Wanna Look Like a Model? You Probably Do!

Within a few minutes of meeting me, you will figure out that I don’t spend much time reading fashion magazines. Not even while I’m waiting in line at the grocery store. (That time is reserved for scanning the headlines of the trashy tabloids.)

It’s not that I don’t care about looking nice, but that I don’t care to be constantly reminded that no matter how many cupcakes I skip, how many presses/crunches/curls/dips/squats/lunges I do, or how many gallons of water I drink, I will never look like the women in the magazines. All those negative comparisons can wear a gal out. Rather than risk falling into the trap, I just avoid those kinds of magazines entirely. Which leaves me with lots of free time to appreciate ME, as I am, blemishes, wrinkles, and squish belly included. It also leaves me looking slightly fashion-backward, but hey, if that’s my only flaw (it’s not), I’m doing well.

Thanks to an article on calorie-count.com, I’ve found a website that has, once and for all, freed me of my magazine model avoidance tendencies. iWANEXStudio is a photo retouching service. Click on the Portfolio link and then click on a thumbnail photo to expand it. Next, move the curser/pointer away from the photo and watch the magic!

Wrinkles vanish! Pores close miraculously! Under-eye circles disappear! Whole sizes gone in a poof! In their place, porcelain/olive flawless skin and curvaceous bodies appear. It’s truly a miracle!

It’s photo editing, obviously, and I needed this reminder that photos in magazines have been optimized to sell a product. Models have wrinkles and pores, too. None of us is more ideal than the other. Some of us just get photo-shopped.

As I was writing this, I recalled my own brief brush with photo editing silliness. For my pictorial debut in Woman’s Day last year, I was asked to submit a photo. I did, and this is what appeared in the magazine.

woman's day photo: Cammy

Nice photo, but it doesn’t look like me. I was wearing a slightly berry-hued lipstick and my natural skin tone is flushed. I have tiny red veins and freckles. My teeth weren’t that white when they first came in when I was a pre-schooler. In other words, I was photo-shopped. (But that is my smile.)

In the online article, Woman’s Day used the full-length photo I sent them. The funny thing is that they must have used an intermediate version of the photo because my upper half has been ‘shopped, but my lower section doesn’t appear to have been touched at all. (Bet Halle Berry never had to deal with that!)

For kicks and giggles, here’s a side-by-side comparison:

comparison photos

Left: My self-timer photo; Right: Woman's Day web photo

I remember some guy commenting on the article asked about my lobster arms. I wanted to reply that my face had been lightened–a LOT–but I let it go. There’s just no pleasing the public. :)

My point in all this is to remind anyone who, like me, sometimes forgets that magazine photos are idealized versions of real people like us–blemishes, pores, and bellies included! If you need a reminder, just visit the portfolios on iWANEXStudio and click a few befores and afters, We are all blessed with imperfections!

Side note: No cupcake(s) this weekend, and it was a non-issue. I opted for fro-yo as a consolation prize. :) But it did point out that I’m overdue for a cupcake and need to work up a challenge for myself to “win” one. I love winning things! :)

Oh, one more thing: Happy Monday!

17 thoughts on “Wanna Look Like a Model? You Probably Do!

  1. I totally agree with the photo re-touching in magazines occuring and confusing us…
    but yours just looks color corrected. Although why they left the top part of you a totally different color than the rest is un-knowable.
    The fact is that you look so beautiful. I prefer your normal coloring!

  2. This post made me smile! I stopped reading those kind of mags decades ago – I was just never going to be “that” girl. These days, IF I ever buy a magazine, and it’s a big IF, it’s a trashy gossip rag!

  3. Yes, photoshopping irritates the crap out of me. Not so much for me, but for my young nieces. I know they probably do not understand as they are too young and it worries me.

  4. Do you mean to be funny or are you one of those people who is naturally funny. You may not intend to make me smile or laugh but you do. Thank you! Proud of you for resisting the cupcake and hope you come up will a really good way to earn/win a cupcake of your choice. I think I had two or maybe three for you this weekend.

  5. What a HOOT! But it’s such a relief to know I’ll not have to buy a whole new wardrobe before I meander across the state for us to have lunch. Make that lunch and a cupcake!!

  6. I am a person who wishes they had garanimals for adults. I would so love it if I could buy fashion forward separates using labels with pictures of animals to mix and match. At this point in my life though I am all about comfort!
    Good job on choosing the fro-yo! I used my splurge meal (May’s) yesterday. It was sooo worth it!

  7. I’ve struggled my entire life with my body image. When I was at my very thinnest, I thought I looked like a big fat cow, and at my heaviest 100 pounds ago, I never thought I was THAT big.

    My goal now is really to be comfortable in my own skin. When I decided to work out with a trainer, she asked me what my goal was. I looked at her with a straight face and told her, I wanted to feel comfortable enough in my own skin to moon someone. I know that may sound like a weird goal, but my butt and thighs have always caused me the biggest grief. I would love to photo-shop them away. I just want to make peace with them…someday.

  8. Wow, that photoshopping is amazing. I’m kind of disillusioned. I actually thought there really were people who looked that good LOL.

    Good on ya for skipping the cupcakepalooza. Froyo is generally a safer (and most worthy) option for me. I like your idea of earning a cupcake though. Think I just might do that!

  9. Great post Cammy! I am gonna check that site out – you knew I would! But yes, I know that all the models are photo-shopped but kids don’t & even young adults don’t admit it to themselves. I love when Oprah & Jamie Lee Curtis & others show the real them without make-up so people can get it.

    On a side note – congrats on setting a plan to win that cupcake! 😉

  10. Kinda wierd that they would “shop” a picture of a contributor – but I agree that they were probably trying to color correct and not really change you as completely as they change some of the models!

    I grew up pre-photo shop but I am sure that many of the images i grew up thinking were real had been altered, too – It has just gone into overboard levels now.

  11. What no cupcake on Easter weekend? I thought for sure you would have a carrot cake cupcake!

    You are so right about the photos for print ads and who knows what they do to the movies we see.

    I will have to check out that website. I would love a little “lift” here and there as things just see, to be heading South!

  12. amen to all of this.
    I was once so retouched I looked entirely Asian in the end and no one knew it was me.

  13. All the retouching of photos in magazines makes me angry. Who knows WHAT is real in print anymore!!! For the record, I like the original photo better. Have a great day Cammy!!!!

  14. There’s such good things in this post.

    I still read mags and such, and I find it fascinating to wonder what’s been photoshopped… and just how much the person actually LOOKS like they do in the photos.

    It would be great if there were a magazine out there that didn’t airbrush. What a novelty!

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