now has them in those microwavable steamer bags that are a reasonable size and very good. I know they are really good for me, but portions add up quickly and I do tend to eat too many of them.

  3. Hi Cammy. Gee, I haven’t had lima beans since I was a little girl. And I remember fighting my parents tooth and nail because I didn’t want to eat them. I need to give them another chance, those nutritional stats are impressive. Have a great day.

  4. my first thought?
    Im NOT a fan of the lima bean
    my next thought: wait have I ever even eaten a lima bean??

  5. I HATE lima beans. I used to swallow them whole when my mom served them to us as kids. But I’m with you on the whole starchy vegetable thing. Its ridiculous, but I find its in the back of my mind too.

  6. I dont’ even know what lima beans taste like. I assumed I didn’t like them,b ut I can’t remember ever trying them.
    I really should make them because they’d be great for my daughter. She might love them like you do!
    Thanks for the info.

  7. Okay, Cammy! I tried them. I found a recipe from allrecipes.com and pretty much based it on that.

    Not bad.

    I read some reviews that they are smooth and creamy. How could a bean be smooth and creamy? Yep. They are. The texture kinda threw me off guard, but once I figured they were like mashed potatoes in a bean, I was okay with them.

    2 out of my 3 kids will eat them. Hubby likes them.

    Here’s the recipe if you are interested:

    Thanks for the idea!

  8. Okay, Cammy! I got your comment about the Lima beans and my garden… I looked into it, and Lima beans are bush beans. No trellis/net needed. So, I planted some. I look forward to trying them.

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