Weekend Reading, for a Change

We woke up to early thunderstorms this morning. No damage in the immediate area, except to my internet service. Considering what the storms did to the west of us, we are very fortunate! And while it’s super windy outside, the clouds are gone and the sun is shining. Perfect Friday afternoon weather!

Interesting and potentially useful articles that popped into my read recently:

How to Fix a Bike Flat (Wisebread), in which the author discusses not only the step-by-step, but problems that might occur along the way. I’ve never changed a bike tire (and hope I never have to), so I’m printing a copy of these instructions to include in my seat kit.

How to Stop Worrying What Other People Think (Pick the Brain) gives four helpful tips on focusing on what you think is important and letting go of the fear-inducing “other people’s opinions.”

But if you’re not happy with the way things are going, then You Know, You Can Change Who You Are (Dumb Little Man) is an excellent follow-up to the previous article, with good examples of folks who have successfully overhauled their lives and questions you might ask yourself if you’re feeling stuck. And they get extra credit for using DietGirl as one of those admirable examples!

Whether you need to change out a flat bike tube or change your life, the uniting theme seems to be, Keep Trying!

But only if you want to! :)

Wishing you all a most marvelous weekend!


8 thoughts on “Weekend Reading, for a Change

  1. So glad you didn’t have much storm damage. Little Rock is a MESS — trees down everywhere. I was awakened by tornado sirens at 2am, which was followed immediately by hail, wind, and rain like I’ve never experienced before. When I went out into my apartment complex parking lot this morning, there was patio furniture strewn about and a few trees completely down. The storms were terrifying. I had never been so scared of the weather, but I was fortunate. Several others were not.

  2. Cammy, so glad you are OK! I saw the weather on the news – YIKES! I need those second two! I don’t ride bikes – for now – but with my feet, who knows for later! 😉

  3. Cammy! Glad to hear that you are OK! I may have to check out the article about worrying what other people think. That always seems to get the best of me!

  4. Missed your blog, Cammy. You always find the most interesting things to read on the net; I’m grateful for that, especially now (so behind on reading blogs, I think I may just have to clear my reader and start fresh). Hope you’ve been well while I’ve been gone/recuperating.

  5. I love all things DG.
    she inspires me way beyond the real of fitnessment :)

    have a great week, Cammy!!

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