Wicked Wind of the West

Well. My Monday was magnificent, but not in the way I’d originally intended. A massive thunderstorm blew through and left fallen trees, major power outages (17,000 still without power 30 hours later), and mucho $$$ in damages in its wake.

Fortunately, I suffered a loss of only one significantly-sized tree limb, which fell safely on my lawn, and a very brief power outage. Others were not so blessed.

Around noon, I received a call from Wally, in full panic mode because his neighbor had dropped by to let him know that he had “Big-time Roof Damage!!!” Plus, his new gate was stuck shut, and he couldn’t get in his back yard to see if there was any damage to the back of his house. (Keep in mind that Wally can barely see his hand in front of his face; I’m not sure how he thought he was going to “see” the top story of his house from the ground. :) )

Rather than do what he wanted and look up the number of his insurance agent so he could get someone out there right away, I lied said I was going to be in his neighborhood and offered to come by and check it out.

Big-Time Roof Damage

"Big-Time Roof Damage"

Yes, he has damage, but to my mind, a 3’x3′ section of roof is NOT “Big-time!”, even if you include the 4 or 5 missing shingles on the back of the house. If it wasn’t a second-story job and a very steep roof, I could probably fix it myself. I didn’t mention that, because I suspect he’d have tried to send me to Home Depot to buy a very tall ladder. I did fix the gate, which required a Phillips-head screwdriver and allowed me to stand on the ground. That will have to be enough. :) Even though I assured him the repairs would be well under his deductible, we did call his insurance agent who told him to get estimates and call back. I hope this doesn’t take a long time, because 86-year old people do NOT wait well.

I tried to point out to Wally that it could have been much, much worse. On the drive to his house, I had seen many homes with blue tarps for roofs. These people probably would be extremely grateful to have a few missing shingles:

storm damage to house

Storm Damage

Not a great photo, but I was trying to get out of everyone’s way. It looked like a fallen tree took out about a third of this house. There were four other houses in the immediate vicinity with trees on or in them. As far as I know, no one was hurt.

These people were very fortunate, as were their neighbors across the street:

fallen tree

Fallen tree + pretty azaleas

Their tree fell away from the house and into the street. Fortunately, it wasn’t tall enough to do any damage to the house across the street and there weren’t any cars parked streetside. Whew!

One of my waking trails suffered some damage as well:

Fallen Trees

Fallen Trees

One would hope that no one was out walking the path during that storm! There were about 7 or 8 trees down across the park grounds. I’ll certainly miss them in July!

So all things considered, my Monday was magnificent indeed! Wally’s was a little less so, but he’s still very fortunate. It will just take me a while to convince him of that. :)

I know that many of you were also in the path of this storm, and I hope that you and yours are all safe and sound!

Needless to say, all this hoopla distracted me from my gym considerations. I’ll get back to that tomorrow!

Oh wait. Tomorrow is Parents-and-Memaw Day. This seems to be my week for old people! LOL!

13 thoughts on “Wicked Wind of the West

  1. Glad you are safe! And I am sure it will take a while for those estimates. With all that damage I can imagine there are going to be quite a few late nights!

  2. We had a tree fall through our house in 1994 during one of those infamous straight-line wind storms, so when they say “wind” it freaks me out. I have friends and family all the way across the state so I watch the storms roll from west to east and wonder how everyone is doing. We got lucky yesterday – the storms unexpectedly weakened after they came over the plateau. Glad you are o.k. Lots of people suffered in this one!

  3. Glad you are okay…terrible about some of those houses…the weather really does what it wants.

    Enjoy your visit!

  4. Hi Cammy, oh dear!!! I’m so glad you are ok! Wow…you sound like quite the handywoman. I have a door that needs fixing….can you come for a visit? :) Joking aside, my heart goes out to those who have terrible damage or were injured. Mother Nature is really angry lately. Take care of yourself.

  5. What a storm! You are so sweet to help the old folks out like that! Sounds like you are quite handy with small repairs as well. I hope Wally’s roof is repaired in good time so he won’t worry about it.

  6. What wild weather! I love a good thunderstorm but nothing that causes damage. Yikes!!! Glad you and your house are OK.

    Throughout our many moves as a kid, Dad seemed to love living in tornado alley. It wasn’t until I started buying my own homes that I discovered a basement wasn’t a priority, especially if you lived at sea level!

  7. This time of year makes me nervous! Last year we suffered huge amounts of damage from a windstorm: 100 year old cottonwood took out our power for 7 days and we had a massive surge that blew up half of our electronics. Nightmare. Thank goodness you came through safe and sound (and I had no idea you were so handy!!)

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