Be Not Afraid

In the aftermath of the Great Pickleball Fiasco (update later in the post), I had to spend a fair amount of weekend time being still. This was both good and bad. On the one hand, the weather was cool and dreary—perfect for burrowing under the covers—but on the other, I HAVE THINGS TO DO! I NEED TO MOVE! MY MUSCLES ARE SHRIVELING!

Okay, now that I have that out of my system….Another good thing about being still is that it gave me some pondering time, and that’s always beneficial. Well, almost always. Extensive time spent contemplating the cake joys in the freezer isn’t particularly helpful, I discovered. Belatedly. *sigh*

Fortunately, I spent more of my time thinking about writing, specifically the absence of any new fiction in my writing life. I haven’t completed a new short story in years. What was a huge part of my life and one of my greatest passions has been absent, and I miss it. I just haven’t been able to pinpoint the thing that’s keeping me from doing it. After all, I’ve written stories before, a couple dozen of them. I know the process, the steps, what helps, what doesn’t—I’m just not doing it. Not consistently, anyway.

Sound familiar? Probably. Maybe not about writing fiction, but chances are we’ve all had a similar experience. Something makes us feel better, either physically or emotionally, or both, yet we don’t do it. It’s enough to boggle the mind.

Well, after a bit of contemplating, I figured out that the reason I’m not writing is the same basic one that has plagued me in other areas of my life: plain old ordinary fear. What if it’s not good enough? What if I get stuck? What if my story has some horrible error in it and people will point and laugh at my ignorance?

What if, what if, what if… The questions may be different than if I was joining a gym, training for a marathon, entering a new career field, or moving to a new city/state/country, but the fear that prompts them is the same. And in this case, as so often happens, that is a very good thing, because I know how to work through fear. And as luck would have it, I can share my bag o’tricks with you just in time for this week’s Make-Me-Over May salute.

First we have a whole Fear-fightin’ Toolkit, complete with mascot (not included with post; you can get your own). In this post, I shared six steps for fighting off your fears and getting down to business.

If you’re feeling less than hopeful for your results, check out Optimism–A Renewable Resource for some reminders of ways you can help ensure your success. (And I define success as progress, not perfection.)

And if you need a boost in confidence, then Got Confidence? may provide some useful tips for builidng and/or maintaining your self-confidence.

I re-read those posts over the weekend, and I’m positively brimming with positivity now! I can’t wait to get back to writing, which will make one of my characters happy since I left him under sedation three years ago. :) I hope you found something useful in them, especially if you’re needing a nudge in the right direction!

Speaking of right directions, I think my knee is headed that way. There’s still some swelling and soreness, but I can bend it every which way and it feels strong. I won’t be doing lunges or squats any time soon, but I’m just grateful the damn thing works properly! I’m even hopeful for a walk tomorrow! Woo-hoo!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I’m looking forward to checking on my reader later tonight!

15 thoughts on “Be Not Afraid

  1. Have fun writing again!

    And so glad your knee doesn’t seem to need orthopedic assistance 😀

  2. First, do you use “Traumeel” for your knee? It’s homeopathic and I’ve found it to be exceptionally helpful.
    Thanks for the positivitiy links! I need them. I’ll check them out this week as I’m really working on exactly that.
    I’d love to hear more about your fiction writing!

  3. Yay to writing and being positive! Yay to your knee feeling better!!! When do we get to read a story???

  4. How fun to be a writer! Wish I was gifted with words but my skills are better suited to the kitchen!

    I have found that if I go back and read posts I wrote when I was feeling up and positive and motivated it can help me when those things start to waiver again. We sometimes need to re-charge our battery so to speak.

    So glad you knee is better!

  5. Cammy, so glad the knee is getting better! I know you want to get out & do stuff again!

    Very cool on the writing & I don’t think I knew you wrote – yes, good for you for fighting the fears! I guess I better reread those links! :-)

  6. Go Cammy Go!!!! Write away!!!! Sounds like the time has come. And glad the knee is coming along. Have a great, word filled day!! :)

  7. Glad you are on the mend. The last time I fell down and got scrapped up it was my hands and knees and I was amazed at how long it was painful.. When we were kids it didn’t take such a toll!

    I hope you can continue to find pleasure in your fiction writing. I don’t have that knack and envy those who do. Your concerns are those of writers everywhere – but writing can be such a great outlet and I am glad you have gotten your confidence back!

  8. Thanks for writing this Tammy. I checked out all your links and I really liked what you said. It was mostly a review for me, but apparently just what I need today, since I just wrote to someone ” I just feel bad about myself. Like I just can’t get my life together.”

    I especially liked the video about the famous failures.

    You go on that writing. I KNEW you were more than just a good blog writer!

  9. Oops. Cammy. I’m trying not to feel like a complete idiot and a failure for calling you the wrong name…

  10. Now if only I could be sedated for three years, I could sure use the rest. Come to think of it, I was sedated for three years, then I graduated.

    Glad to hear your knee is on the mend. I look forward to reading the links you have above after I finish my daughter’s fish costume.

  11. Fear of rejection? Nope, I don’t know what you’re talking about :) Thank you for your bag of tricks. I need (no…I WANT) to get out of this writing funk. I look forward to reading some of your fiction, when you’re ready :)

  12. I am new to your blog. Very glad I found it. I enjoyed the above article. What I found most inspirational was “I define success as progress, not perfection” Sometimes, on my off days if I don’t have a chance to exercise, the above makes me stay positive by looking at results.

  13. I just recently found your blog and I want to thank you for this post. I’m an emotional, yo-yo dieting, overeater and have been struggling lately. I’m just finally asking for help and have recently started one-on-one counseling and joined Overeater’s Anonymous. Although I’m feeling more hopeful that I’m going to finally conquer this demon, I’ve been simultaneously feeling a lot of doubt and anxiety. Thank you for including links to older posts so I could “catch-up” and fuel my brain with lots of positive motivation. It was very much needed!

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